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James POV

Jo said through her tears quietly, " I want to be alone, please go away James." James punched the door with his fist making a loud thud, then he left. This made the already scared Jo jump. After the apartment was empty, Jo slowly come out of the bathroom, plopping down on her bed, crying herself to sleep, hoping tomorrow everything will be okay. She just wished Kendall would be here with her, he wouldn't let to James abort his baby...ill I Do

(End Of Recap)

Chapter 8 Kendall Finds Out.

The Next Day

Jo woke up and her eyes are red and puffy. She literally cried herself to sleep last night. She got up and looked herself in the mirror she didn't look like herself. Jo is taking a shower. Jo thinks and work out her problems while she in there it really does help. Jo got out of the shower and got dressed. Jo decided that she's going to abort the baby. James is right she's to young for the responsibility and with her life right now she can't handle it. Jo is calling James to tell him her decision.

"Hello" James said.

"I'm doing it" Jo said.

"Doing what" James said.

"I'm going to abort the baby" Jo said.

"Okay I'll meet you in the lobby in five minutes" James said.


I'm not proud of my decision. But it's the right thing to do. I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life. But I want to be with James. If this will get James and I together and stay together then I'll take that chance. I'm entering the lobby waiting for James. I'm thinking as minute passes by the more I can't do this but in the end I will. I'll hate myself for doing this and I'll live with it forever. I see James and he's coming towards me.

"Ready to go" James said.

"Yeah" I said sad.

"Look it will be okay" James said kissing my forehead.

We got to his car. It's a pretty silent drive he's holding my hands he knows that I'm nervous.

"Jo don't worry you'll be fine" James said.

"I know" I said getting teary eye. I can't do this but it's too late I'm heading to my appointment and it can't be stopped. We're at the hospital. We're a few minutes early. We're in the waiting room sitting and waiting for my worst decision to happen. James and I are cuddling and holding hands.

"Jo Taylor" The doctor called me.

James and I got up and followed her to the room.

I sat down on the bench and James got a chair and pulled it next to me. The doctor is getting ready for the procedure.

"Are you ready" The doctor said.

"Yes" I said.

There about to start the procedure. But I back down. I got off the bench and ran out of the room. I started to cry.

"Jo" I heard James scream.

I kept on running I ran out of the hospital and got a ride from a taxi. I'm glad I did what I did. I got out of the taxi and got into the Palm Woods. I'm still crying I couldn't stop crying. I had to tell Kendall this he deserves to know. I got up to his apartment. I opened the door.

"Jo" Kendall said. I stood there frozen because with Kendall there's Emma.

"What are you doing here" Emma said with an attitude.

"I need to talk to Kendall alone" I said.

"No whatever you can say to Kendall you can say to me" Emma said.

"No not this" I said.

"Honey please let Jo say what she has to say" Kendall said.

"Okay babe only for you" Emma said. Then she gave me the death glare as she left the room.

"What's up" Kendall said.

I walked to the couch and sat on it.

"I'm pregnant with your child. I found out yesterday. I told James and he told me to abort it because 'I'm not ready'. I agreed so I went to the hospital today. But before they could do anything I cried and left the room and came here" I said.

"Wait so all this happened and I didn't know" Kendall said.

"Kendall look I didn't know how you'll react. I mean your with Emma and I thought that I would be stuck doing it alone" I said.

"Jo look I would be there for my child no matter what" Kendall said.

That made me feel a lot better knowing that. Kendall and I hugged it's the best hug I've ever got in a long time. James walked in.

"What was that" James said.

"What" I said.

"You know what leaving the hospital before the abortion. I thought that's what we wanted" James said.

"No that's what you wanted" I said.

"Then why did you almost do it" James said.

"Because I want there to be an us" I said.

"Well if you want that to happen that do the abortion" James said.

"No I don't because this child is to important to me to have the abortion and it's not yours so you can't make the decision" I said.

"Well Kendall won't be in its life" James said.

"Actually he is going to" I said.

"Well then you have to decide it's me or the child" James said.

I couldn't believe what James said then Emma walks in.

"Kendall is this true" Emma said listening to the conversation.

"Yes" Kendall said.

TBA who will Jo choose and what will Emma say. Find out in the next few chapters.