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Zigor, had the unique power of extraction and would be able to extract the necessary information from the Cullens in a speedier manner than if Aro was. With the three kings and their personal guards looking on Zigor got to work on retrieving the crucial information that Edward knew. After five minutes, he moved on from Edward onto Carlisle and after another five minutes moved from him onto Alice on whom he spent 20 minutes. At the end of it though Zigor had a fountain of information that he believed would be very beneficial for his masters, he took a moment to collect himself and rest, using his powers that long was taxing, before reporting to the kings his findings.

"My lords the Romanian coven are the ones behind this, they have been recruiting vampires to their side since the 12th century. They recruited the Cullens in the late 1800s right after Carlisle left Volterra, after Alice saw that he would be an immense help to their cause. Alice or as her proper name Alis Anwyl was turned by them and recruited in the late 13th century, after Vladimir heard rumors about her visions and turned after finding them to be true. She's been helping them avoid detection and finding out who the best vampires were to turn or recruit to their cause with her visions. She was the one behind the turning of the twins, she saw them being powerful and orchestrated the situation so that the villagers would turn against them and throw them out of the village where one of the Romanians would be waiting to turn them. Unfortunately, master Aro came upon them before they could be turned by the scout. Over the years she has orchestrated many such instances, including starting the witch hunts in England and Massachusetts so that she could take people without too many people noticing. She is a very important part of their plans master, she is treated as the second in command to Stefan and Vladimir and is seen as sort of their heir, at least that is how she views herself. Alis bears a strong grudge against the Volturi for killing her mate when we intervened in a coven matter, so is unlikely to feel remorse or repent for her crimes as long as she beliefs it would lead to the downfall of the Volturi. Edward has become her companion to replace her mate but she still wants revenge. Edward is the new to the plan, Alis orchestrated for him to catch the Spanish influenza and then had Carlisle in place to turn him. Soon after they needed a cover for Alis to bring the Major to join them so they turned Esme and Rosalie. Over the years the Carlisle and Edward ensnared humans to them for their masters, Princess Bella was to be the last one turned before the attack, as they suspected she was a shield. They are expected to report in to the Romanians in two weeks with news that Bella had been turned, along with seeing on the progress of the princess's transformation the final attack plans were to be settled for now they plan to attack at the end of November. They have 25 gifted newborns who should have their powers mastered by that time and about 10 non-gifted who were to serve as soldiers or canon folders. The Romanians currently plan on sneaking into the castle through the underground tunnels in the city, once the main force is inside distracting us the rest would attack through the city. Those are the most crucial information that I received, my lords." Zigor explained to the three kings. "Thank you Zigor, please write down the newborns and their different gifts and if possible appearances along with the rest of the information that you obtained for our perusal at another time. You may go rest and feed as you need, the information you have provided gives us plenty to plan for."

The kings were flabbergasted at the wealth of information that Zigor had presented to the and had no clue were to begin. How such a diverse scheme could have been happening right under their noses and they remained oblivious to it for so long was shocking and something they would have to ratified after they took care of the current attempt. Within a few minutes the kings regained their composure, then Aro sent for a guard member to call the rest of the coven back in, the major and captain would be valuable in the discussion on how to proceed as they had experience in a war.

As soon as the other coven members were in the throne room, Aro presented the information that Zigor had given them. A cacophony arose from the vampires, some shouting, some growling as they all took in the news of the crimes that the Cullens had committed. Bella took in all the noise surrounding her and withdrew into her nearest mate, Peter, for comfort and protection. Looking around she found Jasper had stepped in front of Peter further shielding her from the room, she could see that the emotions in the room was setting him on edge especially her own reaction. So quickly she sidestepped around Peter, who growled and reached for her. However, Bella would not be deterred she reached Jasper and placed her hand on his shoulder pouring her love and calm into him. It would not do for her mate to lose control while they were among friends and allies, seeing that he was calmer but still tense she placed a dampening shield around them hoping to mute the feelings around them a little.

While Bella was helping her mater, Aro was reestablishing control in the room. "SILENCE," He screamed "YOU ARE ALL ADULTS AND WILL ACT LIKE IT." At once the room went still "Thank you, now I understand that the news is alarming but we must be smart, organized, and rational. We must come up with an effective plan to protect the humans in Volterra and not tip off the Romanians. We will deal with the Cullens afterwards"

"For the humans, what if we had some type of a natural disaster? Would that not be a good enough reason to evacuate the city while also keeping the Romanians in the dark?" Rosalie suggested

"Since we're not far from the ocean we could have a Tsunami or massive flood warning and have everyone evacuate into another town without much alarm, couldn't we?" Athenadora asked looking at her husband. The room filled with murmurs as everyone thought over the idea and agreed that it was the easiest way

The three kings quickly conferred about how exactly they could go applying such a plan, the city did have an evacuation system in place for such an occurrence so it wouldn't cause too much confusion. They quickly came to an agreement that it was the best plan for moving the humans to safety without the Romanians getting suspicious about anything.

"Very well we will have the humans evacuate under the pretext of a Tsunami. The day before the attack we will have the alarms sound, under the pretense that the tsunami will arrive at midday the next day. That way we can be certain that all the peoples are evacuated from the city. Emmett your powers with illusions will be used to confuse the devices and make the waves appear rough and choppy." Marcus announced the result of the brothers' discussion to the room at large.

"Now we must come to a decision on what to do with the Cullens?" Caius growled

Bella, who was curled up in Jasper's lap with Peter petting her hair took this time to speak up

"What if we used them? Have them call the Romanians, tell them that they have been summoned to Volturi for a trial and would be out of contact for a while to prevent suspicion. Claim that Alice, sorry Alis saw that if they didn't go then the Volturi's get suspicious and the plan get discovered. That would give us a chance to have their trial and gather our allies close to us without raising any alarms. In that time we can iron any details we need for a counterattack and to get some training in." Jasper nuzzled her with a grin, his little mate was a genius.

"That's a brilliant plan, sweetie. We can recall the guards out in the field back to the castle, and give them a chance to recover before the battle. All in agreement to use Bella's plan say aye." Aro put it to the room

"AYE" came the collective vote from the room at large

"Very well, any opposed?" Aro queried, after a beat of silence with only the Cullens' muffled screaming, he continued "then it's decided then."

"If we're going to be shoring up the defenses then Peter and I will be happy to help. Along with anyone who wants to train we'll be happy to put you through your paces." Jasper offered

"That's a fine idea Major, would you and the Captain be willing to work with the guards and getting them trained up?" asked Caius

"Of course, and please you can call us by our given names." Peter accepted for them

"Fantastic now that that business is out of the way. Bella, darling can you reassemble the Cullens back together but keep them immobile." Aro demanded. "Sure, I can but why? I thought we were going to keep them separated until the trial. "That was the original plan but in order for the plan to work we need them to be in one piece with enough venom in them to place the call and sound coherent. After all the trouble that this sorry excuse for a coven has caused, I would be happy to leave them dismembered." Caius answered for Aro "Well alright then, I'm guessing that you want Jasper to monitor their emotions so we know that they're not planning anything else." "you'd be correct in that assumption." Aro replied.

"Cullens, this is your one chance for any leniency. Placed the call, now tricks or attempts to escape and we'll make sure you remain in decent enough shape until the trial. Any funny business and the guards will have carte blanche to treat you anyway they please as long as you are able to stand trial in two weeks." Aro explained to the Cullens once they had been reassembled. Bella lifted her power just enough for them to answer but not do much else, Jasper carefully monitored their emotions as they thought over the deal that had been offered to them.

Finally, Carlisle spoke up for the group in a condescending tone, that was out of place considering his current situation, "We'll take the deal, we will make the call. As long as you promise that we will not be eating the monstrous human diet, we will continue on the animal diet." Emmett growled and backhanded the doctor "You will eat whatever we feed you or go hungry. Is that understood?" He sneered at them utterly disgusted at their lack of remorse. How dare he lecture about being monstrous when he and Edward purposely tortured and forced people to their ideals. They were the monstrous ones in his opinion. Rosalie steeped to her mate's side "They aren't worth it, he's just trying to get a reaction out of you. You're 100 times better than he is babe." Emmett stepped into his mate's hug wrapping his arms around her.

"Edmund, Nick please place the Cullens back in the dungeon and bring them some blood" issued Marcus after a quick discussion with his brothers "The rest of you go relax for the night. We reconvene tomorrow at 10. The Cullens shall place the call and we will move from there."