AN: Okay, so remember how earlier, Magnus said that Dean and Jace would either get along great or "clash more than Raphael and Camille?"

This is where that really comes into play for the first time. Just let me warn you right now that Jace not only goes off on this REALLY long tirade over something that Dean says, but he also uses some pretty powerful language.

...Actually, come to think of it, so does Dean.

Anyway, extra points for anyone who finds the reference to the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series in here! I put it like almost right at the end of the chapter, and it's a reference to something that Leo Valdez said shortly after Piper McLean got claimed when Annabeth first brought them and Jason to Camp Half-Blood. There's your hint, now read the chapter and see if you can find it!

There was dead silence for all of about sixty seconds.
Then, the room exploded with noise as everyone began talking and shouting at once.

The Clary who had previously been Becca dropped the coat with no warning, stumbled back a step or two before Magnus caught her, and suddenly turned back into Rebecca Gray, which only renewed the noise. Jace's voice was debatably the loudest.


The lights flickered several times, causing another freak out, then everyone fell silent. "What just happened with the lights?" Sam demanded after a moment. Castiel raised a hand. "Guilty," he said. Everyone let out a sigh of relief as shoulders slumped and people fell back into their seats, letting their heads loll back and their bodies go limp. "Don't do that Cas!" Dean said. "Scare the shit out of us, ya son of a bitch! Thanks for the heart attack!"
"How did she turn into my girlfriend?!" Jace shouted.

"It's called Change," Magnus said, being sure to emphasize the "ch" sound at the beginning to make it understood that the word was capitalized. To Becca, he said, "Here, let's get you sitting down." After helping her over to an empty seat at the island counter, he went and filled a glass up with water, then set it down in front of her. "She's able to do it because her father is a shapeshifting demon. Back in 1878, there was a mundane who had been adopted by two warlocks named Axel Mortmain. He called himself the Magister, and he not only made multiple attempts to kidnap Becca, but actually succeeded eventually. He was planning to marry her so he could use her powers for evil. Just like someone tried to kidnap Hope."

"That's why I'm here," Becca said after taking several gulps of water. "I know what she's going through with the whole thing about people wanting her power. Magnus and Castiel thought it would be helpful to have someone who's been through this sort of thing around, and Magnus immediately thought of me. They came to me, explained things, and I agreed with them, so here I am. God...I haven't Changed since the last fight with Mortmain. No wonder it drained me so much just now."

"Another similarity is that they both need an object belonging to the person they're trying to access," Castiel added. "Becca has to have something, so does Hope. While Hope can tell you the person's history, Becca not only physically becomes the person, but alive or dead, she's able to see into their mind, even if only bits and pieces. Isn't that right, Becca?"

Becca nodded. "It was how I learned about the death of one of the first people I ever Changed into. Emma Bayliss was fourteen. I was given her hair ribbon and told to Change. She went outside one night to sew under the gas street lamps and a man stabbed her to death. She was found dead in an alley by Wi—" She stopped herself suddenly, and Magnus put a hand on her shoulder. "...By a pair of Shadowhunter boys that Magnus and I knew."

"Wait, wait, wait," Dean said. "Just...rewind for a minute here. Let me get this straight; your dad is a shapeshifting demon?"
"That's what warlocks are, you dumbass," Jace said. "They're the infertile offspring of demons and mortals. The mother is usually the mortal. Don't you two know anything about the things you kill?" Dean's nostrils flared as he started, jerking up out of his seat and leaning over as if to grab Jace from across the counterspace between them, but Sam grabbed his jacket and held him back. "Cool it, man," Sam said, pulling his brother back down into his seat. To Jace, he said, "And you aren't exactly helping, either, Mr. Smartass."

"Told you he's arrogant," Clary said.
"I've said it before, and I'll say it again," Jace announced. "Humility is for ugly people."

"Okay, no," Dean said. "Sam and I have dealt with shapeshifting demons before, alright? Okay, we both got arrested once on false charges on me of two murders, and one of those was done by a shapeshifting demon that had changed itself to look like me."
"What about the other one?" Magnus asked.

"Killed by someone else. She'd claimed to see a ghost before her death, so we were investigating, and the cops came in while I was in the middle of checking out the corpse, total misunderstanding. But that's not the point here! Point is, we've dealt with shapeshifters, and...that...the idea of them...reproducing with mortals—or, hell, with anyone of any race!...How much more absurd could you possibly get?! You know what? Screw this, I'm done. I'm sorry, I'm out, I can't...this is just...Look, Cas, you know better'n anyone that Sam and I have seen some seriously crazy shit, but this whole...whatever it is that you've dragged us into, this tops all of it. I mean...Invisible churches, Super Soldier hunters with weird tattoos, chicks that magically know stuff about random people, chicks that actually turn into random people, fucking Adam Lambert in fucking Asian Mode or some shit, and with friggin' cat eyes to boot! Oh, and did I mention that apparently there's also a vampire who can go into the fucking sun without getting burned?"

"Hey, leave Simon out of this!" Clary said. "You haven't even met him, so don't pick on him!"
"Oh, hey, and don't even get me started on that pretty boy boyfriend of hers! He's like what, seventeen? He's a kid, dammit, who the hell does he think he is to tell us that we're ignorant when he probably hasn't ever even seen a real Leviathan?!"

"Have you ever had to face Agramon?!" Jace demanded, shoving his stool away from the island counter and going to stand right in front of Dean. "I have," he continued, looking straight into Dean's eyes. "The Greater Demon of Fear himself. The demon who has no physical form, he's nothing but a mass of...of black gas, but only at first. He takes on a different form for each individual. He takes the form of that person's greatest fear, and the...the sheer terror of it...that's what kills you. You literally die of fear. Yes, I'm seventeen, but I am one of the greatest warriors that my generation of Nephilim has to offer. You think that just because you're older, you know more about this than I do? You think that it automatically means you know more than I do about everything, that you've experienced it all and I haven't, I've only read about them in books and seen the illustrations, is that it? Well just let me tell you something, Dean Winchester.

"At seventeen years old, I have not only faced Agramon and lived to tell about it, but I have also been controlled by Lilith herself through a form of possession that didn't require her to even be inside my body. The man who raised me taught me that to love is to destroy, and that to be the one loved is to be destroyed, and he broke the neck of the falcon that he gave me to get that point across, after all the time and effort I had put into taming that damn bird! Right in front of my eyes, and I was only a child!

"I was thrown out of this place once, the only home I'd had since I was ten, how do you think that made me feel?! I was jailed, had to spend an entire night by myself in a cell in an underground city, a necropolis where the only living beings were men with shaved heads and whose mouths had been sewn shut, and some of them even without eyes, men who speak telepathically, and while I was there, every single one of them was slaughtered. I had to endure the belief that the girl I love was my sister, my own flesh-and-blood, and do you have any idea how painful it was that I couldn't be with her?! We both thought that having that sort of relationship would be...disgusting and wrong and...

"There was time that I thought I had demon blood in me. To think that...there was a part of me that was the very thing I was trained to kill, it...I couldn't stand it. And then...then, the man who raised me, who I thought was my father...killed me. I would not be here right now if it wasn't for the fact that Clary wrote her name over Valentine's and asked Raziel to bring me back. Out of all the things...She could've asked for world hunger to end, or a cure for cancer, or the end of terrorism, hell, she could've even asked for a fucking unicorn to keep as a pet if she wanted, but no. No, instead, she asked for me. And how did I repay her? I turned around and got myself possessed by Lilith, then went and joined up with her evil brother and nearly—"

"None of that was your fault, Jace!" Clary yelled, grabbing the back of his shirt and turning him around to face her. "That was nobody's fault! How were you, or me, or anyone else...How were we supposed to know what would—what could happen?"

Jace was barely paying attention, though; he was so focused on shooting Dean one of the most frightening death glares in the history of mankind. "Go face Agramon," he said in a low voice, "live to tell about it, and then come talk to me about experience. Because until you've had to go through what I did, you know nothing of the true horrors that this job comes with. Face him, come back alive, and then, maybe, just maybe, we can talk. Until that happens, you had better stay the fuck out of my way and try not to piss me off, you got that, Winchester?"

He turned and began heading for the door, but stopped and spun back around before he reached it. "Oh, and one more thing? If you're so damn hell-bent on leaving, the get the fuck out already, and don't ever let me see you on this side of the fence again, or by the Angel, I will do unspeakable things that will leave you completely unable to hunt or fight anything, understand?" Once again, her began heading for the door. "Get back here and fight like a man, you son of a bitch!" Dean shouted. Jace didn't even glance over his shoulder; the only indication that he'd heard Dean at all was the middle finger he displayed on his way out of the kitchen.

And that was when Isabelle returned.

"Hey, guys!" she said as she came in. "Wow, okay, so I just had what was possibly the best blackberry cobbler in the entire history of history, lemme tell ya. Oh, and Clary, Simon wanted me to tell you that his band is renaming itself again, he asked me to get your opinion on 'The Flaming Wombats,' and he also said to be sure I told you it was Eric's idea, not his, but you know, whatevs. So, anyway, what'd I miss?"

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