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Summary: Kotobuki Reiji decides to take his two kouhais out to experience clubbing for the first time. Shonen-ai, yaoi. Tokiya x Otoya, ROT broship, and Reiji x a tsun prince of rock.

A/N: Rated M just to be safe. There will be some suggestive themes in the next chapter.


"Pfff- You're kidding!" A spew of half chewed vegetables were sent flying across the table.

Tokiya didn't bother to mask the grimace that contorted his usually complacent face. Yet he still somehow managed to maintain the even tone reserved for one who was supposed to be his senior, "Kotobuki-senpai, that's... disgusting. Please eat properly."


Since senpai started sharing their room, it was almost like Tokiya had to deal with two Otoyas. Well, almost. Obviously there were clear differences between them but they were just as enthusiastic with everything and occasionally grated on his nerves at times. Especially when they band together to get him to do things with them.

Just like what they were doing now.

He grinned sheepishly, swallowing what remained little in his mouth before choosing to speak again, rather exclaimed with more urgent insistence with a fist banging the table for more impact,"I mean, really?! Neither of you have ever gone clubbing, or drinking, or partying before!?" He cast Otoya an imploring tilt of his head, silently pleading for him to refute his claim. He could probably imagine that applying to Tokiya, being the tight-ass as he usually was. But not his adorable, not-a-stick-in-the-mud, Otoyan, right?

"Of course I've been to parties!" Otoya proclaimed, his face lighting up with a reassuring smile. "The orphanage throws birthday parties all the time~ and there's dance parties from when we were studying in Saotome Academy. They were so much fun!"

Reiji felt faint.

He almost forgot he was talking to a bunch of teenagers who just turned 18 and graduated from a school where budding romance was forbidden and even moreso, when they were in Saotome Agency. But Reiji wasn't like that even when he was studying in the Academy!

He had his shares of troublemaking and pranks, aha although he had to string a certain reluctant somebody along... ah, those were the days. But nobody said they had to follow the rules down to the letter. What is with kids these days? And why are they so obedient and rule abiding...!?

In a way, he admired their perseverance and dedication to their idol work but at the same time... it was like they were living their lives away, living like goldfish! Ignorant to the outside world and the dangers and pleasures that came along with it.

No matter. He was Kotobuki Reiji. He was their senpai. And he was going to show them the ways of the world! Because not only was it his duty but also because his darling kouhais needed to have a taste of real fun for a change! They're young adults! They need a taste of the adult life!

Clutching his hat in one hand, Reiji solemnly wiped a tear forming at the corner of his eye with the other. Oh, kami-sama*... was he going to get punished for tainting these pure lambs...?

"R..rei-chan...?" Otoya was just about to reach out and maybe, poke him.. or something when Tokiya simply shook his head, "Don't mind him. He's lost in his own inner monologue."

Otoya didn't really understand but if Tokiya says so, he must be fine. "O..kay? WHA-!" out of nowhere, Reiji envelops both of them in a tight hug, sobbing melodramatically and simultaneously rubbing his cheek against both theirs.



That evening...

"Are we R-E-A-D-Y to go?" Reiji paused at the doorway, hand poised on his hip as he threw a quick glance and wink back at his kouhais behind him who changed into less conspicuous but still stylish outfits fit for a night in town.

Otoya chose an ensemble that gave him a casual, laid-back feel topped with dark gray, short sleeved hoodie jacket. He also had on a couple of carefully chosen accessories like the group of leather bracelets that adorned his left hand. Otoya had been taking notes of present trends and seemed to have embedded it into his own personal style.

Tokiya, on the other hand, gave off a more simple, but classy air like he could have been to a dinner party before stepping into the club yet casual enough not to not appear overdressed. His supposed disguise prop was his black rimmed glasses that was slightly tinted. Not that it did much and Reiji repeatedly assured him that first of all, nobody would expect idols to be among them and the place they were going would be too dark with people too wrapped up in their own selves to care if there were.

He whistled in admiration and flashes them a thumbs up. "You two are looking good~ You get Rei-chan's seal of approval!"

"I don't think this is such a good idea... Kotobuki-san." Tokiya punctuated flatly, still looking grumpy and reluctant as ever. Rather, wasn't agreeing to do this breaking nearly all the protocols of being an idol? Sneaking off past curfew, skipping practice, going in public (disguised, yes but nevertheless) without informing the agency, and so forth..!

No, he didn't agree to this at all! Everything screamed at him to back out or risk getting caught and all hell breaks loose. But once Reiji ropes Otoya into wanting to do something, it was near impossible to talk him out of it.

"I'd feel bad if I forced you, Toki. You don't have to worry about a thing. I can have fun with Otoyan here~ just him and me," Reiji innocently batted his eyelashes at him and slipped an arm around the oblivious Otoya's shoulders. There was this all-knowing, sing-song tone of his again and that mischievous smirk that made Tokiya's eyebrow twitch involuntarily in annoyance.

Tokiya folded his arms over his chest and let out an exasperated sigh, "Who knows what kind of trouble you two would be in if I wasn't around to keep an eye out." The mere thought of Otoya just agreeing to everything Reiji handed him on a platter just further fueled his dreading anxiety of the night to come. At least one of them had to be the voice of reason and he wasn't just about to let his partner make the wrong life choices he would end up regretting later.

"Now that's just mean, Toki. I'm a full grown, responsible adult, you know. You should trust me a little more," Reiji whined and pouted but Tokiya wouldn't buy his charade. He knew all too well that they were dealing with a devil that knew how to conceal his pointy horns. "Besides~" his smile was less angelic now and more sly; challenging, baiting him.

And despite that Tokiya has full knowledge that he was practically dangling Otoya over his head to get his cooperation, Reiji was just crafty enough to make it so that he had no other choice but to give in, "You know I'll always protect my darling kouhais from preying wolves."

There was this big 'preying wolf' in the room if he ever saw one. Tokiya mumbled something inaudible and could only glare back. Meanwhile, Otoya glanced back and forth between their exchange with this blank, confused look on his face.

"Ah~ Ah~ Toki's mad~" At this, Reiji snickered uncontrollably. "I haven't seen you this riled up since I caught you guys rummaging around my special stash."

"THAT...!" Now that was just playing dirty. Tokiya knew someday that he'd play that card and rub it in his face. He just didn't think he'd be cruel enough to bring it up now. "That was an accident. It's not our fault that you left it lying around!" Tokiya sputtered, ears and face burning red at the accusation. He bet Reiji even did that on purpose to see how the two of them would react. And even had the audacity to suggest that they watch it together. If he wasn't there, who knows what would have happened to Otoya!

As if he'd let that happen.

At the the time... during the last minute, he managed to snatch it from Otoya's hands before he could even lift up the flap to peek at the cover. It had been a close call but the crisis was successfully diverted. Unfortunately, fate was not kind to him and Reiji had chosen that time to barge in on them. And was just in time to see Tokiya clutching the videos to his chest like his life depended on it and misunderstood the situation completely.

Needless to say, it took a whole lot of explaining, denying, frustration, to finally get him to quiet down and understand what REALLY happened.

Tokiya dreaded the possible outcome of Otoya turning out to be more and more like Reiji and shuddered at the thought. Otoya was fine the way he is without their senpai's repeated attempts to contaminate him. And as long as he was there, he was going to protect him. How could he do that if he wasn't present?

"Hmm...? Oh... about that..." Otoya could be heard murmuring in the background but Tokiya didn't seem to hear him when he grabbed his shoulder. And he proceeded in tugging him forward, relinquishing him from Reiji's hold. He knew he was going to regret this in the morning but to hell with it. "Let's just be done with it."

"YAY! " came their conjoined chorus.

"That's the spirit~ now we're getting somewhere!" Reiji clapped a hand on his back approvingly and raised a fist up to the skies. "Let's do this! What do we say, R~!"

"..." Both of them looked up at him with mirrored puzzled expressions on their faces.

"C'mon~ guyyyss..! Back me up here!" Reiji's smile faded and he puffed his cheeks up at them.

Otoya didn't realize they were doing this now. "Eh...! O-oh."

"...T..." and Tokiya just sighed. This was so embarrassing. Every time...

"Mouuuu~ you guys are no fun!"


As soon as they neared what appeared to be their destination, Tokiya felt himself tense at the long line of people streaming into the supposed establishment. He unconsciously pressed the glasses further up his face. Nobody's looked their way just yet, it could just quickly escalate if they weren't discreet eno-

"Shall we go inside, Tokiya?" he almost didn't hear the voice next to him, only until Otoya grasped his hand to drag him along did he finally take notice. "O..oto-" he nearly choked out and instead pressed his lips shut, it'd be bad if he said his name now.

It was then he realized that warm sensation coming from their conjoined palms.

Hand. He was holding Otoya's hand. Luckily the night helped conceal the blush creeping up his face and ears. "I-I got it. So let go already, people might start staring," he retracted from his grip and kept his head ducked low as he followed closely behind.

"Geez, these two. Just date already." They might not have noticed but Reiji was watching the entire time he was waiting for them to catch up to him. But if he confronted or teased about it now, they might get all their guards up and they'll never get anywhere. So he turned a blind eye to it.

Like all those other times. Honestly, these two probably weren't even aware of it themselves. Like the way they look at one another when they think the other doesn't notice. A playful smile curled at his lips, the night was still young... and maybe a little of this and that might be the perfect catalyst to bring it about. This was going to be fun~

To be continued...

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Common terms but just in case: senpai - upperclassman, senior; kouhai - underclassman, junior; kami-sama - god