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Gamzee rolled over in his bed, groaning. He felt like he needed to get up, but the blankets that surrounded him were just so warm...

"Gamzee Makara!"

Gamzee pulled the pillow he was laying on closer to him, hugging it, and pulled his knees up to his chest. His eyes were still heavy and his muscles felt like lead was being pumped into them. He didn't want to leave his cozy cocoon of a bed.


Shit. Kurbro's up. Gamzee reluctantly flung his blankets off of him and sat up. Rubbing his eyes, he could make out his brother's angry voice telling him to get dressed ("nicely, you slob!") and to be in the car in fifteen minutes for school ("or I will leave without your sorry ass"). He grunted a reply and nodded, trying to make his bro shut up for two seconds so he could figure out why he was so cold. Eventually his brother left, and he was alone to think.

Oh, I'm in my motherfuckin underwear. Damn it is one cooold morning. Gamzee stood up and stretched his arms and legs. He cracked his knuckles and looked over at his desk. A neatly folded button down shirt, vest, and slacks were laying there for him. Instead of wearing them, though, he crouched down and dug through a box with "clean" written messily on the side. He pulled out a faded shirt, torn pants, and two socks that looked similar enough to be worn together. Gamzee yawned and dragged himself down the hall to the bathroom.

Holy shit. Who cleaned this place all up? Gotta thank that motherfucker real soon. The tiled floor, which normally had clothing, empty toilet paper rolls, and various other trash strewn about, was practically sparkling. The sink and counter no longer had dried makeup and toothpaste caking it, and the toilet was...let's just say the toilet was the best it could ever be with two boys using it. Smiling, Gamzee bent down and opened one of the cabinets under the sink. He made sure not to touch the one with the calligraphic "K" painted on it, but instead to use the one with "GM" carved into the polished wood with a pocket knife. This was how he and Kurloz kept their things separated, though Gamzee really didn't care if his brother used his things. Kurloz, however, insisted on having separation, so Gamzee complied.

Gamzee quickly brushed his teeth and attempted to tame his wild hair. He took extra time, though, to apply his clownish makeup and seal it with a powder before getting dressed. Kurbro's gonna leave soon, better get my motherfucking quick on. He ran down the stair, thankful for the railing, and went by the door to where he had left his shoes. As he was pulling them on, a purple backpack was dropped by him. He looked up to see Aradia holding a paper bag with "G. Makara" written nicely on it.

"Aw shit, did you make my motherfucking lunch for me?" Gamzee jumped up and hugged the staff member quickly. Aradia nodded, then winked at him with an odd smile and walked away to finish her duties.

A car honked twice from outside. Gamzee grabbed his backpack and lunch and ran out the door. He watched as Dave helped Rose into the back seat of his brother's car and remembered the times when Kurloz would double check if both of their seat belts were on tightly. Gamzee climbed into the passenger seat with a sad smile and buckled himself in.

"Is everyone in?" Kurloz asked, looking behind him. The click of Dave's safety belt said that yes, everyone was in. The engine rumbled to life and the four of them started their short ride to school.

"I am not sure what sort of academic environments you and your sister have had in the past, Strider, but please be assured that SHS is a very good one. It's ranked first in the district- third in the country, actually- and hosts grade levels from kindergarten to senior year. The teachers all have an annual requirement test to ensure..."

Gamzee tuned out his brother's business-like voice and watched the trees racing past them. He started to reach into the glove compartment for a cigarette before he remembered that it wasn't just him and his brother in the car. Sighing, he put his hand in his lap and cleared his throat a few times. The car grew silent. Eventually the school came into view and the awkwardness in the car lifted. Kurloz glanced at his brother, then did a double take as he realized what his sibling was wearing.

"You are not wearing that. You look like a homeless person, Gamzee. Also, it's January and you will freeze to death."

"Too late Kurbro, we're already motherfucking here," Gamzee laughed out as he opened the door. Crap, it is cold. Well, nothing to do about it now.

"You are just so...so..." Kurloz slammed his car door shut and tried to find an appropriate word that would be acceptable to use around children Rose's age.

"Clueless?" Dave suggested.

"That works," Kurloz mumbled. "Gamzee, just...go to class, and don't get in trouble, okay? I am going to show Mister Strider and Miss LaLonde to the office to retrieve their school schedules." Kurloz dug around in his coat pocket for a moment before pulling out an opened pack of cigarettes and tossing it to Gamzee. "Don't. Get. In. Trouble."

Gamzee smiled and nodded. He flung his bag over his shoulder, lit one up, and started walking to the courtyard. Today was already a good day.

A/N: yeah, short one. I'm not going to describe the school much since I think buildings like that can get confusing. So just know that it is big, and fancy, and there is a large student population (K-12 seriously a lot of kids ok). I'll try to get another one up soon because I miss you guys ;n;