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"I think we should get married soon"

"What was I thinking? I can't believe I just imagined myself in bed cuddling with Conrad. But who wouldn't want that? Conrad is charming, handsome, sexy,… Wait! Did I just state that I want to sleep with Conrad? Since when did I think about how hot, sexy, dashing, gorgeous, valiant, virile another man is. Gya! I should stop thinking now"

"Shinou has recently detected a few disturbances in the flow of time and space though all of them are small and harmless. Don't worry, it won't affect your ability to travel back to Earth"


Chapter 2: He is my and Conrad's child ?!

Yuuri's senses started to come back to him and he slowly took in his surroundings. He twitched his fingers, feeling the soft material of linen under his palms. A familiar yet exotic smell that could be found in old castles slowly registered Yuuri's clouded mind. His ears took in small whispering of conversation and he immediately recognized it was Murata's and Conrad's voice. When Yuuri had regained full control of his senses, he could feel there was something else nestling next to him. "Where am I? Am I in bed? What's happening", Yuuri internally asked.

Deciding it was enough for him to pretend he was unconscious, Yuuri opened his eyes to let people know that he was awake and to attest his surrounding to get answer to his previous questions. He blinked his eyes many times to let them adjust to the light in the place he was resting in. When his eyes were fully opened, the sight that greeted him first was the familiar gray stone ceiling of one chamber in Shinou's temple, which he recognized immediately due to its gray color and unique old looks. Yuuri was lying on a king size bed, which was strange for a temple to have it but Yuuri quickly assumed that it might be of Murata and the guy obviously had the privilege of enjoying such luxury for being a Great Wise Man.

Realizing his King had finally awakened, Conrad quickly moved to Yuuri's side, looking at him with eyes filled concern. Behind him was Murata, who was smiling, or smirking in Yuuri's opinion, and seemingly enjoying something that Yuuri was not ware of. Conrad tenderly placed his hand on Yuuri's forehead, immediately causing Yuuri to blush slightly red and squirm a bit. Yuuri wondered why he always felt so nervous whenever the brown-haired knight got near him ever since the recent time both of them hid in the closet to avoid Wolfram. He answered to himself that it must be the effect of hero worship because the knight was just so perfect and manly that the amount of testosterone oozing out from the guy put the masculinity of Yuuri, a boy still in his puberty and not manly enough compared to Conrad, shamefully to the level of a high school girl; and therefore, seeing such a dashing sexy Conrad in such close distance made Yuuri behave in such an unmanly manner. Yup, Yuuri persuaded himself with that self-made answer but didn't realize that he had unconsciously complimented his guardian again with high quality adjectives. Oh, teenagers nowadays with their self-denial of the obvious truth. However, Yuuri quickly cast off the thought when he saw Conrad about to say something.

"Are you alright, Your Majesty? I was so worried when I saw you faint", Conrad asked worriedly.

" I am….eh… all right. Sorry for making you worried, Conrad. And it is Yuuri, not Your Majesty", Yuuri quickly reminded Conrad, earning him a dashing smile from his knight that turned Yuuri's inside mushy and reddened his cheeks; therefore, he turned his head, hoping it would somehow cover up his obvious change in his face's color.

" Uhm… Conrad…. I just had this weird dream", Yuuri said, trying not to stutter, "… in that dream, I saw a boy appear from the fountain in the yard and he said that I was his mother and….. you are his father", Yuuri continued, the last part being spoken hesitantly.

There was a moment of silence after that. Assuming the silence proved that all that happened was just a dream and Conrad must be too shocked to say anything, Yuuri turned up his head, intending to flash his usual cheerful smile and say that it was nothing to worry about but was immediately met with his knight's poker face with a little hint of surprise and Murata's smirk that was usually seen when he was excited about something.

"Shibuya, about that, how about turning to your right to see with your own eyes?", Murata said, smirking at his friend's confusion.

Yuuri took his time to mentally brace himself for whatever catastrophe he might face when he turned around. Turning his head to the right in slow motion, Yuuri swallowed a lump formed in his mouth, glanced down at his bed and immediately gasped out loud in utter shock. Lying innocently next to him was that young double-black boy, whom he saw in his "dream", which, in fact, turned out to be reality. That boy was sleeping while hugging a pillow to his small body, his face looking adorably contented. Soon Yuuri found himself completely flabbergasted. After a few seconds of initial shock, his panic mode finally kicked in and he made a very unmanly but comical shriek as if he had seen a ghost popping out of the closet in some cheap horror movie or found himself completely naked while lying next another naked man. Conrad was surprised by his king's reaction but remained composed as ever while Murata, who was apparently trying to hold back his laughter, secretly wished he had had a camera to capture such a priceless expression. Who knows, it could become valuable blackmail material on emergency occasion.

The boy opened his eyes as soon as he heard Yuuri's scream. He slowly got up from the bed, still holding the pillow in his left arm and rubbed his eyes with his right hand for being woken up suddenly. However, his sleepy expression was quickly replaced by the cheerful smile as he looked at Yuuri, who was trying not to look terrified but failed miserably. Ignoring the horrified face of his object, the little boy launched himself at the young king, rubbing his face against Yuuri's cheek while giving him an affectionate hug.

" Mama!", the boy chirped, which completely drained every bit of color on Yuuri's face, leaving the teen pale in horror.

" Eh…eh… wait wait wait! I'm not your mother! Are you mistaking me for someone else?", Yuuri inquired urgently after regaining a bit of his sense.

" But you're mama…", the kid said but after that, he gazed intensely at Yuuri's face, " Mama, you look kinda….younger but you are definitely mama. You are the only one in the kingdom to have black hair, black eyes and black clothes. What's wrong, mama, don't you recognize me?", the boy tilted his head a bit, looking like a little puppy seeking for his mother's affection.

At this point, Yuuri found himself at a loss for word. Not only was he surprised that he was mistaken for the child's parent but he could also feel his manly pride falling into pieces as he was thought to be a woman, or precisely a mother. Such was the impact of the news that his soul had leaked out in the form of smoke emitting from his mouth. However, he was quickly brought out of his trance by Murata's cough to bring everyone's attention to him.

" So, little boy, is this man over here your…eh… father?", Murata asked, pointing his finger at Conrad.

" Of course, that's my papa. What's wrong with mama and Mura-chan today? Why did everyone keep asking questions like you don't know me?", the little double-black answered, a bit surprised at the question.

Hearing the boy's re-confirmation that Conrad was his father, Yuuri was, of course, shocked but couldn't help but feel a touch sad. Of course, nobody would ever mistake Conrad's gender but he was certain that he didn't look too girly to be mistaken for a girl. Sure, his eyes were round and his body was slender but he had enough muscle to be considered manly enough due to constant workout and exercises. Such a blow to his masculinity! As for Conrad, he also shared Yuuri's surprise but he didn't react dramatically like the teen as he chose to remain stoic as usual. It came as a surprise to him to hear the boy assured that Yuuri was his mother but it didn't compare to the shock when the child pointed out that Conrad was his father. However, deep down in his heart he couldn't refrain himself from feeling happy that he was mistaken for a child's father and the "mother" was Yuuri. As for Murata, his eyes were hidden behind the glint of his glasses as he imagined all the fun and mayhem in store for the next few days. Oh, he would surely enjoy this a lot! These days, he had started to feel a little bored of the mundane peaceful life in The Demon Kingdom. After all, what was the point of living without the excitement and anticipation of unexpected things?

" Okay, kid. Can you answer a few question for me?", Murata asked the boy sweetly. He needed to be certain that the child was somehow connected with Yuuri and Conrad and the whole interrogation thing would probably spice things up more, or, should I said, tease Yuuri. "First off, what is your name?"

" Eh, Mura-chan is strange today. Did you forget my name?", the young boy inquired skeptically.

" Of course, I didn't forget your name. It's just suddenly I want to play Quiz show with you. And if you manage to answer all my questions, you'll a get a fabulous prize", the Great Sage lied smoothly, accompanied by his I-know-it-all sweet smile. Yuuri quickly noted that the questions in Quiz Show was usually yes-no questions, not direct answer kind, but he quickly cast off the thoughts because he also wanted to know more about the child. Back to the young double-black, his eyes immediately lit up with sparkle, obviously eager for the game and the prize. As expected of a child of his age, he was probably too innocent to realize the true intention of the adults in the chamber.

" Okay. My name is Hayate Shibuya Weller", the child answered eagerly, his bright smile shining the whole room. However, two people, namely Conrad and Yuuri, in the room couldn't bring themselves to smile back at the child.

" Ha ha ha. His name is obviously a combination of Conrad's and my surnames and a Japanese name", Yuuri mentally sweatdropped.

" Okay, second question, where does your… mother (Murata trying to refrain himself from laughing and immediately received a death glare from a fuming Yuuri) come from?", Murata continued his questioning. " Ho ho ho, things started to get interesting."

" My mama is from Japan, but his soul was of The Great Demon Kingdom". Yuuri began to fear that the boy was truly HIS son because nobody, aside from himself and very few people, knew the fact that his soul was of Julia, a noble from this world.

" Third question, who was the one who protected your mother's (again, Murata was making a funny face because he was torn between looking professional and laughing his butt off) soul when it was brought to Japan?", Murata began the attack on secrets that was unknown to most people.

" It was papa. Mama used to tell me stories of how my papa was the only mama trusted and how papa would risk his life to protect mama", the boy answered. At this point, Conrad and Yuuri were almost convinced that this child was, one way or another, had some relation with them.

" Okay, final question, Yozak and Gunter, which one IS the only one that can defeat your father and IS the best swordsman in the kingdom?". Yuuri sweatdropped at the question as neither answer was correct.

" Eh, are you seriously alright, today? Papa has beaten both of them and IS the strongest swordsman in the Demon Kingdom, no, in the world. Papa is the coolest. I want to be like him when I grow up", the boy answered proudly and Conrad couldn't help but feel honored to be idolized by the child.

" Okay, that concluded our Quiz show. I'll announce the result. You pass, Hayate-kun and u will receive the prize later". The child squealed in delight, excited for the prospect of the fabulous gift. " …. And Shibuya, Lord Weller, based on my thorough analysis and a Great Sage's intuition, I must also conclude that Hayate is definitely your child."

The King and his Knight remained silent for a brief moment as both of them clearly didn't know which appropriate retort they could give back to the Great Wise Man. Oh, curse his wisdom which was accumulated through thousands years of reincarnation! Taking this chance, Murata continue to drop the bomb of revelation upon his two confused preys.

" You know, Shibuya, now that I look at Hayate carefully, I can say with a degree of certainty that he resembles both you and Lord Weller."

Yuuri and Conrad turned their head so they could have a proper look of their so-called child. To say that Murata was completely wrong was a lie. Hayate DID bear a striking resemblance to Conrad and Yuuri, or to be precise, he looked like a mixture of Conrad and Yuuri. The boy had black hair and pitch black eyes, like Yuuri and every normal Japanese but the silver specks in his eyes reminded Yuuri of Conrad's eyes. He had a rather pale complexion, though only a bit paler than Yuuri's, probably because he had been pampered by his parents. His face shape and hairstyle, Conrad admitted, resembled that of Conrad, which, another fact acknowledged by those present in the room, made him look like a spitting image of Conrad though younger and having hair and eye color, complexion and cheerful demeanor of Yuuri. He was wearing a baby blue hooded sweatshirt with dark blue short sleeves and white buttons, knee-length pants and white socks. The boy's similar appearance no doubt added more evidence to the possibility that this so-called child Hayate might be their child. Sensing his friend's discomfort, the Great Sage decided to bring him out of his daze by another cough. " Fu fu fu, this is gonna be very interesting."

" But really, Shibuya, I didn't know you had an illegitimate child with Lord Weller. And to think you are still innocent, I made such a grave mistake!", Murata teased his friend, obviously enjoying the whole ordeal. Unable to keep silent any longer, Yuuri retorted back with his face red from embarrassment for realizing the implication of what his friend just said.

" Shut up, Murata! Are you really a Great Wise Man? Your conclusion is absolutely ridiculous. Sure Hayate does have some resemblance to Conrad and me and he knows things that most people don't know, but that doesn't mean that Conrad is his father and I am his… eh… eh… mother". Yuuri found it really difficult to let the word "mother" out of his lips, his face couldn't possibly get any redder. Murata kept smirking at his friend's antic and Conrad couldn't find any word to speak in this matter much as he wanted to comfort his King. Hayate looked innocently confused, wondering why his mama was yelling, his father looked so baffled with his eyes widened and Mura-chan smirked like some crazy patient just escaped from mental asylum.

" If you still have doubt about me, then let me tell one thing clear. I am 100% sure that I AM a MALE and I have never doubted my gender. And even if I were to have the ability to reproduce, how could I give birth when I was so young? Hayate must be at least 7 years old. You're 7 years old, aren't you?", he turned around to ask the boy, which earned him a nod, " See, I was right, he is 7 years old. If he were my son, that meant I gave birth to him when I was freaking 9 years old. How can I give birth when I was only 9 years old?". After giving such a long answer, Yuuri panted labouredly while looking completely bewildered.

Both Conrad and Murata were completely taken aback by the King's answer for this was the first time they had ever seen Yuuri giving such a convincing answer. Much as his surprise, he couldn't help but agree with his friend's logic. Despite the kid's similar appearance and knowledge on Yuuri's secret, Murata was not entirely sure that this child was truly Yuuri's child, except….

" I just think of this theory but don't know if it's right. Hayate, can you tell me which year it is in Japan, I kinda forgot it", Murata asked Hayate.

At this point, the boy started to question Mura-chan's sanity because he had made too many strange question in the day but he decided to keep silent about that. " If I remember correctly, it's… 2010 *", he answered.

Hayate's answer had certainly shed some lights on the matter and shattered Yuuri's every hope of escaping this whole farce by using his previous logic. Because the current year in Japan was 2001, it meant that Hayate came from the future and was somehow (probably courtesy of one pestering Original King) transported back to the past, which was the present. And Murata, being one annoying Great Wise Man and therefore being able the process the information the quickest of the group, broke the disturbing silence and made his announcement.

" Shibuya, though I'd love to support your argument, I have to say that it is most likely that Hayate is indeed your and Conrad's child. Don't you remember, earlier in the morning I informed you of some disturbances in the flow of time and space and Hayate being transported back to the past must be the result. So in other words, Hayate is your possible future child of you and Lord Weller. Oh, that reminds me, it also means that you and Lord Weller are likely to get married with each other in the future."

Hearing Murata's explanation, Yuuri gaped like a fish out of water while Conrad looked as if someone had just defeated him a sword duel. As for Yuuri, half of his mind wanted to deny everything Murata said but the other half was telling him to just accept the truth because Murata's explanation was no doubt, much to Yuuri's pain, logical. The final part of Murata's prediction nearly caught Yuuri off guard because he realized that if Hayate were their future child, then at some point his engagement with Wofram would be broken and Conrad and Yuuri would marry each other and live happily ever after with their adorable son. Yuuri turned around to check Conrad and found his knight looking totally composed and deep in thought. Oh, how perfect he was! Suddenly, Yuuri found himself basked in unknown happiness and excitement at the thought that the handsome, dashing and sexy Conrad would be his beloved husband, who would spend the rest of his life with him. Yuuri let out a dreamy sigh but his teenager self-denial struck Yuuri as quickly as possible to prevent the teen from entering the land of rainbow and unicorn. " What am I thinking again? Why do I keep getting this weird feeling whenever I am near or think about Conrad? Sure, the man is the dream of every girl and guys in this Kingdom; sure, I like Conrad a lot, but does it mean I am in love with Conrad? No no no, I must be happy because it is possible for me to break off the engagement with Wolfram and still alive and live a happy ever after life with Conrad. Again, stupid mind, stop spouting those cheesy lines from shoujo manga! I should stop thinking now!". Yuuri shook his head in an attempt to wave off the raging thought in his mind for a particularly knight. Taking notice of the young king's attempt to deny the fact, suddenly feeling sadistic, Murata decided to continue the game of teasing the monarch.

" Ehem, Yuuri, I know you must be feeling eh…. confused right now but whether you like it or not, Hayate now stuck here with us, so it is your responsibility to take care of him and find a way to send him back to his timeline. Oh, by the way, you still have to go back to the castle in the evening, and remember, bring Hayate-kun with you. I also wish you every bit of luck trying to explain to everyone and Wolfram", the re-incarnated wise man said in a sing-song tone, smiling too sweetly for others to take in.

Back to the dear King of the Great Kingdom, his face instantly paled like a white sheet for remembering the horrifying threat residing in the castle in form of Wolfram von Bielefelt. And for the second of the day, Yuuri fainted after letting a very unmanly cream. Shinou, bless the poor boy!

* Yuuri's birthday is in 1985, so when he was 16, it must be 2001. The rest you can figure out XD

My gratitude to Darklife 21, issm, Kyogre, loopyhutton for suggesting the child's name. In the end, I chose Hayate because I was watching Hayate the combat butler. God that series is just so funny and somehow, the name Hayate kinda makes a big impression on me.

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