The red-head stood in shock of Kyoya's outburst and the surprise arrival of the white haired boy. She saw him smiled uncomfortably, he obviously was uncomfortable here; But she still didn't understand what Kyoya meant by 'Jihi scum'. Sure she knew all about Jihi, it was the college across the road from Emerald, but the two had nothing to do with each other besides insult and fight each other.

She also knew that Jihi wasn't called Jihi for 'no mercy' for nothing, the had a reputation of putting people in the hospital, but most of them were from Emerald so it never became that big of a deal.

That's when it hit her, the boys had already started their games for soccer, was that where they were for these few days, versing Jihi...

But, that white-haired boy was at the hospital, when she was. But that as just today and if the boys all came back today then does that mean that his injury is from a soccer game against Emerald High.

Blaze's eye drifted from Kyoya to the white-haired teen that was smiling nervously at the group of Emerald students. The Golden Café had silenced for once in its life, no one was making a move, no one was making a it was uncomfortable for the teen of red, it wasn't normal for her - she was use to a lively Café that was full of laughter all the time, but this... this wasn't needed the uncomfortable feeling in a warm happy environment.

But before anymore thoughts went through Blaze's head, the white-haired teen spoke up.

"Um hey, can we just forget about what happened - I really am sorry for what my mate did" Jihi student spoke with as much confidence and respect as he could

"What's that!, You want a fight?!" Kyoya snapped at the teen of white hair

"Hey! I said I was sorry!" He snapped back to the greenette

"I don't give a damn!" Kyoya continued on yelling

Blaze watched, as Kyoya's fist tightened, she knew he was getting ready too punch the boy before him; The red-heads attention was taken away when she heard a door open and swing closed as she saw Matt come out of it, but just as Matt came out to tell the boy to quit yelling, Kyoya throw a punch knocking the white-haired boy down, making him shield his head from the greenette.

The three boys that had come in with Kyoya, were surprised by the sudden thrown punch. Shaken out of the surprise the three restrain Kyoya, by grabbing his arms and pulling him back, away from the white-haired boy. Matt come around the bar, and went of to Kyoya after he had pulled out of the three's grip.

Blaze looked at Kyoya and Matt as they went of to talk in the corner, her eye glanced down to the white that was caught in the corner of her eye. Looking down at the boy, she kneed down to him and grabbed his wrist, and put it around her shoulder helping him up. When he was steady she let go, letting him stand on his own; the boy was holding his head, the red-head raised an eyebrow at the action and was about to pull his hand away but instead he grabbed hers and smiled to her, as if saying "its nothing".

Her hand slipped out of his grip and back to her side; she looked over to her team-mates and Nile, then to Kyoya who looked pretty angry. She wanted to stay with everyone, but she was afraid to leave the white haired boy on his own - Blaze knew Kyoya had a strong punch and could easily give someone a concussion if he tried hard enough too. More than anything she wanted to stay with her team and Nile, she had only just got to see him again after so long, she didn't want to leave already.

Before she could make up her mind, Nile stood up and walked over to her. Placing a careful hand onto her shoulder as if afraid of breaking her. She looked up into his eyes and said nothing, he nodded his head to her without say a word she knew what he meant. He removed his hand from her shoulder and she in turn smiled up at him.

Blaze placed a gentle hand onto the white-haired teens arm and pushed him lightly towards the door, he looked towards her but said nothing. When he was out the door she grabbed her bag then bowed her head and left also. Seeing him standing there, she called Chelsea and walked up to him and he walked along with her when she didn't stop.

Chelsea pounced along happily as she followed her master, though Blaze didn't really know where she was actually going. Would it be weird to go home and introduce a boy to her aunt when she didn't even know his name, though he probably doesn't even know hers.

The pair walked in silence neither really knowing where to go, for it was late and neither knew what to say. While they walked though a thought came to Blaze's mind Kyoya said Jihi - well technically Jihi scum -, does that mean this boy goes to that school, cause that's an obvious answer. But then why had she never seen him before, surely she would have but at the same time, if he did go to Jihi then maybe he just didn't came out of the school all that often or at least not at the same time as her.

The silence was drawing out and the tension was becoming of a nuisance; Blaze looked to her right and noticed his glaze at the ground. Her eyes drifted over to the stores and houses on her side though they were a little annoying to look at and gave her a headache from not looking through her left eye.

"So do you play soccer?"

Surprised by the question the boy looked down towards Blaze. The red head had a smile planted on her lips and her eyes closed in a cheerful way, as she skipped ahead to walk backwards in front of him.

"Ur, Yeah I do. You?" He asked

"Yep!, it's one of the few things I love nearly as much as I love my family" She answered

While walking backwards Blaze's heel hit a rock, and she started to tumble backwards to the ground. The white-haired boy grabbed out to her and got her by the wrist but was also pulled down with her. Chelsea just sat watching it all happen, while panting.

the pair groaned as they opened their eyes to only look into each other's ruby meeting emerald lime only inches away. Realising how close they were the boy stood up and leaned a hand down to Blaze. She took it without a second thought, keeping hold of it even after she was standing up.

Noticing she was still holding his hand she left go and instead grabbed hold of her arm and looked away from him. The boy scratched his head and shifted his head away, before he heard footsteps and noticed Blaze walking on. He jogged up to her to get into footing with her; they walked a little way in the deathing silence once more, before he noticed Blaze stopped.

He looked up at her face and noticed her glaze was towards an open field - a soccer field - and looked towards him then down the pathway leading further into town. She has about to continue into town when the boy gently grabbed her shoulder and stepped past her and towards the field. Blaze watched him with her eyes before following.

The path that they were now taking was small and had little room, forcing them to walk behind each other. but once they were through they came to the empty field what was covered in fresh green grass that was soon to be destroyed by the next game.

the boy walked forward and onto the field and sat down a little ways in. Legs crossed he leaned back and looked towards the sky; he looked towards Blaze and noticed her standing there. He patted the spot next to him, and Blaze took slow steps towards him. Chelsea was already there wagging her tail and whining for pats from the boy. Blaze couldn't help but laugh at the dog.

She sat down next to him and patted Chelsea's back, while the boy patted her head.

"You know I never did find out your name" Blaze stated as she continued patted Chelsea

"Oh, haha" He scratched his neck and looked at her sheepishly

"Let's... let's start over - Hi, my name's Blaze Markaru" Blaze said moving her hand out towards him

"Nice to meet you Miss Blaze. My names Jester, Jester Black" He said shaking her hand

"Well Jester, I don't think Chelsea likes being ignored. what do you say?" Blaze looked at Chelsea and saw her attacking the shaking hands with her little teeth and looked towards Jester

"I guess not" Jester patted Chelsea on the head but looked towards Blaze as he spoke "You shouldn't be so cruel as to ignore her, Miss Blaze - what a horrible owner"

"Hey! I am not a horrible owner!" Blaze complained - while Jester just laughed as she looked away from him

"Hey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry - I was joking" Jester said

Blaze then looked back at him, then thought about that he said - then started to laugh

"What?" He watched her as she leaned back into the grass "What?"

"Your name - and what you said"

He thought about it for a little longer before understanding what she meant "Ha-ha, Very funny" he said looking down at her

"You have to admit it is" She said looking up at him

"I guess it is a little" He said laying down on his said probing up on his elbow and looked at her.

Blaze stopped her laughing and looked up at the turning sky. The blue of the sky was nearly completely gone and had started to turn pink and dark blue. She took at large breath and watched the sky fill with clouds. The Jester named boy followed her glaze, seeing the beauty of the sky as it shifted colour and the air changed temperatures making it colder.

Blaze sat up into a crossed leg position and let a breathe slip through her lips as she closed her eyes. Jester's eyes never left the sky until he noticed the movements beside him. looking in her direction he noticed her standing on her legs looking down at him with a smile on her face. He smiled at her in return then also stood up, his gazed returning to the star filling sky.

"Well I guess I best be going, my aunts going to start worry soon" Blaze spoke up after the few minutes of silence.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea - I should be going as well" Jester said

Blaze smiled and pulled her out between the two of them " Well court Jester, it was a pleasure meeting you - I wish to see you again, and hear the good jokes" Blaze gave a slight bow and crossed her legs slightly as she lowered her head and torso, but with her hand still stretched out towards him

Jester let a grin come to his lips as he grabbed out of Blaze's hand and shook I before speaking into a bow of his own " Oh no, My dear Lady Blaze the pleasure was all mine - and I ensure you we will meet and again with better joke in my company of course"

Letting go of each others hand, Blaze lifted hers and left Jester to follow or to find his own way out of the field.

Blaze reached the path with Chelsea close behind. Looking back towards the field Blaze saw no sign of Jester and assumed he found another way out. Walking down the path and she found she had a slight skip in her step, but as soon as the happy feeing come it soon disappear and was replaced with concern and fear. she still didn't know who the boy was or what he has to do with Kyoya and Nile. Jihi. Scum. It was so clear but she just didn't want to believe that someone so kind and friendly was apart of that place of all places. That school had been a place of nightmares since her first day at Emerald High.

And more then anything they were responsible for the most accidents that happened on the field. And not just the soccer field, they were the same for everything that was related to competition. They were like animals during the time Blaze spend with the boys soccer team and from the games she saw with the girls soccer team, they were the same. They were even worse when it came to the crown of top fighter. they were merciless but then they wouldn't be called Jihi then would they?

Blaze stops walking and shaking her head and looking down at Chelsea, Blaze decided to forget about that for now. She picks up Chelsea and started walking again, getting her mind off of the situation with Jester and on towards how she was going to get Chelsea into the building let alone the apartment she shared with her "Aunt".

Turning the corner Blaze stopped midway as she came to a street that was unfamiliar to her lone eye. Walking slowly down the street, Blaze's eye was on constant watch; Chelsea was huddled against chest. Her steps where one and loud down the quiet and lonesome street, it was all to spooky for a street to be so empty. A crash sound on metres away from her making her jump in her skin only to calm down at the sight of a black cat jumping away into the distance once it saw her and Chelsea.

"Just a cat" Blaze told Chelsea - but it sound more like it was to reassure herself

As she continued to walk down the pathway it became darker in the sky, and the street light all turned on all but one that was only a little way in front of her flicking on and off. Blaze cautiously walked under it only for it to turn off completely leaving her in the dark until she reached the next light. She gripped Chelsea closer to her chest as they walked towards the next light; as she came closer to the light she felt the presents of something behind her. The thought of a ghost or evil spirit crossed her mind as she shook her head ad closer her eyes as a shiver ran up her spine.

Only steps away from the light, did Blaze feel a hand on her shoulder and heavy breathing. Turning her head so her only eye could see the culprit, she paled when she saw the sight behind her. Their was that of horror it's self - looking at it any longer Blaze closer her eye and brought her foot up quick and motionless and kicked them right in the face. Unprepared for it the culprit fell to the ground behind her, with the mask they wore to fall off and hit the ground.

Creaking her eye open she lowered her leg and looked over to the culprit that was laid out on the ground. But when she saw the person she noticed long wavy black looking hair that was actually dark navy. Blaze kne who it was then who use had that kind of hair. Gin looked almost like a shadow with her dark skin and hair; Glaring down at the figure that laid on the ground Blaze didn't move, she just watched as Gin groaned to sit up.

"Bastard, that hurt!" Gin spoke with a groan

"Why they hell would you do that to a person whos walking down the street?!" Blaze yelled down to her

"Cause I know you, AND cause I knew it would be funny!" Gin said making the 'and' extra loud

Blaze was about to yell something towards her when both their heads shot up when they heard they sound of metal being dragged. Looking down a lightless ally the noise became louder and closer; the street that was their only source of light broke apart and shuttered over the girls. Opening their eyes they somehow saw the rock that had broken the light, before feeling the light pain as a rock hit Blaze in the forearm and Gin between the eyes. Looking down towards the ally the saw shadows of people appearing through the darkness and heading towards them.

"Gin, get up!" Blaze yelled in a whisper

"Hm..." Gin stood to her legs and brought up her fist.

Blaze placed Chelsea on the ground, who immediately ran behind the two. Blaze also brought up her fist but also stepped slightly onto her toes, preparing her legs for anything. Hearing something smash to the ground to the left and then something heavy hitting the ground to the right, the pair couldn't help but take a step back as the three groups from the three directions appeared before them. Scratching on the ground made the pair look towards the ones in front of them - the one in front holding a crowbar and some behind him holding chains.

"Lookie here fella's. It looks like the little ducks have lost their way, doesn't it?" the man said

"Yeah, we'll help ya little girl's" One to the right of Gin said - his voice was dark and deep -, taking a step forward and braking the mask she wore to scare Blaze half to death with - the bloke was a large man with black hair but his face was cover in a tattoo on the right side and she was the rest of his body that the girls could see, he was muscular but you could never tell under all his weight.

"We, won't want you to meet the wrong people now would we?" said the one to the left of Blaze, his voice was creepy and dripped with sarcasm - he was a skinny guy with no muscle what so ever, but his hair was green and shaved on the sides and spiked creating a mohawk.

They all smiled with a murderess grin making chills run up the girls spines, they had no idea how to get out of this. Sure they had fought a lot of people but these were real criminals with murderess intents or filthy pleasurable intends that frightened both the girls. They wished for nothing more then to get away from the groups of criminal men.

"We're in big trouble..."

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