Don't kill me! I know the last thing I need to be doing is starting NEW stories, but I promise it won't be a long one. I've just been on a Breaking Benjamin kick lately, watching Once Upon A Time (Belle & Rumple!), plus with all the updating and ideas for 'Sooner Or Later'... this came to mind.

Lots of BB song references will probably show up.

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It all started with a concept to bring a new version of The Wizard Of Oz to the small screen. The creator was a young man by the name of Xander Harris who was a huge upcomer in the celebrity realm as a creator, producer, writer and director. In the previous two years he'd worked on a number of top television series, helped produce and get some of them even started in the first place, then rose to the top with his first major piece on the big screen which had everyone talking. He had one on the brink of release that had just been screen to rave reviews and another already the talk of the town he'd been involved in coming out later in the year.

Not only that, he'd basically been given the green light by his team to do anything he wanted next. So, while working on his other projects, Xander had come up with a concept base on the classic Wizard of Oz, though a new version that would be absolutely askew from most everything known about the story.

When he finally had a good plan, he got everyone together to pitch it, in dramatic fashion that he was also known for. At first, on the idea alone, everyone kind of gave him the evil eye and thought he was completely out of his mind... but once he knew what he was doing and could more or less share his vision, they started getting on board. And the more he was able to come up with, the more support he had gotten.

By the time it was all ready to start really digging his hands in, everyone was still a little nervous but he'd won over their faith, and even get everyone hyped up on the idea.


There was one thing that really stood out for the studio to question his sanity. And that was some of his casting choices. The biggest of them all being his want for a leading lady.

Buffy Summers.

On that, it seemed not a single person believed he could pull it off to get her. But that only made him more determined. Though, he would have been as adamant on it either way as she was the only person he could see in the role.

To get her to understand that... that was another story on its own.


Xander sent the pilot script to the actress thirteen times before she even looked at it. It started out as just the script for the pilot but along the way he'd sent it each time... always adding something new in. From bits of following episode scripts to full ones he'd finished in her denying to take the role, to photos and drawings, lists of other names who'd joined, letters from his team and the studios, outfits that were being made, to letters and videos begging her, cupcakes, chocolate, flowers, and all sorts of other goods.

She had been very sweet about it. The first five or six times he had sent it, her people hadn't even brought it to her attention. When they finally did, she had skimmed through it but not really looking and would send it back, many times over after this, always with a personalize note that she appreciated the offer, it sounded great from what she had seen and read, ect.. but at the time she had no interest in taking on a televised role.

Of course, he wasn't having that. Not until she even read it. And even then... he probably still wouldn't have.

So, Xander continued on trying to woo the actress until she finally gave in and read it.

After that and a few talks and meetings between the two, he had his leading lady.


During the process of trying to win over Miss Summers, Xander had almost completed the rest of his cast. There was a good mixture of well knowns, upcomers, going to introducers. He was happy with every single pick so far, and as it all kept coming together, that happiness only grew.

And not only with his actors, Xander had a hand in everything being done with the show. He got the crew together, went location scouting, played around with wardrobe, gave his promotional ideas, helped with any script he didn't write on his own, went through graphics, titles, everything.

And when it came to music... he had a clear idea in his mind of where he wanted to go with it, at least the flow and the feeling, the moods... but it took awhile for his plan to really take off on that. And when it did, he couldn't believe why he hadn't thought of it sooner.

He went through three phases before landing on the gold. Which happened at random. He'd been working with the composer and music group all day, again, then was on his way back to his place. The radio station he was listening to put the light bulb above his head.

As he pulled his car into his driveway, Xander had smiled as the final song for his journey this evening played. He knew who he was wooing next to do theme and anything else he could come up with for them to do on his shiny new show.


Getting Not Fade Away to join was a much easier process, though that took a few tries as well.

He'd sent a request through all the proper channels, trying to be professional about it but ended up with a phone call from one of his old high school pals a few days later.

"Hey Angel, what's up?" Xander answered, seeing his friends' name up on his phone before answering.

There were some loud noises in the background for a moment, voices a little distant. "Oh, you know, same ol', same ol'. On the bus right now, about to head... Hell. I forgot. Somewhere anyway," he laughed.

"Sounds good. When you get back out this way maybe we can get together?" he proposed. "I already got tickets pre ordered for when you guys get back out this way.:

"If I knew you wanted to come we would have hooked you up, Xan. But that sounds great, we have a couple of shows in a row out and about back home so I'm sure we can work something out to go do something."

"I'll be looking forward to it."

"Me too. It's been awhile."

Xander smiled, thinking back to some old times. "Yeah, it has. Seems we're both doing pretty well for ourselves these days though, huh?"

Angel laughed again. "I guess so. Crazy though. Some days it still feels like I should just be back in high school, us playing in in your parent's garage, annoying all of the neighbors."

Xander laughed at that too. "I'm sure you're still at least played in a bunch of teenager's garages, annoying plenty of neighbors... if that helps any?" he quipped.

Again, Angel laughed out loud. "Oh, I don't doubt it. And just think, you would've stuck to music... you could be saying the same thing."

Xander smiled. "I think you guys are doing pretty well without me. And I had a different calling."

"So it seems, Mister Hotshot."

"I do what I can."

"Yeah, yeah."

"But..." Xander began, "Even if our joint musical adventure didn't pan out... there's plenty of opportunities for us to work together..."

Angel caught on to that real quick. "Yeah, I saw your latest proposal on that, Xan."

"And you turned me down!"

"Xan, call me crazy, but I don't see us going hand in hand with some Wizard of Oz, 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' stuff."

"That, my friend, is where you are wrong. And had you paid more attention, you would see that."

"Uh huh."

"Yes. So, as a favor to me, your dear old friend, let me send you something else out... look it over, read and watch what it's all about... then let me know what you think, okay?"

"Why do I have a feeling you'll keep bothering me until I agree anyway?"

"I have no idea where that would come from."

Angel snickered. "Yeah, sure you don't. But fine. I'll take another look at it and let you know. I still don't get it though."

"You will," he promised.

And a few days later, an agreement was made.