Hiccup absently rolled the pen between his fingers. It had taken around an entire hour for all the other men in suits to leave the now empty boardroom. His father was still talking to one, making big hand gestures (a trait that his son had, too) with his equally big hands, at the other side of the blurred glass door.

The 16-year-old sighed and started spinning on his father's enormous, black, leather chair. It was hard, no, more like tiring, being the son of the "Chief" of a Norwegian company.

Hiccup was used to his father's job reunions but this day wasn't going according to plan, exactly. Astrid had managed to convince Hiccup to play with her soccer team that day and after his father heard that his only son was finally doing some sports, encouraged him further. That was definitely a bad idea. Hiccups and sports don't really mix.

His body was sore and sun-burned (for not using sun block and chasing pointlessly the ball for three hours under the unforgiving star), making him look like he was blushing all the time and his freckles almost disappear. Well, almost, the little nuisances were still there.

His shins were bruised, having received some "accidental" kicks from his cousin Snotlout. His soccer shoes were leaving dirt and mud everywhere and there was probably all over his body, too. Where did he get these shoes, anyway? Somewhere deep down in the basement, he thinks.

"Can we go home now?" He asked his father after he came in, rubbing his hands.

"You'll have to wait a wee bit more, son." He poured black coffee from the little table next to the projector in his extra-large mug. "I'm expecting someone."

"Why so late? Who set up the date? Don't you think it's suspicious?" Hiccup questioned nibbling on his pen.

"Don't fear, it isn't like that at all, Hiccup." Stoick gulped down the coffee and regarded his son. "It's about an old friend of mine. He has helped me through a lot, especially in my first years on the company. I haven't seen him in a long time." He shooed him off of his seat.

Hiccup wasn't an idiot and he was very observant. He knew that people we're always trying to get their hands on his dad's long time life career, who wouldn't? Since he was young, Stoick knew what was expected of him. He understood that one day his father would leave him the corporation and that from there, his job would be to make it grow, to make it bigger and that was what he had done (Then, he would leave it to Hiccup and hopefully he wouldn't make a mess of it). Of course he wouldn't let anyone lay a hand on it.

After some kidnapping attempts (Ahem, attempts, because they've all failed thanks to their ever trustful Gobber and his bodyguard team.) against his father, Hiccup had become somewhat careful. Not paranoid, he just liked to observe. Keeping an eye on that Mildew, the "janitor", he looks like he's up to something and he's glaring at Hiccup all the time. He brings the coffee sometimes. The boy sniffs his hot beverage before taking a sip.

"But, dad, it's late and Toothless needs h-"

"Sit straight," His father chided. The hunched teenager did. "It probably won't last long."

After saying that, the door burst open and a very jolly looking big man entered with his arms wide open. "Stoick!" He exclaimed with a thick Russian accent, gave fast strides to reach his father and enveloped him in a bear hug. His eyes sparkled and his laugh echoed through the room. He reminded Hiccup terribly of Santa and now he knew that at least his dad wasn't the only one with the biggest tuxedo, beard and belt around here. "Is good to see you again, my friend!"

Stoick chuckled merrily and patted his back heavily with both hands. "It's good to see you too, North! You had a nice flight, yes?" A few knocks caught their attention. Toothiana, Stoick's secretary, shyly poked her head through the door. "I'm sorry, Mr. Haddock. I told him to wait but-"

"Ah, leave it, Toothiana! He's always welcome here." He waved a hand, dismissing her and continued his chat with the cheerful man.

"Oh, okay." She responded and left the boardroom but Hiccup could still see her, thanks to the blurred crystal walls that contorted her shape. "Right over here, sir." The young man saw her gesturing the door to another silhouette.

He glanced lazily when the door opened to let the other guest come in and had to do a double-take.

Hiccup had never seen much in men, but this one… this one was utterly stunning. Bright-blue eyes, killer cheekbones, strong jaw and silky white hair. He was easily the most handsome man he had ever seen, but then again, Hiccup never saw much in them and never spared them a second glance.

He was tall, very tall. Not as much as his dad but still tall. He carried himself with a certain air and he moved lithely, gracefully. His long, lean frame was accentuated by a dark-blue tuxedo with an English cut, black shirt underneath and a matching tie. Elegant and tidy.

It made Hiccup self-conscious about his dirty attire. When he thanked Tooth, he could hear his smooth and gentle voice. Just as he suspected, it was very deep compared to Hiccup's squeaky one. But this was not a boy like him, he wasn't a preppy teenager. He must have been truly beautiful when he was Hiccup's age. He looked around 25-26 and mature in a striking, refined sort of way. Boy, was he wrong.

Despite his fascination, he tore his eyes away from the white-haired man when he approached the jolly one and his father. The small boy fisted his hands and tried to make himself as small as possible behind the leather chair, hoping they wouldn't notice him.

North stopped his chattering when he noticed Mr. Handsome and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Some time ago, I was able to see the destiny of all my hard work, I saw it with my own eyes and I could not believe it," He claimed, widening his eyes in a comical fashion, looking between Stoick and Mr. Attractive. "It came to me in the shape of this man, Stoick, he has made me very proud. Let me present you to the future of my Workshop!" He then made those 'Ta da!' motions. Hiccup couldn't help but to take a peek from his hiding place behind the chair.

"Nice to meet you, sir," He confidently held out his hand with a smirk on his lips, showing a row of perfect, white teeth. "I'm Jack Frost."

The red-head shook his hand happily. "Nice to meet you too, son! You look just like your father. North, you never told me you had a son." Jack blinked and exchanged looks with his 'father' before looking amused. The bearded man laughed out loud, "He's not my son, Stoick! He's my nephew and now my heir," He put his arm around Jack's shoulders and squeezed. "Someone has got to take care of Workshop before I die, no?"

"Heir, eh?" Oh, no. He already knew what was coming. "Say, have you met my son, yet?"

"Unfortunately, no. You should introduce us sometime!"

"Oh, but he's right here!"

"Here?" North pointed the room while Jack looked around; trying to see what else he had missed.

"Hiccup, come here!" His father ordered. The auburn stood up from where he was and licked his lips anxiously. "Coming, dad…"

"Why did you get shy all of a sudden? I want you to meet some friends of mine." That was a good question, he was used to meeting people, his dad was always introducing him to the president of this, the president of that and even in crowds. He had lost his panic of meeting new people when he did it almost every week.

He recognized that his fear came when he realized he was so different from his father. People expected something else from Stoick's son. They expected a vast, rough, muscular child and after seeing him, people would just gave their typical "Oh…" and tried to hide their disappointment. But that's a whole nother story. Backspacing a bit, there was no reason for him to get nervous.

"It's just that my contact lens fell out." He lied and walked all the way to them looking at his feet, he didn't want to make a mess of himself if he stared at that dazzling face for a little too long. Hiccup didn't take any chances and grabbed North's huge hand first, stepping forward. "Nice to meet you, Mr. North." From this close, he could faintly smell cookies, he was also very warm. "I'm Hiccup."

"Hiccup?" The jolly man glanced worriedly back at Stoick and Hiccup could even FEEL his dad making gestures behind him to drop it.

Before he knew it, his feet weren't touching the ground and he was also being enveloped in a bear hug like the elder red-head had minutes ago. "Come here, young man!" He laughed, shaking him a little.

"North? North. I don't think he can breathe." Jack noticed, chuckling. Hiccup mentally thanked that beautiful man.

"Ah! Sorry, boy." He placed him again on the ground and patted his head. "It's just that you are just as I imagined you would be!"

The teen's eyes widened considerably. He was seriously not expecting that. At. All. He quickly looked away before he looked stupid. "Thanks…" He really didn't know what to say. What else was he supposed to say? Was that even a compliment? He exhaled through his nose, straightening himself and looked at the white-haired Adonis in the eye. "Hi, my name is Hiccup. Nice to meet you." He announced hurriedly, extending his hand.

"Hello, Hiccup. I'm Jack." He smiled brightly and the boy's gaze lingered there, hypnotized. He didn't take his eyes away until his hand met ice. Surprised, he flinched, looking down. Jack's hand had barely grazed his fingertips and he was already pulling it back. Tucking it in his pants pocket and grimacing.

"Sorry, I must be cold." He apologized.

The auburn tried not to feel too much of his disillusionment and stepped back, looking at the door. They didn't even shake hands.

"Where are you staying?"

"In a hotel nearby, the view is precious, is good." North nodded, affirming.

'Yes…' Hiccup thought while peeking at Jack, who was distracted in the conversation. 'The view…'

"Who were those guys?" Claimed the auburn from the back seat once they were safely going home. Finally, after that tiresome day.

Gobber was in the front seat, checking now and then the rearview mirror. He was supposed to be the one driving but Stoick had insisted that he should be the one. They always argued about that, but in the end Gobber would give up. Hiccup wasn't sure if it was because he didn't want to waste more energy or because he simply didn't give a damn. Whatever it was, it was a good choice. His father had some stubbornness issues. "It runs in the family." Gobber had said once or twice.

After some catching up back there in the boardroom, the men had left and Hiccup could almost sigh in relief. He wanted to get home. He was pretty hungry, he needed to take a shower and give Toothless his medicine. After doing all that he would turn on the air conditioner and bury himself under the soft, puffy covers of his bed. Poor Toothless. He spent all day home alone and now he wouldn't even get to play with Hiccup.

Stoick snapped his fingers. "Right. Guess who's come to visit, Gobber."

"Who?" He answered vaguely, looking at the fake fingernails of his prosthetic hand.

"North!" Exclaimed the red-head, pulling over. "He called me this morning saying he would be here at night."

"Ohoho," The blond laughed. "That North, always giving surprises. Oi! Why didn't ya tell him to join us? I told ya I had just fixed that foamy beer spending machine." He pushed the Escalade's door and got out. Stoick and his son followed.

Their residence was a mix between minimalistic and modern rustic with lots of garden in the outside and in the inside. Ferns and tulips were decorating the edges of the house and every corner of the outdoor living room. The purpose of them was to make up for the absence of a female presence.

Hiccup slowly went up the small stairs to the big, old, cedar door. Stoick put the alarm and went to unlock the front door. Gobber started to surround the garage; he lived with the Haddocks, being their bodyguard and all but not in the same house. He lived in a one story cottage/bungalow at the back of the house, next to the pool, that went really well with the rustic design. Both houses had a walkie-talkie connection that communicated them. Gobber had insisted in using those gadgets that he had made.

"He must have been tired, Gobber! He just flew from Russia to get here, ya know!" Stoick's accent had gotten better with time but when it was about Gobber and Hiccup, he would just let it slip here and there. The blond man threw his good hand over his shoulder, disappearing more and more into the back of the house. "Meh! Whatever, just make sure to tell him to come this Saturday. Oh! And lock the doors, they say the trolls are gonna be out tonight, eh, Hiccup? Sleep well!" Gobber snickered.

"I'm sixteen, Gobber. I'm not scared of them anymore." He informed but he was already gone and his father already inside. Hiccup rubbed his arms in the chilly night and cautiously locked the door after coming in.

The red-head was in the second floor. "I'll go sleep now, Hiccup. Remember to give Toothless his pills and don't sleep too late. Being on vacations doesn't mean you can slack off all day." He paused and jested, "And beware of the trolls."

"Daaaaaaaaaad…" Hiccup rolled his eyes.

The green-eyed boy rubbed his forehead and reached the kitchen. Getting out a package of raw meat and peanut butter (knowing his best friend would be sulking), opening them and a small cabinet which contained a jar labeled 'Toothless' with knuckle-sized orange pills. He mixed the meat, the peanut butter and the pills together in a metal plate.

He then proceeded to go to his room lazily. Once there, he called out, "Toothless, bud, where are you now? I've got your dinner!" Hiccup looked around and almost stepped on a black, scaly tail that poked from under his bed. "Bud! What are you doing down there? C'mere! "

He placed the plate on the floor, grabbed carefully the tail with his hands and took a breath. He knows just how much Toothless weights and how strong he is. He had the bad habit of digging his claws on the smooth marble floors when the teen tried to get him out of under his bed. Hiccup prepared himself and pulled, dragging only half of Toothless' 3 meters (10 ft) long body.

"Come on, buddy! Don't do this to me." He could hear his best friend's croaky, muffled, reptile laugh. How can an animal laugh, anyway? But then again, there are a lot of things the reptile can do and Hiccup can't help but wonder how is it even possible. "I even brought you peanut butter! You know you love peanut butter, don't you?" Toothless stopped laughing abruptly and the boy heard the characteristic sound of claws retracting. "Thank you, how very nice of you." He tugged once again, this time pulling the Komodo dragon's whole body from his (Hiccup suspects) slumbering place.

The teen groaned, slumping at the feet of his bed. "Well, aren't you getting a bit heavy, bud?" He saw Toothless going in for a wet, forked-tongue lick at his face but he intercepted it with his hand. "No, bud. You can't kiss me until you get better, remember? Your kisses would kill me!"

The Komodo dragon started whimpering (that was other thing he always wondered how he could do). "No, Toothless, shhhh! My dad is sleeping and you know that he doesn't like it when you're here." He pulled the reptile's front legs and head on his lap and hugged his long, black neck. "I didn't see you all day! I had to wake up early for Astrid's game and when I went for breakfast you weren't in the garden, were you here all this time, bud? I missed you." He started scratching his favorite spot under his neck earning a purr.

He remembered when he met Toothless. One of this father's weird friends had just come from an expedition in Indonesia.

He said that people were very friendly, specially this one man with his massive garden and house full of shishas. He said he spoke about inner animals, nightmares and shamans. Hiccup was only 7, he didn't know what they were talking about.

"Dominique," Stoick had pinched the bridge of his nose. "How many times do I have to tell you? Stop doing illegal things!"

"But aren't they just so cute?" Dominique rubbed two baby Komodo dragons, which looked more like baby crocodiles at the time, against his cheeks. "Banyu said they were on discount so of course I bought 4! Stoick, you've made so much for me. Please, pick one!" Stoick started shaking his head. Hiccup was hiding under the stairs until Dominique called for him. "Ah, Hiccup! Get out of there, you little rascal!" He ruffled his hair.

"Hi, Dominique…" He said shyly, squashing his hair down.

"Tell me," He held two little dragons on his hands while the other ones walked aimlessly in a cardboard box. "Which one do you want?" He said gleefully.

Stoick rested his face on his palm. "Dominique, please."

The little boy stared at the tiny, grey reptiles. They stuck their tongues at him, testing the air. He jumped and looked down at the ones in the box. The grey one was furiously eating a grasshopper while the other… the other one was looking up at him. This one was different from the others; he had an eye-catching color, jet black with hints of blue and big toxic green eyes. He was small, like him. He had green eyes, like him. He was curled up in a small ball, just like Hiccup liked to.

"What happened to his mom?" He asked.

"They don't have one." The strange man spoke shortly.

He doesn't have a mom either, like him. Hiccup tilted his head to look at him better. The small dragon mimicked his actions.

"That one."

The best decision Hiccup could have made in his life.

"This one?" Dominique questioned incredulously, picking the petite black cold-blooded animal. "Are you sure?" Handing him to Hiccup.

"Definitely." He affirmed, cradling him in his arms.

"What a smart little boy!" Dominique cooed.

"What's wrong with that one?" Stoick pointed at the curled, scaly ball on his son's lap, noticing the odd color and size.

"Banyu said he was born like that, something about melanism and he's the youngest of his bros and sis, so I guess that's why he's so small." Dominique checked his leather boots. "But it doesn't matter, he was 50% off for that and it makes him look more exotic, don't you think?"

He honestly didn't know what happened to the other komodo dragons. He wondered if Toothless ever missed them.

After some begging from his son, a permission slip, a strict diet and lots of antibiotics, Stoick let the over-grown lizard stay home.

The antibiotics had been working just fine for almost 10 years until recently. Toothless diet was very strict; the green-eyed boy honestly didn't know what went wrong. Those two little obligations were the only thing the reptile needed to make his saliva not poisonous and start infecting everything he licked. It began when the teen notice his best friend tongue got ticker and redder.

Also, whenever he licked him it would leave Hiccup's face red, itchy and raw; he had to put some cream on afterwards. The reptile was still eating the same clean food as always, so Hiccup panicked when he noticed the strange red drool coming out of Toothless mouth, thinking it was blood. He woke up his dad in the middle of the night and spent three hours looking for someone who actually knew about Indonesian Komodo dragons. All the while, Hiccup held his best friend's 3 meter long, massive body in his arms.

"Bacteria are starting to form in his saliva again." The vet had said, her wavy hair pulled back in a low pony tail. "That's normal for a wild Komodo dragon but not for one in captivity. It's really dangerous for both parties." She prescribed the orange pills. "If you keep giving him these pills and wiping the excess of saliva, he should get better in no time. This is really important, young man. These pills clean and stop the bacteria from getting into his bloodstream." She threw her dirty gloves in the trashcan after wiping Toothless mouth.

"And you know what would happen if bacteria such as this got in his blood, don't you?" Hiccup nodded solemnly. He had investigated about Komodo dragons the moment he got Toothless. Their toxic spit was a special and very interesting topic. "That's the bad thing about captivity specimens. Make him drink a lot of water, don't give him anything dead and please," She took off her glasses. "Make sure he doesn't bite anyone. It's lethal."

Hiccup woke up from his daze, when he felt a small nudge on his shoulder. His dragon was looking at him worriedly. "Sorry, bud. I spaced out there for a minute." The truth is that he didn't even want to think of what would happen if Toothless didn't get well soon. He missed his kisses…not that he would ever admit that. After having wiped some drool off Toothless mouth with a Kleenex, he took his well deserved bath.

There, lying in the soapy tub, he replayed the high lights of his day.

First of all, of course, that… Umm, what's his name? Oh, yes. Jack Frost.

What's with that? He tried to forget his recent uncomfortable behavior. It was not new for him to be all awkward all of a sudden. What was weird was that he got nervous because of a dude. A very hot one but a dude nonetheless. He scrubbed his arms and neck with the sponge. He utterly blamed his hormones, he's still a teenager after all and really, really hopes that someday his body will catch up more with that and place a few muscles on his arms or chest or at least make his shoulders broader.

He thought about his eyes. A prominent deep ocean blue color. So very different from Astrid's icy blue ones. He thought about his thin lips. Pressed in a line and stretched in a smug smirk. All right, now that he thinks about it, it was quite weird for a guy to think about another guy's lips, Hiccup stopped immediately. Instead, he opted to think about the party his dad would make on Saturday as Gobber had mentioned. The famous annual party for the company family. Also known as Stoick's birthday. It's now almost a tradition. Everyone in the corporation waits anxiously for that day, he thinks it's because it's the only day his dad lets them be barbarians. They acted almost like…Vikings? He doesn't know.

He was turning 53, a special number according to him. Hiccup preferred to dwell in his room, listening to music and eat cake that day in specific. He only stayed for the banquet and after stealing his piece of cake, roamed the garden or his room. Everyone was too loud, they fought occasionally (not seriously, though) and they drank. A lot.

Some of them would pass out and still be there in the morning when Hiccup came out of his room. Sprawled across the sofa or lying in the floor. The house would then be a disaster. His father didn't mind, he and Gobber could get pretty inebriated, too. At least, everyone had fun. Except Hiccup.

He scrubbed off until clean and dried himself.

It sounded more like a teenage party, really. The teen couldn't make a party like that, of course. His dad would kill him…Or would he? He should ask him one of these days if he would let him make one. No, wait. He doesn't drink and he doesn't even have that much friends. He doesn't see it happening.

He slipped into one of Stoick's old, baggy shirt that reach is middle thigh and shorts while brushing his crooked teeth. Braces were so annoying. He opened the bathroom door with his foot.

"You better get under the bed now, bud. Dad's gonna kill me otherwise." He said nonchalantly. Toothless whined but got under the bed. Hiccup checked the edges to make sure the tail wouldn't be visible and slithered beneath his covers. "Goodnight, Toothless." The reptile grunted.

That night Hiccup dreamed of piercing blue eyes and fluffy white hair instead of his typical dream where Toothless grows wings.

"Is pretty big city, no?" North remarked, opening the curtains of the panoramic window on Jack's suite. The sight was marvelous. Under the veil of night, thousands of lights twinkled and sparkled like fireflies. Some were calmed; some were wild neon colors trying to catch your attention into the nearest night club or entertainment center. Skyscrapers came in different shapes. Tall rectangles, small squares, even some spherical ones and in the distance, Jack could see a pyramid.

He was more interested in the other kind of fireflies. The ones the accompanied the moon, making it stand out more of its beauty. Those sparkled and twinkled too, in a natural, irreplaceable way.

Jack kicked off his shoes childishly and took off his choking blue tie. "Very different from Russia, that's for sure." He pointed out. He turned on the air conditioner on its lowest temperature.

"You already miss it? Me too, me too." Admitted the huge man. "Especially the weather and the cookies. Oh! I saw bakery on the way here. We are going there tomorrow morning. Is nice idea. We can get you donuts."

"Yeah…" The younger male sat on the bed.

North averted his eyes from the panorama to his nephew, frowning. "Jack… I know you do not like this whole 'business' thing,"

"No, it's not that, North. I love the Workshop, I love what we do, I-"

"I know you do, son. I know you do. Bringing joy to little kids is something worth being here. You more than anyone know that I am not blind and I know I am old but I can still see, yes?" He chuckled, Jack just grinned.

"However, with great power comes great responsibility." His uncle quoted Uncle Ben. "And this is one of those. It is nothing you cannot handle, my boy. Do not stress yourself over this." He gave strong pats to his shoulders. "For we will be back to Russia in no time!"

"Thank you, North."

"And now sleep tight. We're going to bakery tomorrow, first stop in the morning." He sniggered gleefully, saying, "Do not let the trolls intimidate you, they are out tonight!" And strode out of the suite.


Later that night, Jack woke up to the unbearable heat, covered in sweat and panting. He checked the alarm clock next to the bed, 3:42 it read. The air conditioner was now off, leaving the room quieter. He reached blindly for the remote control with little success. He gave up, wiped the sweat from his forehead and decided to take a quick shower. There, he finally cooled off.

Once satisfied, he wrapped a towel around his waist and got out. Turning on the air conditioner manually and placing himself underneath the chilly waves, still wet with drops of water from his hair spikes running down his chest and back. This was the easiest way to get sick. Jack was immune to those things; he barely got sick and since he was little always loved the cold.

He didn't feel like working today, he just wanted to stay there in the freezing room and sleep. He started thinking about the day before, about the "Chief" he had just met (North had told him he was a close friend of his and that he threw the best parties which Jack didn't believe when actually looked at the huge man, almost the same size of his uncle, who would have thought?) and eventually to his sympathetic son.

He was not what Jack was anticipating. He was surprised to even hear that he was in the room the whole time. He didn't even see him behind the chair, 'looking for his contact lenses'.

He was small, terribly small compared to his father. He had also looked uncomfortable and nervous when he was introduced. Something Jack found incredibly cute along with the faint freckles that decorated his face. He grinned sheepishly with braced teeth when he took North's hand. He looked like he was blushing for a long time which was a little bit worrying.

It was not good to have all that blood up on your head at once for that long but Jack guess he was just sun-burned, thanks to his soccer uniform. How could he stay out in the sun like that, anyway? Jack would probably melt. He remembered when they went for the hand shake. The white-haired man hadn't known he was so cold to make that little hiccup flinch. One of the disadvantages to like and to be that cold so much was that few people could stand it. His uncle could stand it, his sister could stand it, although he assumed it was because Russia was colder and they were used to it.

He glanced at the clock. It was 4:23 now. He lay down on the bed. He could still catch some sleep if he tried. Too lazy to change, Jack just closed his eyes.

'Ding ding!' Sounded Hiccup's LG Android.

He opened WhatsApp and read Astrid's message. He wasn't a fan of his phone applications, he honestly preferred calling but Gobber had said that this way of communicating was easier and faster. Hiccup couldn't complain since he got a new phone.

-How's your skin going, Rudolph? ;)

Hiccup rolled his eyes and glimpsed at his reflection on the microwave.

-I still look like a tomato, thank you very much.

He typed quickly and put his phone away, munching on his toast with cream cheese.

"Yesterday, you wouldn't stop whining that you wanted to go home." Stoick commented and changed the page on the newspaper. "I don't know why you would want to come with me today."

"Me neither," Hiccup threw some cream cheese into Toothless expecting mouth. "Can Toothless come?"

"Oh, of course he can, I'm sure no one will notice him." He said, getting ready to leave.

Hiccup scowled and went to brush his teeth. It was not a surprise for him to hear this sarcasm from his dad, he had to get his own from someone, right?

Stoick looked down. The reptile was giving him the most sad puppy eyes ever. "Don't give me that look, it's not my fault you're so big and the employees are scared of you." Toothless scowled like his best friend (How does he do that? Stoick thought) and turned away.

"I'm ready." Hiccup said after a while.

"Do you have your phone?"


"And the other one?"

The boy groaned, "It's upstairs."

"Go get it." Stoick commanded and got out of the house.

The kidnapping attempts have not only changed the teen but his father, too. He had persisted on Hiccup to have two phones. The one of personal use and the one he should always be carrying around. A small, hard, unbreakable Nokia. It was from the old ones, the ones that still had the green screen and only serve for receiving calls and calling. Nevertheless, after some hard falls (Thanks to Hiccup's clumsiness) it still worked when his LG could have had a broken screen.

And, so, he went to get it and on his way back said his goodbye to Toothless, who was going to his room. (Probably to hide under his bed and sleep)

His pocket vibrated, signaling a new message.

-Ouch. Try some aloe vera. It leaves my skin softer than chalk.

-I don't want my skin to be softer than chalk…

-You're such a baby.

-A manly baby.


Hiccup had to laugh at that, which was just ridiculous. He knew very well he was not the definition of manly. No, wait. He had to stop thinking like that. It all depends on the definition of manly you have. Manly is not the same as strong, big and tough, he remembered. He must stop questioning his manliness.

"Stop standing there laughing like a loon, lad! Get in!" Gobber yelled from the Escalade. The auburn locked the door and ran.


I'm gonna write a vampire AU later on, it's gonna be fantastic! But Jack's gonna be kinda the bad guy.

About Toothless:

A lot of people make Toothless this cute little cat or dog but seriously a Komodo dragon!? Why no one thought of that before?! Lol I think Toothless should have a little bit of menacing on him, no? also this is from the httyd SOD page:

"As their bond begins to deepen, Toothless becomes increasingly protective of Hiccup, he would be ready to defend Hiccup against anyone that posed a threat to him. Toothless is also very headstrong – while he will listen to Hiccup some of the time, he also has the inclination to do what he wants, when he wants. Observing what Hiccup does and mimicking him in certain scenarios."

So yeah you might see this a lot here, haha.

About Jack:

I know he was strangely quiet and there was almost no interaction between him and Hiccup but it's the first chap, they're usually like that.

About Hiccup:

He will lose his leg later on, aww

About the story:

I wanted the tittle to be smart and deep but... meh.

This was supposed to be a smut but uhh idk I kinda like it when it's slow paced.

So, what do you want it to be? For the story to be built slowly, get a lot of things to happen and eventually get to the smut or to get to the smut quickly (although that would make the story shorter, very much shorter) ?

Your decision :)