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Summary is posted, so I won't bore you with reading it twice.

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It was a cold October evening in Godric's Hollow, in fact, it was the coldest of the month. A foreboding bolt of lightning brought one of the tallest trees in the small town crashing down to the ground in one single blow, and the resulting crack of thunder resonated for many miles. Although it was a Halloween evening, children were not out trick-o-treating for obvious reasons. The town was very small, with less than five hundred residents, and was therefore a closely knit community. Everyone knew everyone in the town, by name, street they lived on, and social circle. And Godric's Hollow had a semi-open secret. Their town was haunted.

There was a specific region, which al of the townspeople could never go. No one could remember the building that lay there, but they knew that a young couple and a child had moved in. The Potters, they were, and both the parents and the child were nice enough, but very strange. They did not socialize with the rest of the residents of Godric's Hollow, besides the simple "Good morning" or "How are you doing". But one day, the residence simply vanished.

At first, no one noticed that the largest house in the region was gone. It wasn't until two weeks later, when the mailman came to deliver something to the Potters that they realized they no longer knew where the Potters lived. And so a couple of the town's members scoured the area until they found a patch of empty land. When they tried walking toward it, they both suddenly forgot it even existed. In fact, it was only the fact that one of them had written the address of the house next door down that they even realized it was there afterwards.

The message was clear. Get too close to the haunted house and you forget that it exists. And it was clear that there was a house there; throw a stone into the clearing and it would bounce back after impacting with something that was unseeable. So the tale of the missing Potter house spread throughout the town, and as it spread, further rumors also spread. There was one that said the Potters were working for the devil, another that said the Potters were spies from the government. But the one that was closest to the truth was that the Potters were sorcerers in hiding.

This tale was almost true. For the Potters were not sorcerers, but wizards, and they were hiding from a dark wizard. Voldemort was his name, and he was the most powerful wizard of the century probably; his powers matching up to the legendary Albus Dumbledore. The Potters were hiding because of a prophecy, one that said Voldemort's equal was their son, Harry Potter.

But on this particular evening, the safety of the youngest Potter was far from the Potter's minds. No, today was about ... making more Potters. The Potters were a young couple, but both James and Lily were mature enough to raise a child, and had the assets to do so from the Potter vaults. James was a head auror in the Ministry of Magic, and fought crime, while Lily was a researcher in the Department of Mysteries. Both of their jobs, coupled with Harry's childcare left little time for fun, and these such occasions were rare. The Potters had asked their close friend, Peter Pettigrew, to look after Harry for the night, and had rented a hotel room that would serve their purposes.

Inside the house, Peter was a bundle of nerves. He knew that today was the day in which Voldemort was going to strike, and that the ritual had to be perfect, or it would not work. Peter's plan was to use young Harry Potter to temporarily stop Lord Voldemort, and the best part was, Harry was perfectly safe. Peter had always been a cunning boy, but his moral compass was firmly pointed toward good rather than evil. He joined the Order of the Phoenix in order to fight against Lord Voldemort, but when he found out how ineffectual the order was, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Pettigrew decided to join Lord Voldemort, and when the time was right, strike back against the evil man and save a large number of lives. It wasn't hard convincing the dark lord that he was on his side; after all, he looked somewhat pathetic, sulking in his friends' shadows. Or at least, that was what he wanted them to think.

Peter was a fairly short man, but he was not as fat and as athletically instable as he wanted others to think. He had been putting glamours on himself, and generally playing the part of a stumbling buffoon in order to allow his enemies to underestimate him. This transferred over to school as well. Peter was a skilled practitioner of both the Dark Arts and the Light Arts, and could easily beat Bellatrix Lestrange at her peak, let alone James Potter. But he played the part of a terrible wizard, and it had its advantages; Voldemort never asked him to go on a raid or gave him the Dark Mark. Peter was able to easily convince him otherwise.

Peter was able to manipulate himself into the position of Secret Keeper by planting seeds of doubt in Sirius's head, telling him that he would be the first target of Voldemort, and nobody would suspect Peter to be the Secret Keeper. He felt a bit sorry that he was about to betray his friends like this, but of course, it had to be done. He honestly did feel a sense of companionship with the other three Marauders, but he knew that they looked upon him differently because of who he pretended to be. He wanted to change that eventually, wanted to take part in some of the glory of Voldemort's downfall.

The ritual when set up properly would drain Voldemort of his magic temporarily, leaving him defenseless for a short time period, during which Peter could Avada Kedavra him. Harry was perfectly safe, as any spells that hit him would be absorbed in a small pendant that Peter placed onto Harry, which, when Harry was sitting on the ritual power base, would transmit energy through the system in order to power the ritual. It was a foolproof system. Peter placed Harry onto the bed and called Lord Voldemort.

He groveled a bit with the terrible man, and then led him up the flight of stairs to Harry. As long as Voldemort was in the room, the ritual would work.

"Hello Harry Potter," Voldemort said menacingly. "It has been a while, hasn't it, since I saw your mother and father. Where are they now? I would enjoy playing with them."

An infant of Harry's age would normally have some sort of reaction to Voldemort's statements. Not Harry. Harry simply stared the dark wizard in the eye, as if he was telling the man to get on with it. Even Voldemort was a bit unnerved by the fledgling wizard's intense gaze.

"Very well, I see you're not in the mood for games. Shame, you would have been a powerful fighter on my side." Voldemort drawled. "AVADA KEDAVRA" he yelled, as loud as he possibly could.

Peter marveled at Voldemort's stupidity; it was only his sheer power that kept him alive. Why in the world would you say the curse. Silent casting was much more effective. Of course, there was the intimidation factor, but that was unimportant when casting on a child. Yet not a lot of what Voldemort did made sense, and Peter could tell that he was not a very smart man.

The green beam of light sped toward Harry and for an instant Peter was frightened that the ritual wouldn't work. The spell hit Harry on the forehead, but instead of being absorbed by the pendant, it was somehow reflected in all directions around Harry, a great green sphere of death. Peter, in an act of sheer brilliance, was able to apparate out of the room, but Voldemort was not so lucky.

The dark lord was killed by a child.

When he deemed it safe to return, Peter clambered back up the stairs and checked on the situation. It seemed that Voldemort had been killed without the use of the ritual, and Harry was unharmed. Well almost unharmed; he had a lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Peter did a cursory scan on Harry and realized that a dark presence was within the scar. He knew that Dumbledore would do nothing about it, preferring to take the natural road and let the dark presence clear itself out, and that James and Lily would listen to Dumbledore, so his only option would be to take Harry with him. He knew he had to be in hiding because he would seem like Harry's killer. Destroying all evidence of the ritual but leaving Voldemort's ashes, Peter apparated out, taking Harry with him.

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