Disclaimer: I wrote the song but not Harry Potter.

AN: This song popped into my head to describe Harry and Hermione's relationship just after the war ends. The song is called Unguarded Brother. Even if you don't like the story will you please give me your opinion of the song?

Staying at the Burrow seemed to quell some of Mrs. Weasley's fears if not grief. Harry and Hermione were trying to be helpful and respectful of them after the loss of Fred but there were sometimes when they wished that someone would ask them to leave for a few hours so they could talk as a family. No matter how insistent the red headed family was that they were part of their already large family they knew that some things needed to be worked through without them.

Going up to Ginny's room after Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had gone to visit Teddy and Andromeda, Molly Weasley was expecting to pick up the girls' dirty laundry when a single piece of parchment on the desk caught her attention. Looking at it with a single glance she recognized Hermione's handwriting before seeing a word that caught her eye; the word dying. She immediately held her breath; seeing that word so soon after losing one of her sons made her heart ache. Once she calmed herself enough she decided to read the rest of the parchment to see what Hermione had written with that dreadful word in it.

Lowering his walls

Seeing how deep it really goes

Forcing a smile for everyone

But feeling like he's dying all the while

He puts the walls back up

Pretends they've always been that way

But I know him better

I know for just a minute he's unguarded

Mrs. Weasley considered stopping there but she was curious as to who this was about.

I wish I could help him

But he's just too closed off

He's falling apart slowly

But no one is doing a damn thing

I'm losing my mind

Trying to make him unguarded

'Who was Hermione talking about?' Mrs. Weasley wondered.

He's finally broken

So hurt its killing him

But he's still guarding himself

Shutting himself off

Protecting everyone but him

It hurts so much to see him

My unguarded brother

Molly finally understood who her almost daughter was talking about. Harry.

As close as we are

We are so far apart

I can't watch him anymore

I can't watch him glue himself together

Once again he's shattered

Picking up the pieces

All alone in his mind

With all the horrors he's seen

Shining in his eyes

I can see them dulling with every smile

Releasing my unguarded brother

I'm the only one who sees

How weak he really is

But how strong he seems to be

The world is on his shoulders

And I can't help him carry it

But I hope I can help him cope

He's not invincible like everyone says

The walls around his heart are falling

And breaking down to nothing

He's so guarded he's dying

I remember all those years ago

When I first met him

My unguarded brother

Maybe when this nightmare ends

He'll be my unguarded brother again

Tears were streaming down the Weasley matriarch's face as she read how much her almost daughter saw in the boy who grew up too fast. She was furious with herself for not noticing how much harry was hurting. Hearing them arrive home she swore to herself that she would help the boy who won her daughter heart.