A/N: So this is a fan fiction where Jack Frost from Rise of the
Guardians, Rapunzel from Tangled, Merida from Brave, and Hiccup from How to
Train Your Dragon are all accepted into a prestigious high school as fourteen
year olds and become unlikely friends. In this particular fan fiction
Rapunzel's hair is still long and magical, and Jack hasn't died so his hair and
eyes are brown and his last name is Overland not Frost. Also, I made Rapunzel's
last name Gothel because she didn't have a set last name. The same thing with
Merida, I made her last name DunBroch. Hope you enjoy :) My apologies if the format is

weird, my computer and I had an argument. The first four chapters are how the four characters ended up at this school.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in Rise of the Guardians, Tangled, Brave, or How to Train Your Dragon, nor will I ever. They belong to DreamWorks and Disney.

Rapunzel stared at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. Her gray and purple uniform
fit perfectly and was completely crease free. She had pulled her long gold hair up partly in a
high bun. What length she hadn't pulled up all the way rippled down her back
and tickled the back of her knees. This way no one would step on the long locks
seeing as they blanketed the floor when left loose. It was Rapunzel's hair that
had prevented her from attending public school for the past fourteen years.

When Rapunzel's mother was pregnant, she grew gravely ill. No doctor or healer of
any kind was able to ward of the sickness infesting the poor women's body.
There was a constant rumor passed throughout the kingdom of a magic golden
flower that possessed the power to heal any ailment. As Rapunzel's mother grew
closer to her due date, her husband became desperate to find a cure. He'd sent
as many men and women that he possibly could in search of the mythical flower
to save his beloved wife and child. Much to the great joy of the kingdom and
its king, the flower was found and given to the queen immediately. She instantly
regained health and gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl with flowing
golden hair.

However, what the king and queen didn't know was that a woman well past her age had been
hoarding the flowers healing powers to keep herself young. When news of the
flowers discovery hit the woman, she was outraged. Without her magic flower she
knew she would wither and die. The woman devised a plan to sneak into the
child's room and sing her incantation song to test if the child
possessed the same qualities as the flower. When her theory proved true, and
she watched the child's hair ignite with the light of magic, she attempted to
cut a single lock of the baby's fair hair in order to sustain her youth. Much
to her surprise, as soon as the scissors passed through the strand of hair,
both the lock in the woman's fingers and the one attached to the child's head
turned dark brown and lost all power. Furious, the woman kidnapped the child
and was never seen again. This woman was known as Mother Gothel.

The king and queen were broken hearted at the realization that their one and only
child was gone. They sent out search parties in every span of the kingdom. No
one was able to find the royal child. They king and queen started a tradition
of lighting lanterns on the princess's birthday in hope that she would see the
bright lights and return to them. Little did they know that Mother Gothel was
harboring the child in a tower, raising her as her own, and using Rapunzel's
hair to keep herself young.

Gothel was terrified at the idea of losing her eternal source of youth and as a
result, strictly prohibited the child from stepping foot outside. When Rapunzel
begged the woman she knew as her mother to let her go to school, Gothel decided
to homeschool the child to fill her growing mind. Rapunzel remained content
with her mother's schooling until the day she caught wind of a prestigious high
school opening in the kingdom nearby. Rapunzel was confident in her
intellectual ability and begged Gothel to let her attend. After much
reluctance, Gothel agreed to let the fourteen year old girl apply. After all,
there was a good chance Rapunzel would not be accepted due to her previous
schooling methods. But in the rare case that she was accepted, Gothel new that
the school's rules were incredibly strict and had no room for fooling around.
Besides, Rapunzel knew how important it was to protect her hair from anyone who
exhibited signs of wanting to cut it. As little as she admitted it, Gothel
trusted Rapunzel.

When Rapunzel received the letter of acceptance into the academy, she could barely
contain her joy. Once again, Mother Gothel wasn't completely supportive of
letting Rapunzel leave, but ultimately decided Rapunzel would be safe. After
reading the extremely long student handbook, (really it was more like a
textbook itself) the two formulated a plan that everyday Rapunzel would come
directly to the tower after school and sing for Gothel to keep her young. The
rules stated that students were allowed to leave campus after school just as
long as they returned to their dormitories before five o'clock.

It wasn't long before Gothel rushed out to buy Rapunzel her school uniform, which
came in gray and blue, gray and green, gray and purple, and gray and red. It
consisted of a gray sweater vest with an appropriately colored polo shirt
underneath and a gray skirt or pair of pants depending on gender. Gothel had
purchased three purple polo shirts because they were Rapunzel's favorite color,
and one of each other color. She also bought Rapunzel mechanical pencils and
pens in every color imaginable and notebooks covered in butterfly and flower
prints. She bought each of the textbooks Rapunzel would need and an array of
brightly colored hair ties, bands and clips for the teenager to help maintain her
growing locks.

Rapunzel now stood in front of her mirror taking in her own reflection. Her blond hair
stood out brightly against the purple of her uniform and her knobby knees stood
out under her skirt. Her face was relatively pimple free and her green eyes
were illuminated with her bubbling excitement. Of course there was always the
doubt coursing through the young girls mind. 'Will they like me?' She wondered
to herself. Having been kept in a tower all her life, Rapunzel never had the
opportunity to socialize with kids her age but she'd read many books on high
school life and friendship. She was deeply worried about being bullied or being
socially awkward. No matter though, Rapunzel picked up all of her many
suitcases to load into the car, she was after all moving into a dorm room, and
headed towards the door.

As her hand grasped the handle, she felt a small tug at her sock. She looked down
and found her tiny chameleon Pascal. She couldn't leave her poor pet here, who
knows what would happen to him, but her new school had a strict policy of no
animals because some people were allergic to pets. Rapunzel had never heard of
anyone that was allergic to a chameleon. She leaned down and let Pascal crawl
onto her palm. She lifted him to meet her eyes. "Now Pascal," she
told the chameleon. "I will bring you with me, but you have to promise you
will only come out when I say it's safe, alright?" The small lizard seemed
to nod his head in response and Rapunzel tucked him safely in her backpack where
he wouldn't get squished.

With a deep breath she opened the door and stepped out into the sunlight for the
first time in her life. Fresh air filled her lungs and she was overcome with
happiness. The springy teenager pranced over to her mother's car, carrying her
luggage. This is what she had waited for her entire life and it was
finally happening.