Lost and Found Chapter 1:


Kisshu was flying around Tokyo looking for Ichigo- again. He had checked her house, Café Mew Mew- everywhere he could think of, but couldn't find her.

Finally he went to the sakura tree in Inohara Park to think. When he got there, however, he found Ichigo lying on the ground, unconscious. What happened? he wondered. He went over to her, and tapped her forehead. She started to stir, then opened her eyes. "Koneko-chan, are you okay?" Kisshu asked.

Ichigo looked puzzled. "Koneko-chan?" she asked. "Is that my name?"

Kisshu was startled, and said, "No, that's my nickname for you. Your name is Ichigo, don't you remember?"

"No," Ichigo said. "I don't remember anything. Who are you?"

Kisshu immediately saw an opportunity in this, and said, "I'm Kisshu, your boyfriend."

"How come I don't remember anything?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know, I just came here and found you lying on the ground," Kisshu said. "Are you hurt?"

"Aside from having a headache, I don't think so," Ichigo said. "What happened to your ears?"

"They always looked like this," Kisshu said.

"They're cute," Ichigo said.

Kisshu was startled; he had expected her to say 'weird'. "You think so?" he asked.

"Yep," Ichigo said happily.

Kisshu smiled. "Do you want to see if we can figure out how you lost your memory?" he asked.

"How do we do that?" Ichigo asked.

"My brother might be able to figure it out," Kisshu said. "Pai's really smart."

"Okay," Ichigo said. "Where do you guys live?"

"We have to teleport there," Kisshu said.

"Teleport?" Ichigo asked.

"I'll show you," Kisshu said. "Take my hand."

Ichigo took Kisshu's outstretched hand, and he teleported them to the main room of the Cyniclons' ship.

To Kisshu's surprise, Pai was waiting, and he did NOT look happy. "Alright, what'd I do this time?" Kisshu sighed.

"What do you think?" Pai asked irritably. "I TOLD you, no bringing the Mews here!"

"Mews?" Ichigo asked. "What's a Mew?"

Pai looked puzzled, and Kisshu said, "Koneko-chan lost her memory; I was wondering if you could figure out why."

"Oh, fine," Pai said. "Ichigo, stay quiet." He put a hand on her forehead, and closed his eyes, concentrating. Finally he said, "It looks like someone hit you over the head, and that caused you to lose your memory."

"Oh… I wonder who?" Ichigo said.

"Beats me," Pai said.

"Maybe your friends would know," Kisshu suggested.

"Friends?" Ichigo asked.

"Come on, I'll take you," Kisshu said. He held out a hand, and Ichigo took it. Concentrating, Kisshu found Miwa and Moe at Café Mew Mew, and mentally groaned. Nevertheless, he teleported Ichigo to the Café, and they landed in the main room.

Moe and Miwa were terrorizing Ryou, but they looked up as they heard the teleportation. "About time you two got together," Moe said. "Ichigo, where were you?"

"With Kisshu," Ichigo said. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember?" Moe asked.

"No, I lost my memory," Ichigo said. "Pai says someone hit me over the head."

"Aoyuck will now go to hell," Miwa said.

"Who's that?" Ichigo asked.

"The jerk who dumped you," Moe said. "If you need us, we'll be beating him to death for giving you amnesia."

"Uh… okay," Ichigo said. Moe and Miwa teleported out.

"I didn't know they could teleport," Kisshu commented.

"They're half-Cyniclon," Lettuce said.

"What are you doing with him, Ichigo?" Ryou asked disgruntledly.

"Kisshu's my boyfriend," Ichigo said happily. "He's really sweet, and his ears are adorable!"

Kisshu turned red as Ichigo asked, "Is someone going to explain what a 'Mew' is?"

"You're a Mew," Ryou said. "So are the other girls here. You're infused with animal DNA, so you can fight off the aliens attacking Tokyo. Which, by the way, includes him." He pointed to Kisshu.

Ichigo looked at Kisshu, and asked, "Why are you attacking Tokyo?"

"I'm not anymore; Moe and Miwa are currently killing my leader's human host," Kisshu said. "And we wanted to form a truce anyways. There's only one thing left before forming a truce."

"What is it?" Ryou asked suspiciously.

"Getting Pai to confess his love to Lettuce!" Kisshu said. "Although if you're going to make things difficult, I might have to annihilate you. Your hair is a hazard anyways; it appears to be radioactive."

Everyone except Ryou burst out laughing. "MY HAIR IS NOT RADIOACTIVE!" Ryou screamed. "You shouldn't be talking, either."

"Why?" Kisshu asked. "My hair isn't radioactive."

"I think it looks like emeralds," Ichigo said a bit dreamily.

"Looks like pine needles to me," Ryou grumbled.

"YOUR hair looks like radioactive butter," Kisshu said. "I think I'll start calling you 'Radioactive Butter Boy'."

"What is it with you and nicknames?" Ryou asked.

"I like them," Kisshu said, shrugging. "Where's Cup-Cake Man?"

"His name is Keiichiro, and I think he went shopping," Ryou said. "What are the other Mews' nicknames?"

"Mint is Birdy, Lettuce is Fishy, Pudding is Monkey Girl, and Zakuro doesn't have a nickname because she's SCARY," Kisshu said. "Taruto is Runt and/or Midget, and Pai is The Zombie. And you already know Ichigo's nickname is Koneko-chan."

"I love my nickname," Ichigo said happily. "Hey, if I have animal genes, does that mean I can turn into an animal?"

"Yes, but you can't turn back unless a human kisses you," Mint said. "And usually that's how you turn into a kitten; someone kisses you. Ryou's got a bad habit of pinning you against the wall and turning you into a kitten for his own amusement."

"Can I take him down?" Kisshu asked. "Koneko-chan is MY girlfriend."

"If he continues, THEN you can take him down," Zakuro said. "If he agrees to stop, however, you may not take him down."

Kisshu looked sulky, and Ichigo giggled. "Kisshu, you look so cute sulking!" she said.

Kisshu perked up, but that faded when they heard teleportation. To their surprise, Pai appeared looking totally freaked out. "What happened?" Kisshu asked.

"I went to see if Deep Blue's human host was still alive, and found two girls and a bunch of body parts!" Pai said. "Seriously, all that was left was a pile of blood, guts, and a few mangled body parts!"

"Eww…." Mint said.

"That doesn't BEGIN to describe it," Pai said. "Those two are SCARY!"

Just then, Moe and Miwa teleported back in, and Miwa asked, "Do you have somewhere we could wash our hands?"

"The bathrooms are around that corner," Ryou said, pointing.

"Thanks," Moe said, and she and Miwa went off to wash their hands.

"Do they kill people a lot?" Ichigo asked.

"They attack anyone who hurts you, physically or emotionally," Lettuce said. "They're very overprotective. I don't think they've ever killed anyone before, but I wasn't really surprised."

"That's kind of sweet," Ichigo said. "They must really care about me."

"We do," Miwa said. "We like protecting you."

"Do you guys know where I live?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, but your parents aren't there again," Miwa said bitterly. "They leave you alone nearly 24/7, and when they get back this time, they're going DOWN."

Ichigo looked sad, and asked, "Do they not like me?"

"Not sure," Moe said. "All we know is that they spend almost all their time in foreign countries, and leave you home alone with a note and a bunch of money. You were sad yesterday, because they left without saying goodbye again."

"I don't want to go home if no one's there," Ichigo said.

"Do you want to come home with me?" Kisshu asked.

"Can I?" Ichigo asked.

"Sure," Kisshu said. "Should I take you to get some of your stuff?"

"Sure, thanks," Ichigo said.

Ryou didn't seem too happy with this, and asked, "Are you going to do anything weird to her?"

"I'll make sure he doesn't," Pai said. "But Kisshu knows better anyways. He just doesn't act it."

"Mmph," Kisshu said. "Come on Koneko-chan, let's get your stuff."

Ichigo took his hand, and he teleported to her room.

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