finn and jake vs konoha and konata.

hey jake said finn.

yeah finn said jake.

the ice king said his going to bring two girls here to fight us.


then at cafe mew mew dren and his team were working for zoey and her fikend plus konoha and konata.

mail call said the ice king.

woof woof woof woof woof woof ( what do you want ice king) said konoha.

konoha, konata, blue aqua, dren and his team want to watch konoha and konata fight finn and jake.

me and my sis vs finn and jake said konata.



woof (wait).

what sis said zoey.

that's my sis zoey.


woof woof woof woof woof woof woofwoof (i can't vs finn in my work outfit).

then in at ice king's fort konoha and konata were sparring.

woof woof woof.

ha hiya chiya.

hey ice boy do you think dog girl and her sister can beat finn and jake said dren.



hey konoha said princess bubblegum.

woof (hi).

so what are you and your sis are going to do today?

they're going to fight finn and jake princess.

oh ok.

hey ice king said bobby pikachu.

what do you want.

since you have konoha and her friends i have finn and jake.


geso kick.

again finn degeso said erika.

geso kick.

jake how are you doing asked kyon.

good man.

then outside finn and jake's place.

hey finn, jake want to fight.

bring it.

then two hours later konoha and finn were the only two left.

geso kick.

woof woofwoof woof (you missed finn).


leaf 33 leaf blast.

then finn blocked it.

you missed kono-chan.

then konoha turned her voice box on.

that's not MY NAME finn.

kono-chan kono-chan kono-chan.

leaf 33 leaf blast of drain.

then finn went to the ground.

izumi's win.