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For lack of a better title: Harry and Ginny

Harry awoke on July 1st and immediatly shut his eyes again. He cringed. A violent shade of orange was attacking his eyeballs. "I have to pee!" he panicked to himself. He knew if he opened his eyes, the bright morning sunlight reflecting off everything orange in Ron Weasley's bedroom would blind him permenantly. Usually Ron remembered to draw the shades at night before they went to sleep.

Reluctantly, eyes squeezed shut, he sat up and grabbed next to him for a peice of cloth to cover his eyes with while he made his way to the door. He dropped it over his face and pulled his head back as far as he could so it wouldn't slip off. He needed both his hands. Groping through the maze of chairs and trunks, he stumbled out Ron's door and into the hallway. He then wondered, having made it this far without the use of his eyes, could he make it to the bathroom?

'Blind people do it all the time', he thought. 'Thank God no one is up yet'. The last thing he wanted was for one of his friends to see how immature 'The Boy Who Lived' really was. He dramatically creaked down the hall, one hand pressed to the wall, the other waving wildly in front of him in case something unknown were to pop out and block him, like a giant scaffold, or perhaps a telephone pole.

"Almost there....where's the door....where's the knob...?" he whispered to himself quietly. "Ah HA. Made it." Grinning at his genius, he triumphantly tore off his blindfold and came face to face with Fred, George, and Ginny. His face fell.

"I uh, was just going to the bathroom see..." Harry embarrasedly gestured toward the door. Fred grabbed the item in Harrys hand.

"With a pair of Ron's boxers on your head, you were going to the bathroom?" he tried to keep a stern face, but it was obvious he was about to crack a rib. Harry's mouth opened in suprise at the true identity of his blindfold, but since he had nothing to say, he shut his mouth and tried to save some diginity.

Ginny's mouth twisted into odd shapes as she tried to suppress a smile. Harry sneered at her. She let out a laugh and clamped her hand over her mouth. The silently smug, knowing looks on Fred and Georges faces, as though they had suspected all along Harry was indeed a poof and would someday graduate to stealing their brother's underware, set Harry off.

"Like- like YOU"VE never...worn....underware on your head...." Harry's arguement sounded ridiculous the moment it left his mouth. "Er..."

George snorted. Fred guffawed. Ginny wooped into George's sholder.

"Whatsamatter?" yawned Ron, rubbing his eyes, emerging from his orange paradise sleepily. Without waiting for a reply, he walked right past Harry, went into the bathroom and closed the door. Exasperatedly, Harry banged his head on the wall. Ginny and the twins giggled at him, and with one last playful punch on the shoulder from Fred, left him there alone, embarrassed and crossing his legs.


When he got up the courage to go down to the kitchen where the rest of the household was feasting on waffles, he was greeted by applause from the three red-heads. Sheepishly, he bowed and sat down. Ron's expression was puzzled, but it was either ask what was going on, or eat waffles, and the waffles won.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had eaten and gone to Diagon Alley an errands, and it was just the five of them.

"Almost didn't recognize you without your hat, old chap!" Fred slapped Harry's back as he made his way to the farthest seat from them and sat down.

"Pass the psycho, Harry? I mean SYRUP!" George corrected quickly. Harry rolled his eyes and handed it to him. 'It WAS pretty stupid', he thought.' And kind of funny... Ron's boxers.' He shuddered and blocked it from his mind.

"Can I have the boxers next to you, Harry? Opps I meant the BUTTER." Ginny said loudly. Harry glared at her and she winked obnoxiously.

'Ginny is evil'. Harry narrowed his eyes.

Ron with his mouth full, "Now how'dyou confoose boxsas wif buttel?"

"Same way you confuse the Great Hall with the broom closet", Harry said nonchalantly, and helped himself to some waffles. His eyes briefly flashed in Fred's direction, then he went back to doctoring his breakfast. He was referring to the time he had gone to get some brooms for Quidditch practice, and walked in on Fred and Angelina "looking for the Great Hall".

Fred sneered back at him but didn't make another joke for the rest of the meal. Ron suspiciously peered around at everyone as though there were some conspiracy against him, since he didn't know what they were bloody talking about.

"Another delightful summer begins." George stretched contentedly.


Everyone finished and decided that the best course of action, on account of they were all home alone, was to make sure they created as much chaos and mayhem as possible.

"Ginny, do the dishes", Fred dictated.

"How about not?" she said in an equally authoritive tone.

"Ginny come on!"


"We'll hold Harry down and let you have your way with him!" said Ron suggestively.

"Yeah you can have your way with me!" Harry offered innocently. Revenge was sweet.

"Oh bug off! Why should I have to do it?" she answered angrily and pointedly glared in Harry's direction.

"Because you love us."

"Because we'll tie you to a chair and hang you upside down from a tree."

"Because it's good practice for married life." George teased. Ginny glowered dangerously at them.

"You prats. I'm not doing a thing for you."

"Thanks Ginny!"

"You're the greatest. Really. A gem."

"Best sister I never had."

With that, the boys got up from the table and made a bee line for the back yard, leaving the youngest Weasley fuming amidst a syrup-y kitchen.