Hi all! Sorry that this is so late. This is part one of some unwritten scenes based off the happenings in both 2.05 (The Hodag of Horror) and 2.07 (The Gathering Gloom). It takes place after Pericles gathers all the original members of MI in the graveyard to offer them a proposition, which I have added on to in this chapter. I also based it around the quote from 2.07 ("I tried to open my little heart to them! Wanted them to join forces again. But they all turned me down. Cassidy is bitter. Angry. Brad and Judy are enigmas; both of them. That leaves only you, Ricky.") before Mr. E decides to team up with Pericles. I decided to give writing the situations Pericles described a shot.

I've divided it into two parts since the following scenes I'm writing are a little uncertain. Here's part one!

(Part 1)

"Vell, hello, Cassidy."

Angel jumped slightly. The sinister voice with the familiar accent sounded from somewhere to her far left, but it was near nonetheless. Angel could almost remember the days when that accent had been amusing to her. For Ricky's sake, she had tried to keep quiet about it, but had often done a poor job of doing so. Her mouth twitched somewhat jeeringly.

"If you've come to see me, bird, you can quit the shadow games. I unfortunately know your identity well enough already without you trying to conceal it."

A soft chuckle and a flapping of wings answered her cold response. Something clicked lightly on the outstretched needles of one of her record players. "If zat is vhat you prefer."

"Actually, I'd prefer that you not be here at all, but I've got a funny feeling that's not going to happen." Her tone bristled with ice.

"Come now, Angel," replied the aviary genius. "Is zat how you treat an old friend?"

"Cut to the chase, Professor."

Pericles clicked his beak once in annoyance. "I've come to make you a deal."

"You tried that already. Was my answer not clear enough for you?" Even in the dark of her recording studio, Angel's poison glare pierced its way to the feathery shadow opposite her.

"Ah, do not be so quick, Miss Villiams. Even someone vithout my intellect could tell zat you do not like me."

"Genius," muttered the DJ. "Absolutely genius. You want a cracker for that, Polly?"

"But," continued the parrot, "someone of your intellect vould also have sought zis sru first. Zere is no vay you did not consider die circumstances before deciding." He paused momentarily. "You vill not admit it, but you haff zie second highest intellect of our little group. Zere vere times vhen I sought you vere closer to my level. We could haff been...partners."

Angel fingered her disc blades, which were stored on a harness around her wrist and were looking entirely too tempting at the moment. "You betrayed us, Pericles. It's your fault the way we are now. I don't care what drove you to do it, and I certainly don't care that you want my help now that you've ran out of backup."

"I am die greatest criminal parrot in die world. Noting can stop me. All zat I vill have could be yours." He paused for effect. "All of it, Cassidy. You vould be foolish to turn down such an offer."

"Then foolish I will remain," she replied, "because I said no."

"You are avare," began Pericles coldly, "of vhat die consequences are of refusing me."

A small /shing/ cut through the tension as the woman unsheathed her weapons, as casually as adjusting her sleeves. "Get out, Pericles."

"Sink carefully of vhat you are implying, Cassidy Villiams," hissed the bird.

"I said," intoned Angel with an acid voice, "get out."

There was a pause. A stiff silence filled the air, as heavy as lead. Finally, a flapping of wings fluttered into existence and faded with his departure.

And Angel Dynamite stared coolly at the blades in her hands, framed by the weak moonlight, and didn't move for the rest of the night.


"Pericles, old friend!" exclaimed Brad.

"How have you been?" inquired Judy.

The criminal parrot settled himself on a small perch on the mantle. "Brad. Judy. How… nice to see you again."

"Not nearly as nice—" began Judy.

"—as it is to see you!" finished Brad. "To what do we owe this pleasure?"

Pericles tried with little success to conceal his disgust. "I am not here for a friendly visit. I came to do business." He shuffled once. "Have you sought furzer about my offer?"

"Oh, Professor," said Judy with a chuckle. "We've given it plenty of thought. But we don't quite—"

"—have an answer for you," concluded Brad.

Pericles felt irritation rising in him rather quickly. "Vhat do you mean?"

"It means that we—"

"—are more comfortable working on our own for a while."

"I don't understand," commented Pericles dryly. "I have all die resources you vould need to locate and utilize die Planispheric Disc. Vhat could you possibly stand to gain from this?"

"Oh, Pericles, always the dictator!" sang Judy.

"We know we've always been grouped in the past," said Brad. "But we'd rather switch it up a bit."

"Try something new!"

"Yes, thank you, Judy," replied Brad earnestly.

"You're welcome, Brad," responded Judy enthusiastically.

"If I may continue," interrupted Pericles pointedly, "I believe you are avare that you could be making a grave mistake. Vithout my help, you have no hope of finding the treasure. It is best ve vork collectively to increase our chances of success. I sought ve had covered zis."

"Oh, of course, Professor Pericles! But—"

"—we felt it might be better to wait a while before teaming up. Personal reasons, you know."

"I do not," was the icy reply.

"Oh, then, you will!"

"Yes, you will!"

Pericles ruffled his feathers. "I do not have time for zis. You vill give me an answer later zis week or I vill see to it myself zat you are out of die vay."

"Alright, Professor!"

"Do come visit us again sometime!"

Pericles felt bile rising in his throat as rose from the mantel. "Unlikely," he muttered forbiddingly as he flapped away.

So that's Part 1 so far. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for scenes you'd like to see written, especially regarding Part 2 of this little project. I hope to have Part 2 up soon for you. Thanks so much!