Category: Crossover

Anime/Book: Twilight/Inuyasha

Pairing: Kagome/Edward

Summery: Every night since Kagome was ten she had dreamed of him. But as she got older she learns they are more than OOC

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(Edward is dark/possesive in here.)

Chapter one:

Kagome sighed as she fell into the soft bed, it had been a long day. She had moved to Forks, Washington. Her childhood friend, Lauren Mallory, wanted her to see her again, and to her delight her parents let her go without any questions. They gave her a black card, and helped her find a small apartment for her to live.

Laughing bitterly Kagome put her face into her pillow, her parents had been wanting to get rid of her since she was little. She never knew why, but she wasn't complaining. She never was really excepted into her family, and Kagome could guess the reason.

Her parents thought her crazy, but she didn't blame them. Kagome would have thought herself crazy if she wasn't herself.

Ever since she was little Kagome had has dreams of a stranger, Edward, as he introduced himself. He showed up one-day in a meadow of flowers in her dream, he said he was her friend and was there to protect her.

Kagome mentally scoffed, friend, yeah right. The 'friend' status changed when she was fifteen and when she told him about her date with Inuyasha. Shaking her head she tried to get the thoughts out of her head, but her mind wandered to her meetings with him. She met him every night since she was ten years old, and she was now seventeen and would be eighteen in three months. If she told others of him, they would think of him as a fantasy man, but he was real...very real...

(Kagome age 10)

Kagome slowly opened her eyes, and sat up, taking in her surroundings. There was sunlight streaming into half the clearing she was in, the other half was shaded from the trees. In the clearing there was flowers everywhere she could see. There were all types of flowers she couldn't even begin to count on how many there was.

"Pretty." Kagome muttered, slowly standing and admiring the clearing. It was one of the most beautiful places she has seen, even more than the ones in her storybooks.

"It is, isn't it." A chuckling voice from behind her said, making her jump, and turn around. She turned around to fast though, and started to fall backwards. Kagome closed her eyes waiting to fell the hard ground, but it never came. Cracking open her eyes, she found herself in someone's arms.

"Are you ok, love?" Blinking Kagome looked up to see gold eyes looking into her blue ones. A blush spread across her face.

"Y-yes. Thank you." The man chuckled again, but sat her down on her feet. Looking up Kagome took him in. He looked about seventeen or eighteen with messy bronze hair, handsome face that had high cheekbones, full lips that were pulled into a cricked smile, his honey gold eyes made her blush more as she saw that he caught her looking him over.

"umm who are you might I ask?" Kagome questioned, shifting from one foot to the other under his gaze. There was something about him that made her want to know him.

"My name is Edward." He smirked, "It's nice to finally meet you in person my Kagome."

"Huh?" Kagome tilted her head to the side, she didn't know what he meant. How did he know who she was, and what did he mean in person.

Edward chuckled again, " No need to worry, you will understand in all due time." Kagome felt his cold fingers cup her cheek.

Kagome just blinked and staired at him in confusion, "Who are you?"

"I'm a friend."

(Kagome age 12)

"Edward!" Kagome cried out as she ran to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. She was crying, she didn't understand why they were so mean to her. She never did anything wrong to them, so why did they not want her.

"My dear Kagome, why do you cry?" Edward whispered, unwrapping her arms from his waist. He sat down on the ground and brought her into his lap as she continued to cry.

Kagome didn't respond and continued to cry into his chest, "Kagome, please. Tell me what's wrong?" She could hear the sadness and worry in his voice, but she also thought she could hear a tint of anger too.

"Why..w-why does mother and father hate me!" Kagome cried, clinging to him like if she let go something bad would happen.

"Tell me what happened." he whispered, still holding her as he stroked her hair in a comforting way, trying to get her to calm down.

"They keep comparing me to Kikyo. Telling me that I should be like her, and not a spoiled brat." Kagome chocked back another sob as she closed her eyes, "I don't know why, but they think I am a bad child, and I always do something wrong. They always say I should be like her! Why! Isn't being me enough!"

"Its ok love, they are wrong. You are perfect." Edward soothed her, kissing the top of her head.

"No its not ok. There has to be something wrong with me!." Kagome yelled, "Maybe I am just a mistake like mother said! And would be better of dead!"

A growl ripped threw the air, as Edward ripped her from his chest and pinned her to the ground, his eyes were wide with anger and fear, but most of it was fear, "Never say that! NEVER! There is nothing wrong with you...You are perfect..." His gold eyes held suck pain that it made Kagome cry harder, " please never say that you are better of dead.."

Kagome continued to cry, she felt Edward wipe her tears away, "Promise me...please."

"I promise." She sobbed, wrapping her arms around his neck and continued to cry. She heard him sigh in relief, and pulled her closer to him, and whispered into her ear, "They will never say something like that again...they will not hurt you..i will make sure of it love."

After that had happened, it never did happen again, her parents seemed afraid to say anything to her, and she never understood why. Kagome wasn't complaining though, she always did wounder what happened though. They always said as little as they could to her, it made her sad, but she brushed it off, not wanting to think about it

(Kagome age 15)

Sighing happily, Kagome hummed as she sketched the meadow. She had started sketching on her thirteenth birthday, when Edward started giving her art lessons. She found it highly relaxing. It helped her clear her mind, and just be herself.

"Hello love." Kagome smiled looking at Edward as he sat down next to her.

"Edward" Kagome said softly, here eyes held a hint of sadness. She was fifteen today, and she also got asked out for the first time, and that just made her feel saddened at the same time happy. It saddened her because it reminded her that she was in love with someone she shouldn't be, and it made her happy cause she could move on and put her love for Edward behind her.

A snarl echoed threw the meadow, making Kagome jump and look at Edward. He eyes were wide with fear as she looked into the coal black eye of her friend.

"Ed-" She was cut off by her sketchbook being torn from her hands, and his body pressed against hers as she was pinned to the ground.

"You excepted!" He snarled, looking her strait in the eyes. Kagome shrank back in fear not understanding what he was talking about.

"I heard your thoughts!" Her eyes widened, heard her!? That isn't possible.

"It's more than possible love..." Edward growled out, looking into her still wide eyes.

"But...that isn't..." She stopped herself from finishing but thought the last word, 'human'.

Edward chuckled, "human..." He chuckled at the word, as he inhaled her sent, "And whoever said I was." Kagome's eyes widened even more, he wasn't human...then what did that make him. And why was he made at her excepting a date from someone...she didn't understand. She was her own person she could do what she wanted.

Another growl echoed threw the clearing, "Your mine! That's why!"

Kagome shrank back again, not wanting to make him more mad than he already was. She tried to digest what he said. He said she was his, but that didn't make sense, they were friends, nothing more.

"YOU'RE MY MATE!" Edward snarled, tightening his grip on her shoulder, "WHY DO YOU THIK I HAVE BEEN COMING INTO YOUR DREAMS FOR FIVE YEARS!"

Kagome whimpered, she didn't know what to do. It's not like she knew this, he could of said that the first time they met. Well, never mind, that probably wouldn't have gone well either. Still, he had no right to yell at her! And he didn't tell her anything about this, she had a right to do what she wanted its not like he was real anyway.

"Kagome you are testing my patients." He ground out, "Your mine, only mine! And whoever gets in the way will pay. I can assure you that."

"I don't belong to you! It's not like your real!" Kagome yelled, struggling to get free from him. He was starting to scare her, she wanted to wake up so she could get away from him. He said he wasn't human and if he wasn't human that means he could hurt her here. She wanted to get away.

He took a shaky breath, as his eyes bore into her own, "I am not going to hurt you, I love you. As for not being real" he smirked, " I can assure you that I am, I might not be human, but I am still as real as you are."

Kagome swallowed, "If your not human what are you?" She didn't know if she wanted to really know, but she was going to ask anyway.

Edward leaned down so his mouth was right next to her ear, "Vampire."

Kagome froze, a vampire, was he going to eat her? Oh god help her. She shrank back more, scared.

"No worries love, I would never hurt my mate." He whispered into her ear. He loved her, he couldn't hurt her even if he wanted too.

When he said mate, Kagome's eyes narrowed. She didn't know what to believe with that, but she didn't say anything, she didn't want to upset him more than he was already. But there was still the fact he said he was real, she shook her head. If he was real he would of shown himself to her, so he had to be lieing.

"I am not lieing love. I am real. As for not showing myself to you, it is not the right time yet." He ground out as he continued to listen to her thoughts.

Kagome still didn't believe it. He wasn't real, and she wasn't his mate. She was going to have to live with those facts, and she would start living with that fact by dating Inuyasha. Kagome knew that if she wanted to get over her crush on Edward, the guy in her dreams and only her dreams, she would have to move on and start dating.

Edward growled, "I told you I am real! How can I get you to believe that!" As he continued to listen to her thoughts his anger increased. He berried his face into the crease in her neck and snarled, as he took in her scent, "MINE!"

Kagome growled back at him, "Your not real! Your only in my dreams so how can I believe that!"

Edward looked her strait in the eyes as he smirked, "Then I will prove it, but remember, you are the one who asked for it." His evil chuckle filled her ears, "Your mine,love...and only mine" Kagome could hear the possesiveness in his voice and it made her shiver.

He had proven he was real alright, he killed Inuyasha, she had been so mad and scared after that. She didn't know how to act around him anymore. She didn't even know her feelings towards him anymore, but she knew she could never escape him, and she better except that.

Kagome was brought out of her thoughts when her cellphone rang, she jumped off her bed and too her desk where her phone lay.


"Kagome!" A chipper voice yelled on the other end of the phone, causing Kagome to smile.

"Lauren! How are you?" she asked, her mood brightening up.

"Good! I was just calling to see how you were settling in, and wishing you luck on your first day of school tomorrow."

Kagome laughed, "I am have most of my things unpacked, and thanks I hope tomorrow will be a good day. I will try to find you after I get my schedule so I can compare to yours"

"Sounds good, I will be in the parking lot with my friends so just look there. I am going to let you go. Mom wants me to come to dinner." Lauren sighed, "I will see you then! Good night~!"

Kagome laughed, "good night!"

Flipping her phone closed Kagome smiled as she made her way back to her room, "Look out Forks High, Kagome has come to town!"

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