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Sam was getting restless. He and Dean had been on the road for...well, actually, he didn't know anymore. He'd stopped bothering to keep track somewhere around the fourth or fifth hour. Total, that was. They weren't driving nonstop, of course; they still had to stop for gas, snacks, and bathroom breaks from time to time. But altogether, he had no idea how long they'd been driving. It had been a while since the last time they'd stopped, and Sam's butt was starting to feel numb, not to mention the fact that it was taking all his self-restraint to keep himself from putting his feet up on the dash just for the sake of being able to stretch his legs out and get rid of the kinks in his knees, which he could practically feel getting worse with each passing minute.

They hadn't spoken in a while, either. Not because they didn't want to or anything, it was just that they had run out of things to talk about not long after leaving the city limits of Washington D.C. however many hundred or so miles back that had been. So they'd just been spending these last several hours sitting in comfortable silence together, broken only by the sound of AC/DC. Where were they going? New York. Why? Because Castiel had told them to. No explanation, no further instructions, just "You need to go to New York. I can't go with you, but I'll meet back up with you once you're there. Manhattan." followed by giving Sam a scrap of paper with an address scrawled on it. That was it. That had been all he'd said. They'd turned away from him and towards each other for one brief moment to exchange confused looks, and when they'd turned back around, Dean's mouth already open to ask a question, Castiel had been gone. Having no reason not to, they'd stocked up on snacks, gassed up the Impala, and set out for the Big Apple.

"Why New York?" Sam asked, breaking the silence for the first time in who-knew-how-long. "I mean, of all the places he could've sent us to, why New York? And what about that not being able come with us, what was that all about, huh?" Dean shook his head slightly. "Hell if I know," he said without taking his eyes off the road. "Demons on Broadway, maybe?" Dean laughed at his own joke, but Sam didn't crack a grin. "I'm serious, Dean," he said, "I could be anything, if you really think about it. Leviathans, Knights of Hell, Acheris, hellhounds, ghosts, vampires, crazy god—"

"Yeah, okay, Sam, I get it, you can shut up now," Dean interrupted. "Sorry," Sam muttered. He sighed. "I'm just...I can't help but wonder..."
"Yeah, well, you won't gotta wonder for much longer," Dean said, "look." Sam turned, reflexively leaning forward a little in his seat when he saw the distinctive New York skyline in the distance. "Cas," he muttered, "what are you up to now...?"

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