The looks of amazement on Barbara and Ian's faces was well worth the look of almost horrified dismay on Susan's face and the harrumphing coming from his younger self's direction. His fortunately fully dressed self who much like Barbara and Ian hadn't stripped down despite the stares of the nudist colony's denizens. Then again, Time Lords had different tastes in a great many things, and when human and Time Lord tastes intersected it was usually through coincidence considering the fact that things tended to look, smell, taste, feel, and sound differently to Time Lords who could see in a slightly wider spectrum than humans and had more sensitive senses of touch, hearing, taste and smell as well as some senses humans didn't possess as well as a different physiology and sense of aesthetics that arose from differing origins. Then again, both humans and Time Lords were both mammalians of near-identical outward appearance, so it was only natural that likes and dislikes would intersect in at least some areas.

The current interior of the TARDIS wasn't one of those areas if you weren't a Time Lord who had spent extensive amounts of time acquiring some of the tastes of one's companions as well as mannerisms and finally decided to be a bit bolder when it came to exploring the different Desktop themes that were available.

"Grandfather, why would you choose something tacky?" Susan asked as she took in her colorful surroundings and the glass floor of the multilevel Console room.

By the standards of Gallifreyan fashion from the era in which Susan had been raised, the sterile mostly white interior of the TARDIS she was used to was considered to be stylish and the more colorful design of his current desktop setting was akin to picking an image of scantily clad anime characters for wallpaper and picking some atrocious neon color scheme for the rest of the Theme. By human standards however, the Console room was easier on the eyes and more impressive looking than the one that Barbara and Ian was used to, if one didn't pay attention to the seemingly random junk that passed for controls on the console that was.

"Tacky?" Ian asked as he peered down through to the lower level of the Console room.

"I'll explain later." he replied knowing full well he wouldn't. The one time he actually had explained later as he'd promised to do, the brain of the companion he was telling the specifics to had nearly broken and quietly started shutting down in self-defense. It was one of the few times that one of his companions actually had dribbled on their shirt.

While Barbara and Ian more closely examined their surroundings, Amy and Rory slipped off presumably towards the wardrobe which he would have to visit soon and Susan took the opportunity to slip her clothes which she'd removed while he'd been returning things to his old wardrobe back on. By the time his previous self had followed him out of his TARDIS, both Barbara and Ian who had been averting his eyes had been trying to convince Susan to get dressed to no avail, not noticing or caring about the crowd they'd attracted, several of whom had given the two teachers disapproving glares.

"So, who wants to see the swimming pool?" he said after the quartet had done a circuit of the Console room.

The Doctor took in his surroundings including the ambient lighting temperature and atmosphere with some distaste. It was obvious from his surroundings that his future self was catering to the humans he was traveling with to a point that was almost assuredly detrimental to his own comfort. In fact, his future self seemed a great deal more comfortable with the primitive creatures than he should've been even if he still remained cut off from his own people for whatever reason. Stripping completely naked in order to blend in with ones surroundings was beneath the dignity of a Time Lord as well.

He could understand dressing for one's environment in order to avoid undue comment, but stripping completely and looking as if one were enjoying it much as one would any other leisure activity one would indulge in during a vacation was beyond the pale. He was supposed to be providing an example, and there was no reason to descend completely to the level of the primitive societies he might find himself amongst, even if they possessed a certain charm that one could find quite endearing.

Sure, one would have to make concessions when it came to traveling with humans such as raising the ambient temperature a few degrees so they weren't constantly shivering, but to entirely reconfigure the TARDIS for their comfort...

Taking in the metal of the corridors and the sliding doors that gave the interior of the TARDIS an appearance that looked to have come from an early 21st Century Science Fiction show, he followed the group towards the swimming pool which had so piqued Barbara and Ian's interest. The fondness that humans tended to have for water was rather unusual to him considering the fact that they were descended from small tree-dwelling primates.

He didn't know what it was that would possess him to make him turn the interior of the TARDIS into this monstrosity, but when the time came he was going to figure it out as quickly as possible and rectify matters. The simple sleek beauty of his TARDIS should be unmarred, especially by crude primary colors and dimmed lights. The multi-level design of the console room looked to have some merit however. If it were managed right...

"And, that's the boot cupboard." his older self who appeared much younger than he to human eyes said as he pointed out a rather nice looking sitting -room that had been decorated with Victorian furniture which had a style all its own. "No matter how many times I jettison it, it keeps coming back."

"Jettison?" Ian who was taking in his surroundings in curious amazement asked.

"It's a simple principle Chatterson," he said. "Some of the TARDIS's mass can be converted into energy in order to provide the TARDIS with more power."

Ian seemed to grow fascinated by the concept, and he strangely felt a sense of satisfaction at having managed to wrest the young scientist's attention away from his older self who had been going out of his way to impress Barbara and Ian. Based on the almost practiced ease with which he gave his tour of the interior of the TARDIS and the order of the rooms which he showed the group, it was almost a given that his older self had long experience with impressing humans who were endlessly fascinated with unusual trinkets. Impressing Time Lords however, not so much.

"But Grandfather, why do you have an aerospace museum with interactive exhibits, three arcades, twelve racquetball courts, an action-figure collection, a thousand foot high rock climbing wall, a garage, a soda fountain, two gymnasiums, and twenty-seven knockoffs of the Holy Grail?"