"Doctor, where did you bring us this time?" Amy asked as she peered out of the door of the Tardis and saw a great deal of flesh in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

"The Three Suns resort on.." The Doctor said as he flung open the door of the Tardis. "Oh, wow! The Two Oceans nudist colony! Boy does that take me back. I remember the time when The Master and I stole our teacher's Tardis and..."

"Nudist colony?" Rory said. "Why would the Tardis drop us off at a nudist colony?"

"Well, I'm game if you are." Amy said as she reached for the hem of her shirt.

"Oh well, why not?" he said, vaguely remembering that the last time he'd been here, he'd been young despite his aged body and stiff and formal and trying to set a good example for his granddaughter who'd been the result of the Time Lord equivalent of a teen pregnancy and whose mother had been...

The Master had never forgiven him for that particular lab accident, despite the fact that it had been completely his fault. If he hadn't...

No sense dwelling on the past. It was just too painful, despite the fact that there had been a good reason for letting Susan go as he had. On the last APB that had been put out for him before he'd hid her with her new boyfriend, Susan had gone from being listed as a case of custodial interference to being listed as an accomplice which meant that rather than being returned to her exceedingly negligent parents, she would've been punished alongside him had they been caught back then.

It was rather fortunate that Law Enforcement on Gallifrey had been exceedingly lax, and made the stereotypical cop hanging around the doughnut shop look positively dutiful towards his work in comparison, considering what often happened to Time Lords who were caught after breaking the law. There was the whole of Time and Space for the lot of them to go searching through after-all.

Less than a half hour later after the Doctor once again closed the door on a certain portion of his life, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory emerged from the Tardis ready for their next adventure. Amy and Rory were only clad in sandals, and the Doctor was rather nicely outfitted in Cowboy boots, a bowtie - since bowties were cool - and a Stetson. Now properly er, outfitted for their expedition, the three of them set out to explore.

The Doctor frowned when he looked at the scan of the Tardis' surroundings. Why the devil had it brought them here of all places? Ian and Barbara had been clamoring for a bit of fresh air, but considering the society they'd been raised in, he didn't think they'd appreciate what they'd find outside the Tardis this time. Not that they ever really did.

"Ian, Barbara." he said, catching the attention of the pair of his granddaughter's school teachers that he'd basically shanghaied. "The society outside those doors is a primitive one, and they have customs that may shock you but..."

The rest of what he was going to say was cut off when the door to the Tardis blew open and three naked strangers ran inside.

"Shut it! Shut it! Shut it! Shut it!" the naked red-haired woman yelled as two equally naked men pushed the door shut while a probing tentacle was making its way inside.

As soon as the door was closed, the two naked men who were still facing the door started laughing despite the fact that they were practically out of breath while the woman started looking around, spotting the group who'd been stunned into silence by their arrival.

"Doctor!" the red haired woman exclaimed.

"Yes my dear?" the Doctor who was wondering how these strangers had gotten inside his Tardis said.

The naked man in the boots whirled to face him and looked as if he'd seen a ghost.

"Open the door, we need to get out of here right now!" the naked man in the boots said.

The Doctor complied, and as the doors opened several tentacles started to snake their way into the Tardis.

"On second thought," the naked man in the boots said as he and the other man pushed the door closed again. "Let's just stay here until it goes away. Amy, Rory, don't say anything about anything."

"Doctor?" the red haired woman said, looking at the naked man in the boots.

A horrifying suspicion began to blossom in the Doctor's mind.

"Would I be correct in believing you to be a later version of myself?" he asked, addressing the naked man in the boots as there were certain subtle differences in musculature and other things that marked him as being not exactly human.

Barbra and Ian looked confused at this, as well as shocked and indignant as they'd been since the trio had arrived.

"As River would say, Spoilers." the man in the boots who had his back end pressed against the door which would now need to be cleaned said.