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"Harry, do you like the KITE? The gentleman who sold it promised it would fly in the wind. All by itself!" Mr. Weasley was enthusiastically bombarding Harry about the mechanics of the kite he'd gotten him. He said he'd seen it in a muggle toy store, and was obviously unconvinced of its ability to fly. "Its just a flat peice of plastic. How can it fly with out any magic? And what's with all this string?? Why don't I just cut it off!"

Mr. Weasley pointed his wand at the masses of string and began to say a severing charm. Harry choked out laughing, "NO! We NEED that!" The string was rescued before any harm could come to it.

Sitting in the living room, later that morning, Harry was immensely enjoying himself, surrounded by the people he considered his "true" family. Ron had given Harry some powder-mix butterbeer in a canister. Just add water and butter (or margerine) and boil. Quite indispensible, Ron was.

Ginny suprised him with a one year subscripton to Quidditch Illistrated. "It had a special section each month dedicated to a new up-and-coming seeker in the semi-pro leagues," she told him nonchalantly. And though no one saw, she was holding her breath. "'Thought you'd like it." He had to admit it was a cool present. She had be apprehensive about getting him a present at all- she didn't think she could possibly pick out anything he'd actually like. But the grin on his face when he opened it reassured her, and she felt herself relax.

Mrs. Weasley had knitted her favorite non-child an entire OUTFIT, including a new sweater, socks, mittins, a scarf , hat, and even a pair of pants, all made from the same emerald green yarn with gold trim. He looked at the last item rather hesitantly, what with the holes that knitted things tend to have, until she blurted, "For sleeping, of course."

From Fred and George, he'd recieved, oddly enough a...fishing pole. Harry was slightly confused, seeing how the largest body of water he'd ever been near was Mrs. Figg's koi pond in her back yard. "Er, thanks guys...this will come in handy..." He grinned as they nudged each other smugly.

Mr. Weasley presented him, of course, with the ever-enigmatic kite, as well as another muggle toy- the Rubicks Cube. "It's what you call a 'Rubiscube'? Absolutely fascinating..."

While he and Mrs. Weasley bickered over how to use it, George snatched the kite. He appeared to be holding it up for Ginny to see, who was sitting across the room in a rocking chair, somewhat detached and tapping her fingers.

"That's the back, stupid," she drawled impatiently.

He glanced at the kite and then back at her with a smirk on his face. "Yeah I know.... I was just appreciating the resemblance between you and this kite here." With that he turned it around, displaying the terrifyingly exotic Chinese Fireball in red and gold on the front of it, complete with tiny black mustach and bushy eyebrows.

She opened her mouth in protest when Harry grabbed it back and came to her rescue.

"Now that's not fair, George..." He said nicely. Ginny nodded in agreement, and was pleasantly suprised Harry was sticking up for her. Harry glanced her way and, went on, "The dragon didn't do anything to you...."


After all the presents had been opened, insults exchanged, and the "thank you"s and " 'welcome"s had been said, Fred, George and Ron began to get antsy. The three boys begged their parents to let them get on with the day.

"We're going fishing." Ron stated proudly to his friend.

Harry blinked.

Fishing. He didn't know how to fish.



"Fishing." Harry echoed. "Where?"

"The pond." Fred interjected, entering the room with four fishing poles.

"There's no pond." He protested stupidly.

"Come on Harry- the POND???" Ron said nodding meaningfully. Cleary there was a hidden meaning behind just "the pond".

He shrugged. "Okay." He knew this much: whatever it was, it wouldn't be boring...

Little did he know just how unboring his day would be.

+Authors note+ Yeah...I'm not gonna lie- i have no idea why they got him a fishing pole. but i know you all are antsy for more story and ive been working on this chapter for like 4 months and still have no reason for a fishing pole, so im like screw it, ill upload what i have, and then maybe ill stop getting bombs in the mail from u guys....