Penname: evilnat

Link: ~evilnat

Word count: 176 words

I crave this time with you. Alone. Steamin' up the windows.

The way the leather of the seats sticks to my bare skin. The feel of the cold window behind my head. How the door handle digs into my back. Your body heavy and hot as it holds me in place.

The friction is delicious as you rock against me. Slow and rhythmic, and never quite letting me fall over the edge.

Knowing that any moment, we could get caught.

I know we should stop, but I just can't seem to bring myself to tell you no. You own me, in every way. My body, my heart, my soul.

Even when you remove my clothing, one piece at a time, I let you. When you push inside me, I let you. When you make me come, I scream your name.

Nobody knows what it's like. The way you make me feel.

Above me, inside me.

The way you taste.

Only me.

And when you drive me home, you smile at me knowingly.

The secrets we share.