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April sighed, sinking onto the bed, exhausted.

Turtles. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

She couldn't lie to herself; she was PISSED that her apartment and business were now little more than a pile of ash on the side of the road, but somehow she couldn't bring herself to be angry with the turtles. Thoughts of leading a "normal" life flitted through her head. How much easier it would be without four mutant turtles, a giant rat, and a whacky vigilante to watch over. Would she be better off leaving and forgetting about all of this?

No. It isn't their fault that a crazed psycho ninja is determined to see them dead. I can't get mad at them about that.

Forcing herself up with a groan, she turned to her suitcase and surveyed the meager remains of her belongings: two pairs of jeans, three t-shirts, a charred family photo, car keys, social security card, a folder of important documents and birth certificate.

Thank God for fire-proof safes…

Tears slid freely down her face as she thumbed through her documents, she frowned and paused as she came to one she didn't recognize. A smile forced its way onto her face.

Oh no.. another list..

41a. Greeting aliens with a Vulcan hand salute is not going to earn you a Nobel Peace Prize

41b. And just how would we even do that!? We only have 3 fingers!

41c. I dunno! I just thought it would be useful to put in here!

41d. This is why we can't have nice things…..

41e. No, the reason we can't have nice things is because Raph breaks all our stuff!

41f. I'll break ya face if you don't shut up

42. Disguising turtles in human clothing is only to be used as a last resort; that crap is so uncomfortable!

43. Never push the red button. EVER.

44. Ninja Turtles playing twister never ends well

45. Yes, Master Splinter does talk to himself. Yes, you will politely ignore it.

46. Raphael absolutely does NOT have a stash of booze in his room

47. Don't even try to get involved in a Leo/Raph fight; nothing can break those two up when they get started

48. Back flips are a whole lot harder than they look

49. Lame puns are not appreciated, especially when fighting

50. Always try to get the villain to monologue; it will give you time to plan an escape

51. Armpit farts, although amusing, are not appropriate in most situations

52. Using "shell" as a pseudo swear word will result in one getting smacked upside the head

53. Rest assured, springtime is not a certain 'season' that brings certain 'feelings' to the forefront

54. Pointing tends to exacerbate arguments

55a. Everyone knows that Leo is the favorite child

55b. That is not true my son, you know I love you all equally

55c. Hai, sensei

56. We do, in fact, feel naked when we don't have on masks or pads

57. If you eat any of Mikey's snacks, expect relentless whining

58. Organizing flash mobs in the middle of training will not exempt you from the exercises

59. Ordering large quantities of items online that are flagged as "hazardous" by the government is a good way to get federal agents looking for you

60. Contrary to popular belief, scavenging for materials at the dump is not all that fun

A knock pierced through April's silent giggles; she looked up, "Yes?" She quickly wiped the mixed tears from her face.

Donny's head appeared through the door. "Uh, April, is it ok if I come in?" He fidgeted nervously.

April smiled, setting the paperwork down, "Of course! What's up?"

"I've got a Father's Day card for Splinter; would you sign it?"

April gasped, in awe, taking the card reverently from his outstretched hand. "You really think he'd want me to sign it? He thinks of me like that?"

Donny laughed, "Of course he does! Casey even signed it."

"Oh, well in that case…" She giggled, signed, and returned the card to the envelope before handing it back to the purple banded turtle.

"Thanks, April!" he called, slipping out the door.

"Thank you, Donny." She smiled after him, all traces of her former misgivings gone; they really were a family and family sticks together no matter what.