Week: ?

Day: ?

Days Remaining: ?

Objective: ?

I'm falling. This or i don't know exactly what's happening. Im only certain that i'm in everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I wouldn't mind if i was with someone or at least knew what happened before tough. I'm kind of used to situations like that by now.


Can't say. Or i can't remember. Right now i don't even know if i'm alive again. This must be the third time this is happening to me... At least in this week. Really, i feel it got common. But again, i wasn't alone last time... Or so i think.

As my vision whites out, i begin to remember things, like this city.

It was a beautiful city a long time ago. Now, it's becoming a ruin in the rain.

As i walk through the streets, i turn my vision. Through the shattered glass of a building, i see him again. The guy i hate the most, the guy who put me through all this.

The purple-eyed angel stares at me.


My memory changes again. This time it shows a friend. A silver haired... Girl? Woman? Is she even a living being?

"You cant do that!" I shout.

"I'm sorry, it's the only way..." She answers.

"No. He taugh you there's aways another way. That's why you fought so hard!" I scream.

"Not this time..."

She pushes me and i fall.

I keep falling a long way and crash into the ground.

With severe pain, i look into my hand. It's broken. And bleeding. Why is it like this? I wasn't supposed to be hurt like that!

Shiiiifting memory. This is getting boring.

"What's that?" I ask my friend, who is sitting in front of the computer.

"It's called the Holy Grail War" he answers.

"Wh-what?! That holy grail?"

"Who knows?" The blonde girl enters the underground room "but this war isn't what you think, it's a battle of magi".

My memory speeds up again. Why is it changing so much?

"So, i've hacked and discovered that" my friend answers.

"But then we'd be screwed, dude!" i answer him. "We can't risk our minds like that".

"No worries" my female friend says. "Look, our power is comparable to the Tohsaka house, but we do not have the fame of them. We can keep this as an advantage, the Harweys know nothing about us. We reclaim the grail, get our wish, and save the world!"

"As much as i'd like to agree" i say. "We may fight one another".

"Relax, i'll hack it so we won't be paired against one another. No problem".



Oh! So that's why i'm in this. Good, that's a start. Wait, what?! I'm going straight to a war? The heck, dude?!

Vision returns to me. I fall standing up, but am pushed and fall into the ground.


I get up. In front of me, there's a big school capus some streets way.


I raise my hands. It's a victory!

"We did it, i'm in the Holy Grail War!" i shout, then lower my own voice. "Now, all i have to do is win and save the world".

Wait. Save the world from what? Oh, my friend will know.


What was his name again? What was my name again? Oh no, once she discovers i forgot my mission, i'll be dead!


Who was she again?

Great, she will kill me twice! Well, it's his fault, but still! There will still be one kill for me!

I sigh. At least i have pieces of my memory, this is an advantage in the first stage.

I walk towards the school. Since i have no idea whatsoever of who i am, going to such a place is where they should gather, since it's where we were supposed to... Land?

Whatever. For now, i will have to play the student.