Chapter Two

Kagome hummed softly as she arranged her bookcase, she had gotten up a couple hours early, and couldn't fall back asleep so she decided to finish unpacking. She had lots of books, she liked them so much cause she could get out of the real world and into another. Her books consisted of the classics like, The Scarlet Letter, Crime and Punishment, and all the Jane Austin books, she also had mysteries, romance, horror, fantasy, history, and some educational text books. She always knew she had lots of books, she didn't even have all of them unpacked and she already filled two six feet book cases.

Her apartment wasn't that big, but it was fit for a high school student living on their own. There was a small kitchen, living area, bathroom, laundry room, and bedroom. The apartment was pretty new though, you could tell it was built within the year. Everything looked so new. But still it was nothing big, but it was enough, and it was pretty cheap since she was paying for it on her own. She had a job that was in the town over, so she could pay for the things she need. Kagome had to pay for the rent, utilities, food, school and anything else she wanted.

The sound of someone knocking made Kagome jump making her drop the book in her hands, she wasn't expecting anyone, Kagome furrowed her brow, before making her way around the boxes scattered everywhere and to the front door.

Opening the door, she was greeted by a gruff man with brown hair with blue eyes, "Hi, can I help you?" Kagome asked, her voice was laced with irritation as she saw his eyes rack up her body. She was wearing a spaghetti strap tank-top, with jean short shorts, it was what she was used to wearing to bed and around the house; They were comfortable.

"I am here to deliver a car for a Miss Kagome" the man stated, his eyes still racking up her body, making Kagome want to slap him.

"It's here?! Isn't it a little early?" Kagome almost squealed, finally it was here. The car might have originally been her sisters, and given to her because her spoiled sister wanted a better car, but she still loved her baby. Yes, her car was her baby. She absolutely loved it.

The man nodded handing her the keys and a clipboard that had a pen attached to it by a string, "Yes, it came in yesterday, and it is around eight am, and we opened at six am, so it took a couple hours to get here."

'Eight!' Kagome yelled to herself, before turning back to the man, smiling Kagome took the clipboard and signed at the bottom before giving it back, "Thank you!" The shut the door before he could say anything, and hurried into her room to change. She decided to go with a J-rock outfit, the dress was a soft crimson with black satin bow across the chest, the dress had a black voile hem with black ribbon trim and had adjustable straps. She had black and white stripped leggings on, with black calf high boots and she had auburn colored arm warmers, and over the arm-warmers was a black arm-warmer which flared a bit looking like cuffs. . Her hair was in pigtails which reached her shoulders, and was tied up with red ribbon.

Doing a once over in the mirror Kagome nodded content with her look before grabbing school bag purse and keys, she had wanted to get there a little earlier so she could find all of her classes with no trouble.

Stepping out of the apartment, she took a deep breath of air, before walking down the wooden stairs and onto the solid ground. Kagome smiled as she saw her car parked in-front of her.

It was her baby!

Her Silver Mercedes Benz! How she missed it.

Getting into her baby, Kagome ran her hand over the black interior, then started the car and made her way to her new school, not knowing that something unexpected waited for her there.

Kagome groaned as she stepped out her warm car into the cold rain, "Well today seems like a good day already" If anyone was near her they would have been able to her the sarcasm dripping from every word.

She made her way to the building entrance and to the main office in record time, and opened the office door. She was greeted by an older woman, who looked too overly happy for Kagome's taste.

"Hello, can I help you dear?" the woman asked, a big smile on her face, which made Kagome twitch slightly.

"Yes, I'm Kagome" Kagome stammered, she had changed her last name not wanting to have the same name as her so called family. That and would be better than having everyone buttcher her other name.

"Ahh, we have been expecting you." The woman rummaged threw some papers on her desk before giving her a couple pieces of paper and what looked to be a map. Why on earth would someone need a map for this tiny school?

"That is your schedule, map, and the slip needs to be signed by all your teachers." the woman instructed to her before the smile came back to her face, "My name is Mrs. Cope and if you need anything you know where to find me."

Kagome nodded, giving a forced smile, "Thank you." Before heading out the door and get away from the all to friendly woman.

"Ok, now off to the parking-lot, Lauren should be there by now"Kagome muttered to herself, looking at the clock on the wall of the school, as she headed back to the entrance of the school and to where she would find her childhood friend.

Stepping out into the dreary air, Kagome looked around the cluttered lot, and looked for the dirty blond hair she knew all to well. A smile split across her face when she finally spotting what she was looking for.

"Lauren!" She yelled out, getting the attention of more than her friends attention. From the looks of it, she got almost the whole parking-lots attention. Kagome could feel a blush coming onto her cheeks, as she made her way down the stone steps and onto the blacktop to the place her friend stood smiling. She was surrounded by a group of people she assumed was her friends.

"Kagome!" Lauren yelled happily, as she met her halfway and hugged her. Lauren was happy to see her friend it has been a couple years since she has seen her. They have been keeping in contact with each-other by phone and email, but it still wasn't the same as seeing each-other in person.

"It's good to finally see you!" Lauren chirped, releasing her from the hug.

Kagome smiled, she really had missed her,"I know what you mean. The phone calls and emails aren't as good as seeing you in person"

Lauren laughed, "That is true. Come on I want to introduce you to my friends" taking her arm and started to drag her to the group she saw her with when she first walked out of the school.

"Guys,"Lauren started, coming to a stop in-front of the group of teens, "This is my childhood friend Kagome." They all smiled at Kagome, "Kagome, these are my friends." She pointed to the blond boy who reminded her of a golden retriever, "Mike" then she pointed to a girl with brown hair and wore a smile that was way to fake for her liking, "Jessica." next was a boy with greasy black hair, "Eric" after him was a boy reading a comic book as he leaned against a car, "Ben" then a boy who was looking at her breasts, "Tyler" and the last one was a girl who wore glasses and she looked more like the book type then the shopping type like Lauren, "Angela"

"It's nice to meet you all." Kagome greeted them, but really the only one she thought she was going to like out of this group was Angela. She seemed nice, but she might like Ben too since he was the only guy that didn't ogle her.

"So Kagome what brought you to boring old Forks?" Mike asked, a smile on his face. He was looking at her to suggestively for her liking. She shuddered slightly, damn perverts.

"I wanted to see Lauren, and my family was moving out of the county" She lied, well more like half lied. She did want to see Lauren, but her family wasn't moving they just wanted her out of the picture. If she said that though, it would bring up some unwanted questions, that or pity. She didn't want either or those, so lieing was the next best thing.

"Really?" His eyes got big at the thought of moving out of the country, "Where are they moving to?"

'He was easily impressed' She silently thought, sweatdroping as she still kept a strained smile on her face, "Italy" was the first thing that came to mind, she didn't know why, but she shrugged it off not really caring.

Before he could ask another question the sound of a purring car and girls giggling interrupted him. She turned to the source of the excitement. A silver had just pulled into the parking-lot, but she still didn't know what the big deal was, but she could guess. It was probably some guy who all the girls wanted. Kagome rolled her eyes, what is it with girls now a days being overly obsessed with guys.

"So what's up with that?" Kagome asked, indicating to the Volvo, and the giggling school girls.

Mike and the other boys scowled as the girls, minus Angela giggled, "Ohhh them." Mike started, "That's the Cullen and Hales. They are the rich kids of the town."

Tyler and Eric were scowling, "They are all stuck up, I wouldn't get involved with them. But then again they will probably ignore you like they do everyone else."

Kagome nodded, still looking at the Volvo, she was about to look away until the door opened and out came the one person she didn't think she would see in real life so soon. All color drained from her face as her eyes widened, "Edward."

At the sound of his name, he whipped around eyes connecting with hers. His eyes were wide in shock before turning into a smirk. Kagome shivered, this couldn't be good, she had seen that smirk before and it only led to trouble.

Everyone looked at her, "You know Cullen?" They all asked.

Kagome nodded, "You could say that..." she paused, how could she explain this without sounded like a crazy person. It's not like she could say, 'yeah he is this Vampire who has been coming into my dreams since I was ten. Oh and I cant forget that he claims I am his mate.' Yeah, that would blow over soooo well, "...we have met...before."

That is all she was going to explain to them...because she really didn't know what else to say to explain their relationship.

It was wasn't like she had a choice. If she did have a choice she would be running in the opposite direction.

Kagome flickered her eyes over to the Edward again to see his eyes narrowed at her, making her back straiten.

He must have heard her. She really wish she could at least keep her thoughts to herself. Sadly it seems fate had other ideas.

Kagome took a deep breath as she looked at Lauren, "Do you want to show me where my first class is?"

Lauren nodded, "Sure. We can chat on our way there." Lauren waved to her friends saying she would see them later before walking with Kagome into the school.

Kagome could still feel eyes on her as she entered the school.

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