A/N: So this is just something sweet I came up with in the shower, a heart-to-heart talk between Katara and Mako about being in love with the Avatar. So Katara must share her wisdom to the young newbie! This is kinda old... yeah... so, I EXPECT LOTS OF REVIEWS! This also happens to be my first Avatar fanfic... *DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN Katara AND Mako. ALL BELONGS TO Michael DiMaritino and Bryan Konietzko!*

Mako wasn't sure what to make of the elderly woman that stood before her. Master Katara, a member of the Southern Water Tribe, a master waterbender, and former wife of the last Avatar, Aang. And when he had received summons from her, he had no clue why she wanted to talk to him.

"I suppose you know why you're here," The woman began.

"Um, actually I don't," Make rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

Katara shot him a look of exasperation. "We have one thing in common. Love."

"Love?" replied the young adult, his voice craking.

"Well of course! You're in love with Korra. Are you not?" The woman came closer, peering at him with her blue eyes.

Mako leaned back, intimidated. "Well, yeah."

"Then you better take some advice from a seasoned veteran: being in love with the Avatar is no picnic. It will be very tough on you both. And I will tell you what you need to remember."


"First, you must remember she needs you. She will look to you for advice, for support. While the Avatar is supposed to protect the world, it is our duty to protect the Avatar.

"Two, you will be separated. Often. So try to spend as much time together as possible, and if you can, go with her. Time separate is time wasted.

"Three, get married young."

"What?!" Mako face split open.

"That's right. Marriage for the Avatar is tricky. Men will pad after Korra unless she is adamantly spoken for. So marry young," Katara's eyes sparkled.

"Four, don't have kids immediately. Wait till you have settled down, and things are in a steady rhythm."

This made Mako very red. "Uh, k-kids? Listen, we aren't really there yet, so…."

"Five, keep her in check. Stress from the job will get to her, and it will hit hard. You have to be there to keep her cool headed. And with Korra, that's often."

Mako nodded, seeing some wisdom in these words.

"And lastly, love her. Don't forget to love her. Some days she will feel as if the world has turned its back on her, and you need to be there to tell her that you love her."

Mako nodded. "Thanks Master Katara," With that he left, leaving the older woman softly chuckling.

"They are going to have a rough time. But they'll make it. Like we did."