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Summary: I always was a phenomenal actress when I was growing and this made all the difference to act like a weak, shy, timid, easy-to-manipulate girl. Who am i you might ask, I am Isabella Marie Jeanette Swan-Whitlock queen of vampires and this is the story of how I found my mates and got my throne while kicking ass and taking names.

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Bella pov

*sigh* another day of school at Forks High, another day of pretending to be in love completely and hopelessly with Edward Cullen *Eye roll* the guy thinks he is so great and all with his Holier than thou attitude. Little does he know actually about this world vampire or not. He has been cuddled and still is all his life by both of his parental units. I can't wait until he breaks up with me only one more day or maybe today, for you see yesterday was my birthday and Alice the annoying pixie that she is coerced me into having a party that I didn't want or need and I cut my finger while unwrapping a gift and all the vampires's blood lust increased so Jasper attacked me or so I was told by Carlisle when he was patching up my leg I have my doubts, needless to say Edward freaked out and is probably going to dump me with an excuse about how dangerous he is or some other bullshit. Oh this is going to be so fun; I can't wait to get this day over with after being told what to do for a year I need my revenge and this is how I was going to get for now at least. Okay maybe that's a like sadistic but seriously the guy wants to tell me how dress myself and what to eat along with who I can be friends with when I am (supposedly) 18 years old it's not like I haven't been doing fine on my own for the 17 years before I met him god forbid (for those of you who didn't notice heavy sarcasm) . Probably should head down to cook Charlie breakfast soon. Seriously the guy could burn water but I guess its part of his charm I sure would miss him.

After cooking Charlie and myself breakfast I went on my merry way to Forks high. You wouldn't believe who was waiting for me in the parking lot. Lauren Mallory and her bitch squad. Oh joy let's start this torturous day by taking to these human bitches but hey as soon as I'm done with this I could go back to my real home so better give these girls a parting gift. Just what I need to boost my mood right up, so I smile real nicely and simply said "Good morning to you Lauren and if the reason why you're waiting for me this morning is for news on the Cullen family and why they're not here this morning since it isn't sunny, then you came to the wrong person bitch cause I ain't giving you jack. And before you ask or reply now that I don't particularly care about you or your opinion of me because you're a bitch and slut. "As you can see I was real nice about my gift with that I went into the school building to get this day over with so I could maybe get the chance to dump Edward Cullen. Knowing that this was my last mission before ascending the throne alongside my father and uncle. Believe it or not I miss my family.

The school day was going fine,well as fine as it could be with all these annoying humans. Not to mention they were talking about me and how I was changing or some other crap like that. IT was finally lunch time and I had found a quite spot in the lunchroom away from the rest of the lunchroom when Mike Newton approached me.

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