I arrived at the College. It was my first day here, but not as a student. Neither as a teacher, as you might think. But as a psychologist. Though I'm not that old – 20 – I was transferred here from my old school in Germany, because of my education. My mom and dad are both psychologist so I learned about it really early in my life and because of that I was able to get a special place here at this college to help the students. Sadly I still hat to study, but that was okay as long as I would be able to practice here. I was really looking forward to it!

"Miss? Miss? We have arrived!" I looked up to the bus driver. Luckily he remembered the place I had to get out of the bus. "Thank you!" I said and bowed lightly. The college was huge! But I already knew that. In front of me was a big and wide stair though it wasn't going up that high. Okay! Take your last deep breath and then go inside! But it wasn't as easy as I thought to find the right way. After walking inside there were some ways I could go along but I didn't know which the right way was. After thinking about it for a while I decided to take the biggest one. Just after a few meters someone talked to me. "Why aren't you wearing your school uniform? And why are you wandering around here when you should be in your classroom?" I looked at him, too surprised to say anything. "Answer!" he demanded. After blinking fastly a few times, I was finally able to answer. "I- I'm sorry I'm new. I'll be working here from today on as psychologist and I'll also study here." His face made an "Aaaaah! Why didn't you say that right away?!" – kind of expression. I smiled a little and bowed "I'm Lain Lawrence. Could you tell me where the office is? I was told to go there and meet the headmaster." He smiled. "I'm the Headmaster of this school. Please follow me to the office." We were walking just a short amount of time, till we reached the office. I was walking this path already twice but both times I missed it. After talking a little, a female teacher showed me the way to my room. Her name was Lee So Jung. "It's actually a little confusing to see such a young girl here." She said, "I'm just used to see guys, most of the teachers are male, too." I just smiled, because I didn't know what to answer. "Well then, here's your room. Oh this you'll need, too, it's about a few rules which you have to follow like the other students." She gave me a few sheets of paper and left with a "Well, then."
My room was very pretty, even though there wasn't much in there. After walking inside, to my right were shelves, to my left the bathroom and a few meters in front of me were desk window and a chair. This would've been enough place for two people, but I had it all for myself. I put the suitcases in front of the wardrobe and looked around a little more. A little sofa corner, a bookshelf… After that I went into the bathroom. It was pretty big, too! I let myself fall onto the bed and looked roughly into the sheets of paper the teacher gave me. The rules were just the casual stuff, like not going outside after 9 p.m. and that kind of stuff. I stood up and looked inside the wardrobe and was a little surprised. In there were 2 uniform which confused me a little. I would've understood if there were 2 – summer and winter uniform either for girls or for guys but there was both. I took the uniforms out of the wardrobe one by one, they were really pretty, in Germany there aren't any though. Well, some schools have, but the one I went to didn't. I didn't even have to think about it for a second. I slipped into one of the uniforms with trousers and put the others back. After that I sat down on the bed again and started to think about what to do next. My decision? I'd unpack my suitcases later and go out for a walk.

It was a huge but pretty place. There were many trees, a little park… It diverted you from all the buildings – which were pretty, too! The only thing, which made me feel a little weird was, that every guy I was passing by was looking at me, some were even staring at me. I should've expected it, but I haven't even thought about that. It made me a little bit shy, because I wasn't used to it but I couldn't change anything about it either. "Hey! Hyun Jae! Is that a girl!? Wa- wait! She's wearing a uniform of our school!" I looked into the direction of the person who said it. He was walking with 4 other guys, now five pairs of eyes were looking at me. I wanted to bow rashly and move on but the guys were already walking towards me. Honestly I was surprised, that no one did that before them. "Hi! I'm Cha Eun Gyeol! Are you a girl?" I was a little perplexed at his question, I mean… Isn't that obvious? Sure, some Korean girls/guys may look like the opposite gender with some make up but… I'm German and I'd say I don't look like boy. "Idiot! Are you blind? How could she be a guy? So she's not THAT pretty!" the guy saying that had a bit of a puppy face and his eyes had something haughty. He took lip balm out of his pocket and applied a bit of it on his lips. Wow… that was nice… I thought. "So you're a girl?" the guy named Cha Eun Gyeol asked again. I nodded. Well, girls at an all-boys-school are probably rather rare, especially in their uniform. "I'm a transfer student… I'm here to study psychology and I'll be also attending normal school subjects at this school like maths… My name is Lain Lawrence." I said and bowed.