A/N: I was wondering when I would finally write a Hannibal fanfiction, and lo and behold, I began writing one not five hours later. This fanfiction will be slightly AU and minorly cracky, but that's to be expected when writing about a cannibalistic serial killer, his mentally unstable husband, and their canonically dead adoptive daughter.

As Hannibal Lecter left the world of sleep and entered the world on consciousness, he instinctively moved closer to the source of warmth nearest him. That source of warmth was his husband of almost one year, Will Graham. He pulled the smaller man to his chest, wrapping his arm around his husband's waist, nuzzling his face into the crook of Will's neck, sighing away some of the groggy feeling of sleep. Will shifted slightly, but didn't wake up. Hannibal had expected that to be the case; he and Will had a few rounds of lovemaking the night before, and he knew that Will would be more exhausted than he from it.

After a few minutes of snuggling with his sleeping husband, Hannibal looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It read twenty-two minutes past seven, and he knew that he would need to get out of bed soon to make Abigail's lunch; it was a custom he was becoming used to after Alana Bloom had mentioned that her own father had done that when she was a child. The idea hadn't left Hannibal's mind, and he decided to try it. Abigail had insisted that she was fine buying lunch at school, but when Hannibal had made her lunches anyway, she took them with her. She told him that his lunches tasted better than the school food after a week of it, and asked him to continue making them, which he was more than happy to do. Will would sometimes write a short note which would usually read 'Have a nice day' or 'I hope you do well on your test today' or (poorly) draw a picture on a sticky-note and put it in her lunchbag. It had come up in conversation once, Will becoming flustered at the topic, doing his best not to apologize although he severely wanted to, but calming down and becoming rather happy when Abigail had told him that her biological parents hadn't done that and she enjoyed that Will was doing it; it gave her a separation from her old life and added to the foundation for her new one.

After placing a quick kiss to Will's neck, Hannibal reluctantly pulled away from Will who subconsciously rolled over onto the warm spot that Hannibal had previously occupied. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on his dark green silk robe and slid his feet into his matching slippers. He stretched his arms and legs out in front of him and stood up slowly, not wanting to become light-headed. Quietly exiting their bedroom, he padded over to Abigail's room to ensure that she was awake. He stood outside of her room for a few moments, listening for any signs of motion. He heard a rustling of sheets, a yawn, and footsteps. He moved to walk away in case she exited her room, but instead he heard her turn on some music to listen to as she got ready for school. He sighed contentedly and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

He shielded his eyes as he entered the brightly-lit room. He briefly considered closing the curtains, but then he would just have to turn on the lights, so either choice was pointless. He closed his eyes for a moment, leaning against the counter. He listened to the quiet music that was playing over speakers he had set up in his kitchen. He had figured that, because he spent so much time in the kitchen, he should add a touch of personality to the room. So, he had installed small wireless speakers in the four corneres of the room and hooked them up to an iPod that he filled with classical music, opera, jazz, and instrumental underscores of his favorite movies. The song that was currently playing was "Vide Cor Meum" by Patrick Cassidy.

Sighing, he shuffled to the cabinet where he kept Abigail's lunchbag. She had picked it out when Hannibal had begun to make her lunches; she didn't want lunches in a paper bag. She had taken longer than he had expected to pick it out. She had been looking through the different options available, moving each out of the way and pulling out the ones that caught her eye. She had decided on a neoprene-fabric lunchbag with a black background, white outlined flowers, and a red seem. The tag had read that it was the "Crazy Daisy" design, which made Hannibal chuckle. She had thought that it was juvenile of her to be excited over a lunchbag, especially as a senior in high school, but Hannibal assured her that it was to be expected, and Will had told her that it would aid her with the creation of her new life, which immediately made her satisfied with her feelings toward the subject.

Taking out the lunchbag and unzipping it, he contemplated the various options of lunches that he could make for her. He could make a peanut butter sandwich, but he had done that the previous day. He decided on a ham and cheese sandwich – or, rather, a loin and cheese sandwich. He opened up the refrigerator and took out the container labeled 'Tenderloin' and the package of cheese. Placing them on the counter, he opened up the breadbox and took out the whole-wheat Wonderbread. He took two pieces of bread out from their bag and put the bag back in the breadbox. Placing the meat he had cooked to perfection the previous night onto the slices, he thought back to when the two loves of his life learned about his cannibalism.

Will had avoided him for a few months after he learned what Hannibal was. He felt betrayed that Hannibal had led him on for such a long time, had kept so much from him. Will's absence hurt both men, but eventually he showed up at Hannibal's office. The men spoke about it for almost four hours; Will had wanted to understand why, and Hannibal was more than willing to explain it to him. After a good portion of a bottle of wine and two and a half beers later, Will decided that he needed a bit more time to think it over. Hannibal agreed, and two weeks later, Hannibal found Will on his doorstep and told him that he had accepted what Hannibal was.

Abigail was much more understanding than Will, considering that her biological father had fed her and her mother human meat for years prior. Of course, she hadn't liked the fact that Hannibal's cannibalism didn't help her situation of trying to build herself a new life, but after he explained to her that he only ate the rude, she accepted it and hadn't thought twice about it since.

Coming back to the present, Hannibal placed three pieces of cheese on the sandwich, closed the package and container and placed them back in the refrigerator in their respective places. He then opened up the fruit drawer and took out a red apple, closing the refrigerator door with his foot as he took the sticker off of the apple, then washing and drying it. He opened up one of the drawers, looking for the apple cutter. When he couldn't find it, he searched the other drawers until he found it with the silverware. He took it out, smiling at the fact that Will still couldn't manage to locate anything in Hannibal's kitchen, even after he had given Will two tours of the room. He closed the drawer with his hip.

He cut the apple with grace and put the apple cutter into the sink to wash later. Getting into the music, he waltzed into the walk-in food closet and looked around for a snack to put in Abigail's lunch. She preferred to eat healthy, but she had discovered that she found Cool Ranch Doritos to be a tasty snack when she had spent some time with Alana. Hannibal searched for the bag of chips he knew they had and took it off the shelf when he did and grabbed a baggie as he exited the closet. He took a handful of chips out of the bag, careful to give her an even amount of chips with a lot of seasoning and then not so much seasoning and put them in the baggie, washing the seasoning off of his hand before closing the bag and putting it back in the closet.

He found the green and blue sandwich container in the dishwasher, pleased that Abigail had done the dishes the night before. He put the food items in their respective containers and organized them in her lunchbox, then noticed that he was missing something.

Just then, Will came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his husband's waist, his chin resting on Hannibal's shoulder.

"G'mornin'." Will muttered, his voice heavy with sleep.

"Good morning to you, too, Will." Sleepy Will was one Hannibal's favorite versions of Will. "I didn't expect you to be up this early, especially with the events that occurred last night." Hannibal told him as he leaned the side of his head against Will's.

Will gave a low chuckle, "Yeah, well, I couldn't sleep with the lack of constant warmth and stability next to me. Also I wanted to put a little note in Abby's lunchbag. She has a big math test today, and I think my notes help her out sometimes."

"Always the worrying father." Hannibal smiled.

"Not worrying, just superstitious." Will corrected as Hannibal turned around and kissed Will gently.

Will sighed contentedly and broke the kiss, "You forgot the celery and blueberries."


"Abby's lunch. You're missing the celery and blueberries."

"Ah, I knew I was missing something. Would you get them out for me?" Hannibal asked as Will pulled away from their embrace.

"Sure. I'll even wash 'em for you." Will winked at his cannibalistic husband as he opened the refrigerator door.

"You're too kind, William." Hannibal chuckled as he smacked Will's behind and took out the containers he would use for the celery and blueberries.

As Hannibal put the freshly washed food into their respective containers and into the lunchbox, he took a napkin from its holder just to his left and placed it in the bag. Will put a yellow sticky-note in the lunchbag that read 'Good luck on your math test' and had a smiley face with a curl of hair and a tongue sticking out. The two men smiled at each other and Hannibal zipped up the lunchbag.

"What should we have for breakfast? Should we make pancakes or just have cereal?" Will asked, just as Abigail entered the kitchen.

"I think we should have pancakes." Abigail suggested.

"Good morning, Abby. Did you sleep well?" Hannibal asked, seeing how she would react to the nickname. Will was more comfortable calling her Abby, and Hannibal had decided to try it out.

"Really well, actually." She smiled at his use of her nickname, "You know what would make my morning even better?"


"You know me too well."

Hannibal agreed and the family made pancakes with 'bacon' for breakfast. He taught Abigail how to flip pancakes, which she picked up on quickly and easily, and she even attempted to teach Will how to do it. Will didn't learn it so easily, but he managed to flip one over, earning a round of cheers from the small family.

As eight-thirty rolled around, Abigail announced that she had to leave for school, as the bus picked her up at eight thirty-four. She grabbed her backpack and lunchbox and slid her shoes on.

"Bye dad," she said as she hugged Will, "Bye daddy." She said, hugging Hannibal.

"Bye, Abby. See you later." Will said as she hugged him.

"Have a nice day at school, Abby." Hannibal told her as she hugged him and ran out the front door.

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