The events of this chapter were supposed to be part of the previous one, but were split from it to keep it from being too long. This chapter basically is a series of unconnected scenes from the party, to wrap things up with the celebration. It feels like ages ago since I began this story - two years, to be exact - so I'm happy to see it finally complete!

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Chapter 4

The room went dark as a low dance beat began blaring through the speakers. The toys looked around, trying to determine if there had been a power outage, when suddenly a flashlight beam created a spotlight in the far corner of the room, heralding Ken's dramatic entrance. The male fashion doll - who was wearing a formal tuxedo with gray pants, black jacket and bow tie, hot pink cummerbund, and matching pink rose boutonniere - spun in time with the music and struck a dramatic pose.

You know I know how, to make 'em stop and stare as I zone out.

The club can't even handle me right now, watchin' you watchin' me I go all out.

Both the spotlight and the eyes of the toys followed Ken as he strutted onto the dance floor during the first few lines of the song. When he reached the center, he froze, extending his arm and pointing to the corner opposite from where his routine began.

The spotlight shifted to reveal Barbie, resplendent in her 1982 Dream Date Collection dress that was a perfect complement to Ken's suit. Hot pink satin accented with purple, the dress's narrow skirt was slit nearly to her hip, with a sequin-encrusted bodice and rosette at her waist. The finishing touch was a flamboyant ruffled shawl, which she swung in a flourish as she sashayed across the dance floor to meet her boyfriend.

Converging in the center, Ken twirled Barbie around in a complicated lift, then set her down just as the music changed to a faster rhythm. The couple gestured to the others to join them as the lights returned, and Bonnie's toys flooded the floor and began dancing.

"They weren't dressed that flashy before. How did they change their clothes so fast?" Dolly asked Woody.

"Not a clue," the cowboy replied.

While the crowd on the dance floor swelled, Buzz stood to the side, snapping his fingers; with no Spanish beat to influence his movements, the Space Ranger's dancing skills left much to be desired. Jessie leaned against him, her elbow resting on his shoulder, as they watched their friends having fun in their honor. She turned to look at her husband, and smiled, before taking him by the hand and pulling him towards the action.

"Please, Buzzie? Dance with me! This is our party!"

The Space Ranger hesitated, not wanting to embarrass himself in front of his wife and friends. "I-I like watching, Jessie, really."

Ignoring his protests, Jessie dragged Buzz beneath the canopy of lights and began jumping up and down, his hands still in hers. Dolly, Trixie, and Barbie made their way over to join the cowgirl, and the four girlfriends danced with pure happiness and abandon. Meanwhile, Buzz stood awkwardly beside them, bobbing along with the music as best as he could manage.

"Woooweeee! Ain't this great?" Jessie exclaimed breathlessly over the music.

"Heh, uh, y-yeah… it sure is," Buzz coughed and feebly returned her excited smile, glad she was enjoying herself in spite of his discomfort.

A familiar country twang filled the room, and Jessie's face immediately lit up. She sprinted over to her brother - where he was standing and talking with Slinky - and grabbed him by the arm.

"It's our jam, Woody! C'mon!"

Laughing, Woody followed his sister to the dance floor, and they began swinging and singing along to the rousing country-western song.

We'll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing

Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.

The siblings linked elbows and square danced, with Bullseye bouncing alongside them. They spun and skipped along, like they had done so many times before - including the fateful day at Al's apartment that brought Jessie and Bullseye to their new home. The cowgirl grinned widely at her brother, happy that no matter what, she and Buzz could always count on Woody's support.

"Hey lawman, join us!" Woody yelled to Buzz, who was watching them nearby.

"This one is all yours," the Space Ranger chuckled.

"Nope, you're part of this family now, get over here!" the cowboy insisted, as he and Jessie forced a reluctant Buzz - who wasn't known for singing, either, outside of Spanish Mode - to come over to where they were and participate. The trio huddled together, cowfolk and spaceman, as the song concluded.

"You know you're stuck with us - and our music," Jessie teased, giving Buzz a quick kiss on the cheek. "But 'cha love it!'

Truth be told, there was nothing better than being officially part of the Pride clan.

Buzz had escaped to a seat along the perimeter of the floor, where he was content to watch the mirth from a safe distance. His cowgirl - finally in need of a break - ducked out of the action as another upbeat song started, found her husband, and made herself comfortable on his lap.

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying AYO! Gotta let go!

All the toys on the dance floor were waving their arms in the air along with the song - Jessie had even gotten Buzz to play along from their seat on the sidelines - except for one.

"My little arms! I can't do it!" Rex wailed, as he tried in vain to throw his hands in the air. Discouraged, he shuffled off the dance floor and stood alone, barely a foot from where Buzz and Jessie sat.

The cowgirl noticed the dejected dinosaur wringing his tiny hands nearby. She shared an understanding glance with Buzz, stood, and went to see if she could help.

"What'sa matter, Rex ol' buddy?" she questioned, gently placing a hand on his back.

"My little arms are too short! I can't dance with the others," he sighed, waving them for emphasis.

"I think I can help," she said kindly. "Gimmie your hands." The cowgirl took the t-rex's hands, and as soon as the chorus played, she raised his arms and swung them - and him, his feet barely touching the ground - from side to side.

"Woahh! Haha! Look at me! I'm taller!" shrieked Rex.

Jessie set him back on the ground once the chorus ended. "See, you CAN do it." She nudged his shoulder. "Now, shoo, go have fun, no more mopin' at my party. Nobody's callin' you a party pooper tonight!"

As Rex returned to the crowd, his confidence somewhat restored, he cowgirl found her way back to Buzz and snuggled down on his lap like before. The Space Ranger wrapped his arms around her waist affectionately.

"I love you, you know," he said with admiration. "That was really sweet what you did for Rex."

"I know," she responded with a coy smirk, and her husband stole a kiss, mindless of who might see.

The music was fading out as Jessie and Barbie stood, giggling and winded, having just finished a dance routine they were proud to have remembered from their days at Andy's. The two fatigued friends held each other up as they walked off the floor, reminiscing about the hours spent watching Molly's music videos, and headed in search of their men for the slow dance that was beginning.

Suddenly Jessie was interrupted by a hand on her arm. She was taken aback when she saw it belonged to Zurg.

"May I have a dance with my new daughter-in-law?"

"Uh… o-okay."

Barbie looked sympathetically after her friend, as Zurg led the cowgirl away.

Jessie tentatively took one of the emperor's spiky hands and placed her other hand on his shoulder, and the odd family pair moved awkwardly across the floor, the space toy's wheels impeding his movement. While they danced, the cowgirl answered politely as her new "father" asked her questions about the wedding ceremony and the trip that enabled it.

"And did you have a nice honeymoon?"

"Um… yeah… but it wasn't much, everything happened so fast."

"So can I expect a grandson soon? Hmm?"

Jessie scanned the room desperately for Buzz, her eyes pleading to be rescued. The Space Ranger met his wife's panicked gaze and excused himself from his conversation with Woody, then crossed the dance floor. He tapped on Zurg's shoulder.

"Excuse me, Dad, but I'll have my wife back now."

The emperor conceded, and Buzz claimed his cowgirl for the remainder of the dance. Jessie heaved a sigh of relief, as she melted into her husband's embrace.

"You can thank me later," Buzz whispered.

"I intend to," she winked.

Feedback emitted from the microphone, then a tapping sound, followed by a familiar voice singing - quite badly - over the music that was playing.

'Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.'

Mr. Pricklepants teetered at the edge of the desk, where Woody had given his speech to the couple hours earlier. Now, the plush hedgehog held the microphone and sang dramatically, his words punctuated by hiccups.

Woody groaned and immediately suspected what had transpired. He glanced over at the refrigerator, where Mr. Potato Head, Buttercup, and Hamm were still gathered. With a sigh of exasperation, he trudged over to the offending toys.

"Okay! Who got into the alcohol?" Woody snatched an empty wine bottle from the floor and held it up, just as Bullseye staggered by and fell on the floor, all four legs sprawled out. The cowboy shook his head. "And who got Pricklepants drunk and put him up to this?"

"Loosen up, Woodster, it was in the back of the fridge, and almost empty," Hamm reasoned. "No one'll miss it. Besides, you gotta admit this is entertaining."

'It's a love story, baby just say yes.'

"You're wasted, Pants! Go sleep it off!" Potato Head heckled. The other toys guffawed in unison - except Woody.

"That's enough Pricklepants," Woody called out, as he made his way to the desk and scaled up the chair. He attempted to take the mic from the toy's hand, but was met with resistance.

"No! There's another verse! I need to do my big finale!" Pricklepants shouted, as he played tug of war with Woody on the cord.

Aggravated, Woody let go of the cord, and Pricklepants toppled from the desk and landed on the floor, dazed. The cowboy unplugged the microphone and began to wind up its cord.

"I think it's time to wrap things up," he advised Chuckles. The toy clown nodded, and clicked on the song that had been chosen to close the evening's festivities.

Last dance, last chance for love

Last chance for romance tonight.

"One more dance?" Jessie pleaded, looking at her Space Ranger with the puppy dog eyes she knew he couldn't refuse.

The newlyweds took to the floor one final time at their reception. Buzz rested his hands on Jessie's waist and she draped her arms around his neck as they swayed languidly to the music. The couple couldn't help but snicker as Woody struggled to corral the tipsy and slap-happy toys - yet even with the current state of the celebration their friends had planned for them, they realized they were truly blessed. It had been a long road to get them where they were, here in this moment. But they finally had each other, for infinity and beyond; they had an imaginative owner with many years of playtime yet to come; and they had the best family and friends a toy could ever hope for.

The song picked up intensity, but Buzz and Jessie maintained their original slow pace as if nothing had changed. The Space Ranger drew his wife closer and sensually ran his hands further down her sides, bringing them to rest low on her hips.

"Hey, cowgirl," he breathed into her ear.

"Mmmm?" she purred in response.

"Think anyone would notice if we slipped out now?"

Jessie lifted her head from resting against her husband's forehead to find a mischievous grin on his face.

"Nah." She flashed him an equally wicked smile, then closed the distance between them with an enticing kiss. "We can thank 'em for the party tomorrow."

Google Barbie and Ken's Dream Date outfits. Seriously. They're real and they're awesome.

Songs referenced are 'Club Can't Handle Me' by Flo Rida, 'Beer For My Horses' by Toby Keith, 'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz, 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift, and 'Last Dance' by Donna Summer. 'Last Dance' was included because last year at Disneyland's 24-hour party, there was a Buzz and Jessie dance party in Tomorrowland, and they DID slow dance to that song at the end of the event. I wish I had been there to see it in person!