When Hiccup had obediently brought the glasses Gobber had asked for and some snacks, he'd tried to leave quietly, just as he had arrived, but Stoick grabbed him by the back of his sweater and sat him on one of the tall chairs. He probably wanted to blend him with the other men and their conversation. They sat around a kitchen isle just outside Gobber's bungalow, next to the pool. At the edge of it, the puppy examined and sniffed at its reflection on the rippled surface. Now that the glasses were there, Gobber didn't waste any time to fill them with beer one by one, pulling the bulbous lever of his beer machine.

"So, my hand was still between its sharp teeth, no? We were 3 meters underwater and I was running out of air-" The blond man was narrating once more how he lost his hand to a killer whale, seven years ago. Hiccup only half heard, he already knew the detailed version of the story. Gobber used to tell it to him every time he was sad. Though, it was fun to watch Gobber's expressions. Stoick didn't seem to get tired of it and North and Jack listened to the adventure carefully, nodding their heads every once in a while like parrots.

When Gobber finished his tale, the conversation drifted to matters that Hiccup honestly didn't care about and the men started drinking more of their beer. Mr. Frost took only some sips, he noted. He looked up at the moon and stared. It was at nights like this where he liked to think the most. He liked to think what else he could probably do at the forge. Maybe some new sides for Gobber's golf cart. Something to make it faster, perhaps. If he was going to spend the rest of his life driving a cart due to his driving failures it needed to be swift, at least.

The moon was full and big tonight. Pale, yesterday it had been yellow but that was probably because of the trolls (Not that Hiccup believed in them or anything… The superstitions were just popular, he swears.). Its light casted a blue shadow over the land. It lay across his dusted cheeks and the shiny stars could be seen reflected on his green eyes beautifully. Beautifully because not other adjective fitted better. Handsome? No. That kind of beauty didn't match Hiccup quite yet. Perhaps when he grows older he would get handsome (His jaw would refine and his body would fill out and the like.), but as for now, Hiccup was pretty and cute yet not girly. And Jack realized this. Discretely, of course.

The auburn didn't know any of this of course; he thought he was just gawking stupidly at the earth's natural satellite. He returned his attention to the older men and for some reason, looked at Mr. Frost first.

Well, maybe it was because he was glancing at him from the corner of his eye but quickly tore them away in all of their; his head making an almost imperceptible move that made his hair swish before coming back to its usual spiky form. The other men didn't notice, Hiccup saw and his eyes went back to Mr. Frost.

The moonlight was coating him, too. It looked good nice on him, Hiccup concluded to himself. It gave his skin and his hair a shade of blue, the wind picked up and glided through the soft strands but no matter how much the spikes were ruffled they always got back to their original upward position. How can that be? Maybe his hair was just naturally that way. What he doubted was natural; however, was its color. It wasn't that white-blond people wore; it was pure white, like snow. And his wild mane reminded Hiccup of soft feathers. But that's enough of that. Randomly contemplating Mr. Frost's hair wasn't in his agenda today.

He checked his phone, it was 11:48.

"Ah, son. You have your phone here. Good. I forgot mine inside." Stoick commented and extended his hand, palm up. Hiccup eyed it questionably and slowly put phone on it.

"Okay, now. What was it, North?"

North stopped doing his 'Pishi pishi' sounds at the curios pup and focused on Stoick, reciting random numbers. The red-head nodded and typed with his meaty fingers on the phone's small screen. "And Jack's is…?"

As Stoick gave them his number and turned to Jack, who spoke more random numbers, Hiccup squeezed his knees knowing that now he would have Mr. Frost number and WhatsApp on his phone. He would immediately transfer their numbers to his dad's phone once they leave to avoid awkward situations. He didn't feel like being a messenger and he absolutely didn't feel like texting Mr. Frost or Mr. North.

After his father handed him his phone, he vaguely remembered that Astrid and Fishlegs were still waiting inside the house so he prepared to announce his leaving but as if Stoick had sensed it, he placed a hand on his shoulder.

He had different plans, apparently. He needed to speak privately with North and by privately he meant with Gobber present, too.

"Son, why don't you bring us some more barrels? It seems like we'll be running out." He said.

Hiccup was about to protest, but quickly closed his mouth and muttered, "Sure thing, Dad." And stood up, making his way to the garage.

"Make sure to bring the green ones! The ones at the very top shelf in the garage! Ya know, the heavy ones! " Gobber called after him. He seemed to know what Stoick was up to while North and Jack exchanged glances. "Those taste better."

"Jack, son, those barrels are somewhat heavy. Would you mind terribly if you help him?" Stoick asked.

"Yeah, he might hurt himself." Gobber added but it was a lie. Hiccup may be clumsy sometimes but at least he knew how to handle himself whenever Stoick or Gobber asked him to do stuff. Most of the times, it was when the blond needed help at the forge. Hiccup had gained some practice and experience around heavy objects and inventions.

"I don't mind at all," Jack said, fixing his attire which consisted on perfectly tailored grey pants and his suit jacket. He slowly followed Hiccup to the garage.

Once they were gone, Stoick turned to North, who had his eyes narrowed at him.

"I know, I know." He admitted, raising his hands up. "I'm not sure if Jack knows any of this but I think you should know just who visited me today."

"I am listening." North said as Gobber put two more glasses on the isle, silently watching the exchange of words.

"It was Alvin. He hadn't bothered me for a while until you got here." Stoick gulped down one of them and continued. "Thought I should tell you he was around."

North stroked his beard, looking affronted until he said, "Worry not, Stoick. Jack may not know about him yet but his lingering is not something that troubles me. If he is smart, he will stay away."

He wrinkled his nose while thinking of Alvin. He thought their past experiences had taught him one thing or two. That man did know when it was necessary to back off, no? North thinks so. Stoick doesn't and Gobber doesn't care as long as no one gets hurt.

Nicholas twirled the beer in the glass before drinking it. "He would not try anything funny,anyway. Not when I am here." The last bit was said almost menacingly.

Stoick sighed. Perhaps Alvin's presence was just a coincidence. He was just as stubborn as Stoick when he wanted something, after all. Hopefully, Nicholas was right and Alvin was not up to anything.

The auburn opened the garage door, it creaked and an old smell assaulted his nostrils. He scoffed and stepped inside, letting the door open so the air would circulate.

He pushed his hair back as he watched the high shelves where the barrels rested. Better think fast since Astrid and Fishlegs were still waiting inside. He spotted a medium-sized ladder piled up between the shelves and random tools lying around. He tried to pull it without bumping it too much and leaned it against the shelf. The green barrels were at the very top. Why was the shelf so freakishly tall? And why the ones at the top? Why not the small ones next to him?

"Okay," He muttered, wiping his hands on his cashmere green sweater. He clutched the dirty steps and climbed. The old ladder quivered and trembled under his weight, threatening to fall with Hiccup still on it. Hiccup ignored this and took his chances, climbing higher. The sooner this was done, the better. He balanced himself on the seventh step and reached for the dusty barrels. He stretched his arm and his body as far as they would go and stood on the tip of his toes.


Hiccup yelped with a jolt and felt gravity pulling him and the ladder to the ground. He felt himself leaping off the chair rather than processing what was going on and clutching the edge of the shelf. He distantly heard the ladder clattering on the floor but he was too busy digging his nails on the old wood and trying not to fall and break his bones.

"Oh my god!" He craned his neck to see Mr. Frost hurrying to him. "Don't worry, kid. I've got you."

"Mr. Frost, what are you doing here!?" Hiccup screeched.

"Helping you!" He said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. He raised his arms towards Hiccup and beckoned him with his hands. "Come on, I'll catch you."

The auburn blinked. Okay, Mr. Frost was probably drunk. He may have drunk just some sips of beer but apparently that was enough. He swung his legs, making the other shelves shake.

"Um, no." The wooden shelf creaked under his hands. "I'm fine, Mr. Frost. I just need that ladder, please?" His fingers were starting to hurt and his grip lessened.

"Come on, kid. I'm right here, you can let go." Jack didn't move, just extended his arms further. "It's all matter of mutual trust."

Hiccup sighed. He can't believe he's arguing with Mr. Frost while he's dangling from a shelf. He's obviously drunk. "Mr. Frost, I think you're drunk and-" In that moment the wood gave out under Hiccup's hands, his breath hitched and then he was falling, he braced himself and tried to fall in a sitting position. And so, he fell… into Jack's arms. It hurt, anyways.

"Say now, who's drunk?" Jack said smugly. Hiccup looked at him as if he had grown two heads. Now, that he was closest to Mr. Frost than ever, he noticed small details, one of them being that he didn't smell like alcohol like he thought he would be.

The lights flickered and the auburn grew hotter and hotter in embarrassment. "Obviously, not you," He said, still clutching a piece of wood to his chest. The barrels were still at the top of the now broken shelf. Hiccup was very light and the fact that he could be handled easily got quickly to his core. "Could you please put me down?"

If Hiccup had the ability to freeze time he would, just to see why was he so drawn to this man. Drawn. Hiccup repeated the word in his head. Because right now drawn was very different from attracted since he had noticed his bizarre behavior towards Mr. Frost, he had to confess it. He had not been his clumsy self in a long time for a girl, much less a man. But he didn't want to mix this 'drawn-ness' with attraction or some kind of crush because he had to admit, Mr. Frost was pretty good-looking. He dimly recalled Astrid asking him a long time ago if he had these 'man crushes' and said that they were utterly platonic. At that time, Hiccup had been sure she was teasing him and decided to give her an unimpressed look and blew her off.

Platonic, Astrid had said. Was that was he was feeling right now? Maybe this was all normal. Maybe it happened to everyone. Maybe even Fishlegs had man crushes!

…Who is he kidding? Of course not. No way. This is not normal, at least not for him.

"Oh, right." Jack said quickly and carefully laid him on his feet. Hiccup brushed the dust that could have gotten on him away, throwing the piece of wood away. "I hope we don't make a habit out of this." He said jokingly.

Hiccup knew instantly what he meant. Mr. Frost had scared his bones out just hours ago, back at the studio and now here. But it wasn't his fault that Mr. Frost had such a light step. This probably meant two things; either he had to start taking those jumpy-ness pills Astrid keeps telling him he should take or he had to accept the fact that he would have bad luck every time he was around Mr. Frost. It was probably a sign from heaven telling him to step away from him. Hiccup shook his head (He had to stop reading so much comics.) and said, "Hopefully, not." He faintly heard familiar 'Click clacks' from sharp claws on the concrete and looked at his surroundings searchingly.

"Your dad wanted me to help you out, so…" Jack eyed the fat, green barrels.

Hiccup snapped his attention back to Jack and then looked away with half-lidded eyes. Oh, of course. In all honesty, he thought his father would trust him with a ridiculous favor like bringing him some old barrels from the garage but it seemed like that was too much for him. Though, those barrels did look kind of heavy…

"Yeah, sure."

Mr. Frost picked up the ladder and laid it once again against the shelf. While he was getting the beer down and Hiccup watched, he heard hisses nearby but Jack didn't seem to notice. As he was distracted, the younger bent down and searched under the Escalade for black scales but there was nothing. Once two barrels were safely on the floor, Jack cracked his knuckles and hefted one of them since Hiccup had insisted he could carry the other.

They stepped out of the garage and silently made their way to the back of the house. Well, these things were really heavy, Hiccup noticed but Mr. Frost looked like he had no trouble with his so Hiccup pretended he didn't either. Even when the weight of the barrels made him sway from side to side. Jack detected this and said, "You okay with that, kid?" He pulled Hiccup upright by the shoulders, steadying him.

That's when Toothless finally emerged from the shadows, his hiding place behind them and growled loudly. Straining his neck to make him look taller and swishing his tail. It was a strange sight for Hiccup; he had rarely seen Toothless like this except for a few occasions. He knew Toothless was exceptionally over-protective of him. He did weird antics which Hiccup was pretty grateful for like slipping into his bed when he felt nostalgic and Hiccup would hug him like a teddy bear (If teddy bears were, you know, scaly, hard, leathery and squirmy) but immediately push him off the bed playfully the moment Toothless tried to groom him, back when his saliva was not toxic.

It was pretty funny (Except for Hiccup), he used to groom his hair while he was sleeping, curl next to him despite his great size and croon happily until Hiccup would wake up to admire his thoughtful gesture. The auburn would just try to flatten his sticky hair, scrub off with water and soup the layer of drool that had dried on his face and hesitate when deciding whether or not to give him peanut butter.

One of the few times he had seen Toothless like this was when he had chased Dagur (That jerk was deranged!), the young son of an acquaintance of Stoick's, away when he invited them over and Dagur had tried to 'playfully' drown Hiccup while they were alone in the pool. If it hadn't been for his 'hold his breath for a long time' skill (which was one of his few abilities) and Toothless, who was nearby…

Leaving that aside, for a reptile that drags himself, he was pretty fast and Dagur screamed like a little girl when Toothless roared and dipped in the pool. And again, his father hadn't believed him. He didn't blame him, though. Oswald was such a nice man, so agreeable. Who would have thought his son was a lunatic?

Oh, the irony! Hiccup was aware that right now was not the best time to be a hypocrite. If someone knew not to judge someone by their looks or their expectations or who they are and understood how different father and son can be, it should be him.

But that's enough of that. Toothless looked fuming right then. He's irked by strangers and doesn't appreciate people touching or hurting his best friend.

Jack tilted his head like an owl slowly, gazing intently at Toothless and frowning. "Is… that... a…?" Mr. Frost whispered softly, as if the least amount of sound would send Toothless pouncing which was probably true, by the way.

"A Komodo dragon." Hiccup beamed. "Yeah, that's Toothless."

"Toothless…" Jack said incredulously, eyeing the reptile's bared, sharp teeth. "…Nice." He said after a while, accompanied with a smirk and narrowed eyes.

Just in case, Hiccup positioned himself between his scaly friend and Mr. Frost. After all, Toothless didn't seem like letting them go, especially the white-haired man. The auburn looked at his black pupils which were contracted into slits but Toothless was glaring at Mr. Frost only and flaring his nostrils. Jack was sure smoke could have trail from them.

"Hey, bud. What's gotten into you?" The teen put the barrel down and shook his head, smiling until flashes of what the young doctor had said about not letting the reptile bite anyone.

Toothless blatantly ignored Hiccup and tried to get past him to get to Jack but the younger male quickly intercepted. "Woah. Easy, Toothless." He placed his hand on the bridge of the reptile's nose and stood directly in front of him, that was the best way to control him and how he dealt with the dragon's flaring temper since he was young. Call him crazy but Hiccup felt the same unspoken connection he felt when he first met Toothless every time he did that and he was sure Toothless felt it too. He didn't have to look at his eyes but the teen liked to do it, he believed it made the link stronger. "Hey, look at me." The wind carried his soft whisper to Toothless only.

His stubborn over-grown lizard obediently did. His pupils dilating when they focused on his best friend and blinking. Undoubtedly, he was the cutest dragon. Hiccup couldn't help but smile. Toothless crooned happily at him. Jack watched the exchange, bewildered.

He craned his neck and announced, "I am terribly sorry, Mr- I mean, Jack," That man had just carried him bridal-style a few minutes ago, formalities could go down the toilet. They were completely ruined by an embarrassing accident. "He must be hungry, that's all."

He was somewhat unnerved by Mr. Frost calmness, he didn't look scared at all but more like intrigued. He remembered when Astrid met Toothless, it was a similar scenario. His cold-blooded friend had caught them, or more like Astrid, demonstrating her new wrestling holds on Hiccup (That he had stupidly asked her to show him) and took it the wrong way. He wasn't as big as he was now, but he still looked intimidating. He had calmed him down the same way he did now and explained everything to Astrid who was in fighting or fleeing position, eyes wide, and gripping a metal bar she had found close since they were in the forge as a defense weapon. Astrid, being the sturdy girl she is, had been scared. Yet, Mr. Frost looked excited, amused almost fascinated. Hiccup idly wondered if this man was off his rocker. Did he not see the danger?

"That certainly doesn't make me feel any better," Jack admitted. He squatted and tilted his head further; now that he was more at Toothless' level he saw the now docile Komodo dragon cooing and crooning contently under the boy's hand. His smirk became a broad smile. "How do you do that?" He gestured his hands.

"It's all matter of mutual trust." Hiccup instantly quoted Jack but he didn't mean to do that. Sometimes his smart mouth worked faster than his brain, earning him problems now and then. He dared to glance at Jack.

Jack gave him a short chuckle and sly grin. It was indisputable, this kid sure was interesting. Honestly, who had a Komodo dragon as a companion? He had the urge to nudge him and ruffle his hair but he thought twice under the unwavering and malevolent stare the dragon suddenly sent him, as if he had sensed his intentions and that 'Don't get any ideas.' look. So he just stood up.

"Toothless, stay here." Hiccup ordered and received a familiar blank stare. 'Oh, no. Please, don't regurgitate in front of Mr. Frost…' He pleaded him internally with a beseeching look.

Toothless just kept staring. Thank god. The teen picked up the barrel with difficulty and trotted back to Mr. Frost. "Heh. Sorry." Hiccup shrugged.

"Why are you apologizing for?" They resumed their walk to the back of the house. The sound of claws scratching echoed in the night.

"It's just that Toothless can be a little protective sometimes," Hiccup adjusted his grip on his burden.

"I get it," Jack acknowledged. "My dogs are that way too," Stoick's, Gobber's and North's voices grew louder as they neared. "That's just their way of showing they care for us." He smiled stunningly.

"Uh-huh." The teen nodded dumbly.

They arrived to the isle with the older men, Gobber complained about taking too long, taking the barrels from them and accommodated them on the bar while the other two chat about yachts. Jack sat in his place and Hiccup's phone vibrated in his pocket. He knew it would be Astrid. It seemed like his time here was over and his friend's patience had gone thin but that was okay, they spent a lot of time forsaken, bored and most likely out of snacks at his house. He politely excused himself before his eyes locked with Jack's one last time. He turned sharply and quickly went to Toothless who was just where he left him, still waiting for him next to the bushes. He gave a pleased trill at the sight of Hiccup and followed him into the house.

At the living room, there were empty snack bowls except for a few crumbs on the coffee table, the puppies were lying around dozing, and only one of them was tugging and pawing at the furniture. It ran to Toothless when it saw him, the reptile hid behind Hiccup. This lizard was impossible; he stalked men but was afraid of fluffy puppies. Fishlegs was snoring soundly and Astrid was nodding off too. She jolted when Hiccup accidently slammed the door and jumped to her feet.

"What took you so long?" She grumbled.

"Sorry, my dad put me in one of those awkward situations you just can't get out," He partially lied. It was kind of true.

"How's the puppy?" She asked worryingly. Glancing at the window that faced the back of the house, it was useless though. The heavy curtain wouldn't let her see anything.

"It's fine," He rolled his eyes. "See for yourself." And they stepped into the kitchen; the smaller window there above the sink let them see the gathered men still talking and drinking but Astrid only paid attention to the white fur ball. "Happy?"

"Very." She let out a sigh and drifted her attention. "Your dad's friends are peculiar, that's all."

"You think?" Hiccup inquired, focusing on Jack.

The blond rested her flexed arm on his sagged shoulder. "I think so. They must really like white hair and blue eyes where they come from."

Hiccup snorted and lay still. They went quite after that, still standing awkwardly in front of the window. He thought Astrid had dozed off in that position until she spoke up after a few silent minutes.

"…What are we staring at?" She whispered.

"I honestly have no idea." Though he knew what or who was he unabashedly staring at. "Come on," He turned Astrid around and led her to the living room. "When are you leaving, anyways?"

"Woah. Thanks." She muttered sarcastically.

"It's late." He countered.

"My mom's been waiting outside for a while now, actually."

Hiccup cringed. "She has? Sorry." He amended.

Astrid punched his arm weakly while yawning. "Stop apologizing," She whistled lowly and Stormfly was instantly at her side, her babies chasing her. The blond counted them before twisting the door knob. "Keep an eye on the other one," She ordered. "I'll see you later. Oh, there's a match on Friday and I'm expecting you to go." She gave him a pointed look and stepped out of the house. Hiccup leaned against the door frame, waving at Mrs. Hofferson who smiled sweetly at him from her car. Once they were off, Hiccup nudged Fishlegs who sprawled on the sofa. Fishlegs snored louder and turned away. The auburn sighed, he was staying the night, it seemed.

He went into the kitchen and took out a package of fish and Toothless' pills. He mixed them in the repitle's bowl and placed them on the floor, Toothless came right away. Hiccup sat on the counter and waited until he finished.

The moonlight filtered through the window and Hiccup glanced at it from the corner of his eyes. Once again, his eyes found Mr. Frost. He honestly felt like a creep. This wasn't something he would usually do. But hey, he was just checking on the puppy like Astrid had asked him to. Besides, what Mr. Frost didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

When Toothless finished, he washed his dish in the sink, occasionally looking through the window. All right, he has a plan now. He'll listen to Gobber this time and do what he told him. He'll wait until his father is sleepy and drunk and then he'll tell him about the driving test. If Gobber can get away with things like exploding the bird house and throwing a scalding hot cauldron into the pool, why can't Hiccup get away with a pair of inoffensive crashes? He was wiping his wet hands on a paper towel when his phone vibrated. Pulling it out, the name 'Jackson Frost' shone in the screen. The message confirmed his suspicions about Mr. Frost's drunken state and brought a rosy hue to his cheeks at being busted.

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