Aftermath: STARISH Edition


The tranquility of the night was shattered by a ringing melody and blinking light coming from the side of a night stand. A hand lazily shot out of the covers and blindly reached for the offending object, knocking off an alarm clock onto the carpeted floor in the process until it found what it was looking for.

Silken sheets cascaded down the slope of his bare shoulder and a pair of sleepy, half-lidded green eyes squinted at the monitor. Who in all of Agnapolis would send him a message at the unholy hour of three in the morning... "Hnn?"

The message read:

/Cecil! Cecil! My feelings were finally conveyed to Tokiya. We're very happy together. And I have you to thank for it! Later today or tomorrow or whenever you're free, let's go anywhere you want, my treat! ~ Otoya/

Whatever irritation that might have set in earlier due to the rude awakening dissolved into a warm, genuine smile. "I'm glad for you, Otoya." he murmured to himself and continued to type out his message of heartfelt congratulations when he felt the warm weight behind him begin to shift around.

A pale arm draped itself over Cecil's side, starking contrast to Cecil's tanned skin. He felt a chin dig against his shoulder as ice blue eyes squinted at the device in the prince's hands. Cecil paused to snuggle into the loose hold, appreciative for the warmth it brought, "Sorry, did I wake you... Camyu?"

But the earl's voice only sounded annoyed. "What in the world is so important for you to be sending messages this early..."

"Oh, this. It's just...gyahh!" Cecil was about to explain himself but his back arched when he felt those perfect teeth bite down his nape to shut him up.

"So. You're flirting with other men at this time of night. Even though you already have me. You truly are an insatiable, shameless creature." he muttered accusingly.

"W-wai- Camyu! You're misunderstanding something! EH!?" If he was half-asleep only some minutes prior, he was fully awake now. Cecil gasped when his wrists were captured and suddenly held up over his head. His phone slipped from his grasp and tumbled down to clatter on the floor next to the alarm clock. "Otoya is actually my...!"

Camus' reprimanding tone cut through his. "Silence. It seems like you still require some discipline." There was this gleam in his eyes that made all the color drain from Cecil's face.

"W-WAA! St-stupid Camyu! DEMON! TYRANT!" His voice echoed throughout the empty hallway with not a single soul to hear his cries of mercy which gradually turned into cries of a totally different nature only few moments after.

A window popped up from blinking monitor lying on the ground that stated: MESSAGE SENT. And due to the earlier tussle, instead of replying only to Ittoki Otoya, it had been moved to a contact group labeled STARISH.


Natsuki hummed quietly as he flipped through the pages of the script he was studying for a drama series he was to guest star in next week. His hair was gathered to a small ponytail and he was wearing pastel yellow Piyo pajamas. And on his lap was Shou whose head was resting on his thigh in deep sleep, wearing what also seemed to be Piyo pajamas in the same style, only in pastel pink. Articles of which Natsuki pre-ordered online and had only arrived this morning in the mail. He wanted to have Shou try his on but the latter had been so dead tired from his action shoot when he came back earlier that evening that he collapsed into bed still wearing the clothes he wore when he left that morning.

So Natsuki did him a favor by changing him out of them and putting his present on him. Won't Shou-chan be pleasantly surprised when he wakes up? the blonde smiled to himself happily. His attention was then drawn to the door when it was pushed open from the outside. "Oh, Ai-chan. Welcome back." he looked up from his script and greeted his senpai in a hushed whisper. "How did the recording go?"

"According to plan. As always." Ai answered normally. But his gaze remained despite the obvious pause, "...What are you two wearing?"

"Oh! Ai-chan noticed~! These are limited edition Piyo-chan pajamas! Aren't they just adorable?" Natsuki beamed proudly. "Look, look it comes with with these large pockets and a hoodie!" to demonstrate, he pulled it over his head where Piyo's button eyes were perched with a duck bill just hanging above the blonde's forehead. "And I happened to get the last ones before it got sold out. It came in a matching pair-set so I got one for Shou-chan too! It's cute, right? Right?"

"Ah-!" Natsuki rubbed his nape sheepishly upon realizing his tactlessness, "Er.. that is to say, I'll get one for Ai-chan too later."

"It's fine. I don't want one. A matching set needs to come in a pair. And I don't have anyone like tha-" Ai pauses in mid-sentence, seemingly distracted with something. "Strange. Why did I suddenly think of..." his brows furrowed slightly in deep thought, "...Hm. I need to research on this."

"...Ai-chan?" Natsuki called out to him.

"It's nothing. Good night." Ai then makes his way over to his computer and curls himself up on his usual seat, opening several windows on the screen and rapidly striking keys with god-like speed.

"Is that so?" Natsuki tilted his head slightly. Something seemed strangely amiss. But he didn't get to think too deeply into it because the phone in his pocket vibrated, alerting him of an incoming message.

Just then, he felt Shou stirring to wakefulness as the familiar ringtone of his phone blaring the opening song of his recent action series favorite played. His short arms dangled out, blindly searching for the device, half muttering to himself on where he could have placed it.

"Here you go, Shou-chan~" Natsuki planted said phone in his hands that he retrieved from his clothes earlier.

"S..ankyuu.." he mumbled as he was about to draw the device closer to his face but he stopped when something... obnoxiously feminine in color caught his eye. There was this horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach when his gaze slowly trailed down.



Slender, perfectly maintained fingers curled on the stem of a crystal wineglass, tipping its contents against a pair of soft lips. His hair still wet from the relaxing bath in the hotel's jacuzzi and the scent of rose petals clung to his damp skin. Midnight blue gaze stretched across the twinkling cityscape before him while he lounged patiently on the leather sofa in a sleek, black night robe of the finest silk with patterened yellow flowers.

He vaguely heard the sound of a door sliding open behind him and his focus shifted to the Adonis in similar attire, only that it was dark orange and gold and he stepped into the carpeted bedroom suite with his hair still in the process of drying.

Masato continued to gaze at his exquisite form through the reflection of the wineglass. "Champagne, flowers, gourmet chocolates and a reservation that would have normally taken weeks to confirm in this Ginza hotel... You've really outdone yourself this time, Ren." the coolness of his voice was his perfectly-fitted mask that concealed the sudden jumping of his pulse upon his entry.

He would never admit it out loud but he would never tire of the sight of those rivulets of water beads slowly trickling down that expanse of sun-kissed, glistening skin. It still managed to take his breath away but he would rather not fuel the man's already, over-inflated ego by saying so.

There was a hint of amusement laced in that deep, silky voice as it drew closer towards him. "But of course, I only save the best for the best. There's nothing I can't do when I put my mind to it." Ren easily climbed over the sofa, easing himself behind Masato and gathering that slender form on his lap. Fingers reached out and brushed some of the dark strands of his hair and tucked it behind his ear. "Consider it as my gift for a successful piano concert and serenading me with your sweet song."

"The audience. Ren. I was serenading the audience." Masato let himself be pulled in, not exactly trusting himself to look into those piercing eyes just yet. "You just happened to be in it. But thank you for the thoughtful gesture and because it is a gift of goodwill and..." he lightly pressed his index finger on those pouty lips, preventing him from making its descent down his neck. "...certainly without any ulterior motive to seduce my person into climbing into the sheets with you, I will humbly accept it."

"Oh, nooo..." Ren drones in a mocking tone. Capturing that precious finger between his lips.. one of Masato's skillful, beautiful digits, and intently studying the subtle change of expressions on his face as he gave it a playful, long lick. Tasting the little remains of melted chocolate that Masato helped himself to earlier, "I wouldn't even dream of it. Certainly not, " another kiss. "to have you splayed over that king sized bed while I kiss... and taste," a light suck and he was sure he heard Masato suck in a sharp breath, "...every inch of you."

"Not even in my wildest fantasies." Ren easily plucks the wine glass from Masato's other hand and carefully sets it a safe distance, he leans forward and lets himself taste the champagne by letting his tongue flicker against the pianist's lower lip.

Masato audibly lets out a ragged sigh now, the visions Ren suggestively implanted in his thoughts were working their way against him, breaking away at his restraints. "Ren..."

Suddenly, a shrill ringtone pierced the air and the pair froze with their lips only inches apart. Ren groans in complaint, "Masaaa, I thought we talked about this. No bringing work with you when you're not at work."

"I apologize. I must have forgotten to set it to silent." Masato wills himself to stand and pads over to his neatly folded pants. Next to it, he also sees the monitor of Ren's phone blinking. "It seems you have a message too."

Ren lets out a heavy sigh and holds out his hand, "Let me see."

And all of a sudden, they both blurt out at the same time, "WHAT!?"


The message flashing on all their screens read:

/Congratulations to the happy couple. Tokiya and Otoya. May the muses bless you both with eternal happiness. Also, please don't forget to invite us to your wedding ;) - Cecil /


Otoya snuggled back into the covers. His partner was still sound asleep with a peaceful, content expression on his face. So much has happened within the span of four hours. Starting today, things will be different. Their relationship has grown even deeper than that of friends. No doubt there will be challenges and more trials ahead of them but if they were together, he believed that they had the strength and perseverance to face whatever else lies ahead of them.

As long as he was by Tokiya's side, as long as they were together... they could accomplish anything...

With that in mind, Otoya felt the light tugs of sleep gradually bringing his eyes to a close. And almost as though Tokiya heard him, he felt the reassuring clasp of his hand giving him a light squeeze. There were faint smiles on their faces as they eagerly awaited the morning to come.

All of a sudden, the blare of both their phones ringing at the same time makes their eyes snap open together.

- The End -


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