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The hoards of mourners crowded around the top level of Minas Tirith. They were all cloaked in black, head to toe, and crunched together tightly as they tried to hide from the steadily increasing rain. All of them were inhabitants of the city with the entirety of the Mirkwood population, several Rohan soldiers like Eomer, the steward and his wife, the hobbits, Gimli, and Gandalf mixed in. They stood quietly as they watched the events that were occurring towards the gate of the palace.

Aragorn stood with a bowed head and hunched shoulders next to his wife, whose face was a mask of grief and pain as she squeezed Aragorn's hand. The two were placed in front of their people with King Thranduil kneeled in front of them. The once mighty elven king had his head buried in his hands and his sobs echoed off the stone walls of the palace. The king of men watched him with a forlorn expression as his own tears mixed with the rain, for placed several inches in front of him was the intricate coffin of Legolas.

The elves of Mirkwood had carved it themselves and carried it all the way to the white city. It was made completely of white wood that had been shined and polished until it gleamed. It was covered in elvish patterns, words, and song lyrics that Legolas loved. It had a certain morbid beauty that you couldn't help but pay attention to. It had been closed once the rain had become too strong so now all you could see of the elf inside was his head and shoulders through the small glass window placed at the top.

Legolas' body had been cleaned, his hair brushed, wounds wrapped, and re-dressed. He looked almost completely normal, or like he could have been sleeping, but his eyes were closed and he was much to pale. The obscene blood loss had clearly taken its toll.

"I can't believe that he's gone…my son…my only family is gone."

Aragorn's breathing became shaky when he heard the king's broken cries.

"Tithen-nin laeg-lass tol fern!" (My little Greenleaf is dead!)

Thranduil stood shakily and smashed his hands on the side of the casket, causing a loud bang to carry over the crowds of people. Everyone stood in tense silence as they waited for the king to make another move.

"Ion-nin tol fern…fern!" (My son is dead…dead!)

Aragorn flinched when Thranduil shouted and fell to the ground again, collapsing like a marionette with its strings cut. His tears started flowing again and he gripped the casket with a white knuckled grasp.

"How can he be gone…he can't be gone…this wasn't supposed to happen…not to him…not to my son."

Aragorn couldn't hold himself still any longer. He knew that the king deteriorating was the last thing that Legolas would want, so he rushed forward and wrapped his arms tentatively around Thranduil's shoulder, steadying his shaking form.

"Thranduil I am sorry…this should never have happened, but it did, and Legolas wouldn't want you to turn into this. He would want you to stay strong and lead your people, his people. He loved you more than anything you know. Before he…before this happened, all he was concerned about was how you reacted, and what you thought of him, because he couldn't bear to lose you."

King Elessar swallowed his tears and looked over to his friend's casket.

"So now you need to show him that he is never going to lose you, and that you are never going to let yourself get lost. Even though he's not here anymore, you need to be here for him."

Thranduil sniffed and watched the ranger with weary and questioning eyes.

"Why did he do this? Didn't he know that he had all of us that loved him?"

The man nervously looked to the ground and exhaled, no longer able to hold back his tears.

"He felt alone, and he was in too much pain to continue on…and that's my fault. I-I failed him and didn't give him what I needed to so he knew that he didn't have to suffer through this alone…and then there was the issue with Berelan and Melkor and-"

"What issue?"

Aragorn stopped and stared at the king with widened eyes.

"You don't know? He never told you?"

Thranduil looked at him and Aragorn shivered when he saw the anger flood into the elf's eyes.

"Aragorn…what are you talking about? Berelan and Melkor were friends of Legolas' for years. They are here now…"

The man turned around to face the crowds of elves behind him and sure enough Berelan and Melkor were standing in the second row, heads bowed in respect. Aragorn felt rage fill him at the sight of the two. He turned angrily to the elven king.

"Those two bludgeoned Legolas after they found out he had been raped. They told him that he was worthless and a shame to his race. They said that he should have let an orc have the prize of his head on a plate. That was when Legolas started to stay in his room all the time, which was when he started to go downhill."

Thranduil stood quickly and glared at the two elves. He shouted to them and watched as they slowly approached him. Once they reached his feet they bowed and kneeled.

"My king?"

"Is this true?"

Thranduil all but hissed at them, knowing that they had heard every word of the conversation. When he received no response the elf growled and grabbed their shoulders, pulling them up swiftly.

"I asked you, is this true?"

The two elves looked at the king fearfully.

"My king we are sorry…we didn't…"

"You did that to my son!? After everything he had been through…you blamed him for some horrible bastard's crimes? You blamed my son for having his innocence, pride, and everything else he held dear taken from him by force? How dare you show up here! How dare you!"

Aragorn watched as Thranduil's notorious temper flared before being extinguished almost immediately. The king's shoulders slumped and he turned away from the two terrified elves.

"Get out...leave now and don't ever let me see you again…do you understand me?"

Berelan and Melkor stood there in shock as Thranduil slowly turned around, his eyes flashing.

"Leave now!"

The two elves jerked at the shout and backed away. They quickly descended the stairs and ran through the mourning citizens, earning buckets of harsh and cold glances from their kin and many others.

Once they were out of sight Thranduil placed a hand on the glass separating him from his son's face and smiled sadly.

"They will harm you no longer ion-nin." (my son)

Aragorn watched as Thranduil slowly moved to open the casket for a final time. He stifled a sniff when Legolas' entire body became visible once again. He stroked Legolas' hair and leaned down to kiss his son's cold forehead.

"Amin mela lle ion-nin. Amin innas atland i meth ned nin arad." (I love you my son. Amin will until the end of my days.)

Aragorn walked over to the king as he pulled back from his son's body.

"Can I say a final goodbye?"

The king looked at him incredulously and nodded.

"Of course."

Thranduil backed away ever so slightly and Aragorn smiled grimly at him. He then turned his attention to the stiff body in the casket.

"Legolas…well this wasn't how it was supposed to end, you were supposed to outlive me, not the other way around. I am sorry I couldn't help you when you needed me, so very sorry. But I need you to know that you were never alone in this mellon-nin. I was always here to help you, I just wish that I could've shown that to you before you did this to yourself, I will never forgive myself for that, never. I will miss you more than you could ever know Legolas. You were my best friend, and to be honest, I am not entirely sure how I am going to survive without you. But the adventures I had with you, even the ones that ended with me in the infirmary for weeks, were the best times I have ever had in my life, so thank you Legolas. Thank you for everything." (my friend)

Aragorn scrubbed at his tears before turning back to Thranduil and nodding. He walked back to where he originally stood, Arwen at his side, and watched as the elf closed the casket, before signaling for the Mirkwood guards around him to come forward. They followed orders and swiftly grabbed the casket, lifting it into the air. They began to carry it through the crowds of people, their kin following behind them slowly in grief.

Thranduil remained by king Elessar and watched as his people began walking away. He carefully placed his footsteps as he walked away, heading home.

"It wasn't your fault Aragorn. There wasn't anything else you could do for my son. Thank you though, for being there for him all of these years. I am so glad that he met someone like you, a true friend. Namaarie Aragorn." (farewell)

Aragorn watched as Thranduil waved over his shoulder before hurrying to catch up with the procession of elves. He continued to gaze in the direction that the elves had left, long after they had vanished from sight.

Soon the citizens of Minas Tirith dispersed and headed back to their homes, Eomer and his soldiers left with Faramir and Éowyn, and the fellowship returned to the castle with Arwen, leaving Aragorn alone with his thoughts, staring into the rain.

King Elessar stood, grief weighing down his heart as he realized that his friend, of some many years, was forever gone from his world. Several tears slid down his face as he choked out his final two words.

"Namaarie Legolas." (Farewell Legolas.)

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