Chapter 5: Back to action!

Week: 1

Day: 3

Days Remaining: 4

Objective: Survive the first round/Find the friend



Why must i see this again?

"Help me! Please!"

One by one, they are all dying...

"It got me too, no... Get away... Nooooo!"

My food friends, one by one succumb to the mysterious mist.

It's purple. Out of nowhere came from the skies and covered foodtopia... That thing with a floating fish eye.

"Why are you doing this? Tell me!" I shout.

But all that i hear is a malefic voice.

"I hope you like it" followed by a giggle.

I try to back down, but i can't run anymore, i am covered by a tornado of it!



"Ah... Ah..."

I open my eyes.

It seems that i am in a hospital bed?

Was that all... A dream? No... The food... I felt danger from it... As if i could die at any moment...

"Nya... Senpai..."

Uh? Who is that? Have I ever been called 'senpai' before?

"Nya... Master..."

And that is Caster. The other one is... Sakura, right? Seems like both of them are having good dreams over there on the other side of... The... Bed...

What's wrong with this bed?!

It's as big as the room! Or was i the one that got smaller?

No the two sleeping beauties over there are also laying down in it.


Let's try sensing?


Ok, magic... Yes, it seems like a very advanced space-distortion magecraft. Either Caster did it on purpose or by accident. However why are we three here?



Oh yeah, the deadly food i ate from Caster... Eww, i almost felt it burning me again.

I strech myself and slowly get out of bed. However, on that moment...

"You can't, senpai..."

What the? Oh, it's Sakura.

"Yahn, not here, please..." And Caster leaking an erotic voice.

"Then we will bath together in swimsuits" Sakura says. Then she proceeds and gropes Caster's breasts.

"I will help you with yours..."

"Ah... I am sensitive there... No... Ah... Ah..."

"Don't resist, you are injured, senpai... Let me help..."



I better get out of here soon... Things getting pretty strange.

I walk slowly... And begin to run away from the infirmary!

"Ah... Ah..."

What's wrong with this body?! I was supposed to be able to run, not walk like a corpse! I only managed to reach the corridor, but i barely have strengh to remain standing against the wall.

Darn it, Caster's food must have left some after-effects. I should get back and...

Oh yeah, i left Caster in the infirmary... With Sakura trying to strip her...

Well, there's nothing i can do about it. Guess i'll go find Sasha then.

"Ah... Ah..."

I'm tired already. My breathing is heavy. I have pain in my head and must probably be with fever.


As a warrior, this is no excuse to back down.

"Yeah, that's right".

I may have gotten my first disease ever in the virtual world, but it's not enough to stop me.

I look at my hands "yes, wait..."

... Well since i was at an infirmary, makes sense that i am not wearing my usual clothes, but...

Why a white pajamas with black cats pattern?


Caster must have prepared it for me. She is a witch of the wiccas after all...

"Ah... Ah..."

I will go to... My room... And prepare something to fight... The disease and...


"Ah... Ah..."

To think i would be unable to mantain my feet, such a disgrace.

"You look worse than ever".

I look up. It's that Rin girl.

"You do realise you may be killed anytime if any master notices your weakness".

"Hi Rin. You do realise i might see your..."

She backs down a few steps, bright red.

"Did you..."

I force myself to rise slowly.

"No... Ah... Ah..."

"Can't you at least try to act strong?" She asks, noticing my breath.

"I am a warrior... Ah... I am... Already acting strong... It's my body the one that isn't responding as i wish".

"I see" Rin says. Aparently, she noticed we can catch diseases here.

"It was a trap. I made the wrong choice, this is the result".

"Interesting" She looks like she is making mental notes "but still, Gabriel, my statement was true. You are an easy target".

"Are you gonna kill me?"

"You are a potential treat in the future, unlike those other two" must be the Hakuno guys "killing you now would be a good choice".

And she says all that with a mocking smile... Arrogant girl.

"You are underestimating me. Summon your servant right now and both of your lives end here, parameters down won't change anything for me".

She seems surprised by my tone.

"I see... Yes, i forgot your servant has a perfect presence concealment. Good to see that you are aware of your surroundings, and not just making couples".

"Good to see i have opponents on a level of- making couples?!"

"There's a rumor going around that you help to estabilish great relationships".

"Cough... Strange... Hey, Rin..."

"How can you call me so casually?!"

"What? It's that honorific thing?"


"Anyway, Rin" she seems angry... Hehehe, erm, i mean "did you already solve your enigma?"


Running, running, i am...


"Argh, i hate being so weak now..."

"Grr..." Rin gets closer.

I am done for.

I can't use sensing but i feel something bad.

She is before me, but she extends her hand.

"I guess..." She averts her gaze "there's no helping to it".

I accept her hand and she helps me to get up. Then she proceeds and says:

"I don't like her, so i will help you out".

"Thanks" mental note: Rin is a tsundere "who is 'her'?"

She looks at me in the eyes.

"A special servant, Ruler, the one who decides the enigma. She asked me about pharaohs and they being gods to humans, but i guess the enigma changes from person to person".

"I see..." I mumble "by the way, was it aways an enigma? Weren't we supposed to get keys or something?"

"Surprisingly, the war changed".

"And now we have challenges to our minds, huh? It makes no sense to a battle of magi".

"I tought the same thing!" Rin says.

"Well, see you later, Rin. I have to do stuff and meet Ruler. Good luck to your war" i begin to walk away.

"Good luck? Do you have any idea of what you just said? You do realise only one will reach the top, all the others will die".

"I see... Good luck, Rin. You are going to need it".


She must be cursing me from my back, but i can't hear anymore.


"Ah... Ah..."

I am so lucky the body didn't hold much.

I smile. If i could walk more, i would have lost myself, but i fell just in front of my room!

"Ah... Ah..."

I force myself to open the door and enter the room.

Good, everything is still in here how i remembered, Caster must have not come back.

I just have to change myself and prepare some medicine and then...

Oh no... It's still in here!

I can barely use my magic, but over there is... The food/soup Caster made.

No worries, it can't move.

Er... Yes, that's right! That thing is the prey, i am the hunter!

Now let's see.

Searching for clothes.

I... Have to... Find and...

Changed my mind.

I open the giant refrigerator Caster had conjured.

Good, there are some herbs i know!

I just have to take some and do my touches...



Nothing can stop me! I am barely awake, but this must be enough. I don't think it'll cure me, but considering that i am at my limit, it must be enough to mantain me awake.

Gulp gulp gulp.

I drink the extract.

"Ugh, argh! Aaaarrrgghh!"

Good thing i was already on the ground, otherwise i would be hurt right now.

The taste is awful! Just like i remembered. So, it worked! Hahahaha.

Now to find clothes.

I crawl my way to the bathroom and look at the mirror.

Yes, blond hair, black eyes. It's the fake colors i have in this world. Aside that, i am red. And just like i verified, i have fever.

As for clothes.

Great, my jacket is gone, yay...

I guess i'll go with jeans and a black long sleeved shirt with a hood.

I walk away.

I am ready to get back to the war!

The medicine worked.

I am still weak, but i at least managed to walk(lose) my way to the infirmary.

I open the doors.

"Caster, Caster. Are you awake?"

"Arhm... Nya... Master?" I hear her voice from beyond the white curtains "you are... Kyah!"

"Where am i" now i hear Sakura's voice "Caster, why are you na- Kyah! Where are mine..."

I look down, on the ground there's a blue bra with black cats, a purple skirt and a red ribbon.

I get red.

"You two exibitionists!"

"Wh-what?! It's not what you think, master!"

"Ye-yeah, Gabriel! I was just sleeping!"

They make excuses.

"You take people's clothes while you sleep?!"

"No... I..."

"Sakura, get back here, you can't go like that!"

"Kyah... Caster... Ah... Please i am sensitive there..."

"What are you two doing?!"

I pick up their clothes, and from the skirt falls pink panties.


The bra is from Caster, the skirt from Sakura...

So, Caster and Sakura are...

"Just gets dressed already!" i throw all the clothes as a ball to above the curtain "i will wait outside".

They sure take their time...

The medicine's effects are almost gone and they sure make me wait.

"We are ready" i hear Sakura say.

"Good" i get in.

Both of then are sitting in the chairs of a table. I sit on the opposite direction. When i do that, they get bright red.

"What?" i ask.

"Erm Gabriel" Sakura says "di-did you..."


"Did you see my panties?"


"Don't lie, master" Caster intervenes "you saw m-my my bra too! Didn't you?!"

I feel like i've been through this before.

On that time, there was a sword in my neck and another pointed at my chest. My decision could cost me my life...


The danger here is bigger.

"Well... I d.." Ugh! My strengh! The medicine has already lost it's effects? "Woah".

"Master, master! Are you okay?" I open my eyes.

Back to the bed, with both Caster and Sakura on both sides.

Good, i still have my clothes.

"Sorry, i am sick, just that" i answer and try to get up.


"No!" Sakura intervenes and pushes me "you still haven't recovered. Your body has been overloaded, you have to rest for now".

"Uhm... I see... I refuse".

I try to get up, but Caster helps her.

"You can't, master. It's my fault that you are in this state, so..."

"It's not your fault" i answer "now, both of you, let me go. I have a war to win".

"Stop, master, please. Don't force yourself".


Guess i will have to use my last resort?

"Caster, you poisoned me. Do you want to make up for it?"

"I... Yes..."

"Then stop getting sad for the past and help me walk here".

"What?" Sakura seems surprised "you both... It will be twice as dangerous".

"I don't care" i answer "i lost a day already and we can only go to the arena once per day. Since the first day is the enigma, there's no potential danger for me".

"What?! Gabriel, the arena is full of enemy programs. You can barely stay standing, how do you plan to go through it all like that?"

"I trust my servant. I know her strengh. Now, Caster, help me out here".

I put my arm on Caster's shoulder. She gets bright red, but helps me stand and we walk away to the infirmary.

Once out i say:

"You know the way, let's go".

"Ye-yes" we begin to walk in the corridor "by the way... You... Really trust me, master?"


"But i poisoned you".

"I knew what i was drinking, but i didn't sense bad intentions from you. It was an accident and i don't care".

"You are barely standing!"

"This strengh... It is enough for me... I made more mistakes than any child or adult in this world, Caster. The price for them was heavier than you can imagine. I have no right to scold you nor do i have any doubt towards your loyalty".

"I-i see..."

"But please, make normal food next time..."

"One that you can taste the blood?"

"Yes, oh i like those".

"Just like a lion" she mumbles.

'You are not a lion!' appears on my mind.

I heard that line before... So, she talked to Sasha, huh?

Alright, we are in front of the door.

"Caster, can you fight while holding me?"

"Wh-what? I will hold you... Even if it costs me my life!"

Now i get red.

That line and Caster's cuteness...

I hate karma...

"Still... Can you fight?"

"Yes... Normal programs will be no problem... At least".

I see.

We enter the arena.

Just when we do, a program attack us.

"Aww c'mon!"

"Don't worry, master. I will answer your trust and expectations!"

One of her floating torches appear above us and the flames it launches destroy the program easily.

Just like that, i notice something.

"Caster, my prana. Is it still flowing normally?"

She is surprised. After some seconds, she answers:

"No... It isn't. But it's still more than enough".

"Caster, i know you might be saying this to make me feel better, but not only my life is on the line here. Yours is too. Please answer truthfully".

She averts he gaze.

"My prana supply from you has decreased severely. It's still enough to anchor me to this world, and also enough for me to use most of my magecraft, however..."


"It's now limited. I can only use the... That barrier against Archer's arrows once. After that, it'll be my limit and we will have to wait for the recharge".

"I see... "

"I am-"

"Don't be" i cut her off "do you think it will get back to normal once i recover?"

"O-of cour-"

"Answer the truth!"

"I... I can already feel it. The supply is getting better slowly. By this logic, once you get better, everything will be back to normal".

"Good... Do you think the mana is enough to defeat the spider mech we encountered before?"

"Yes. And it may be enough to even fight other servants. That is, as long that it's not Adam's..."

"I see..."


We are still standing here...

"Caster, i really like being with you right now, but can we move now?"

"Wh-what... I... We... Sure..."

And we begin to walk.

But then...

"Hakuno Kishinami..." i muster his name.

Right in front of me, with that blonde servant in a translucent red dress, is my opponent of the first week.

His eyes meet my gaze.

Darn it... We are an easy target.



And we are just standing here looking at each other.



"Praetor" his red servant pulls him "are you not going so say anything?"

"Uh... Yes..." He looks at us "you two are not going to say anything?"

"Do i seem like Shinji to you? More importantly, you are not going to attack us?"

"I... Would prefer not?" He answer me with a question.

"Master!" His servant calls him "an opportunity like this is the prize of many challenges! It's the gold knowledge that leads to victory! A battle is a beautiful dance that allows us to meet souls!"

Wait, i have heard that before.

Did i know her?

No... I have never met her, but i remember something... A teather? No, maybe Rome? I know her, but i don't know her.

I can't remember her name, but that personality. One that aspires only greatness... She would of course be summoned as Saber after thousands of years.

"So... You two are going to attack us while i am injured to end the match before it starts?"

"Injured?" She seems surprised "Huh... Erm... There's no beauty nor honor in doing this. But if it's praetor's order..."

I look at him.


"I prefer not..."


My anger accidentaly trigger my sensing magecraft.

While he is still a void, i can finally sense something from him.

I don't like this.

It's better for me to run away, but to be denied a fight from someone like him? Someone who doesn't know that to win, to change the world, risks and sacrifices must be taken?

I may have taken thousands of lives...

However, if we are in the Holy Grail War, it means that everyone, including me, had their mind set to winning by killing everyone else.

It makes me sick, but failure is not an option. But he wants to do so like that?

Curse you!

Is what i want to says.

But i can't fight. If i do, there's no guarantee we are going to succeed.

Tch... I have to hold back my warrior's pride...

"Then have a nice day" i answer "let's go, S".


And we walk away in the opposite directions.

After some minutes, Caster calls me:



"You... You were staring at that servant... Very much... Why?"


Do i say the truth?


"I recognised her... I dunno why, but i remember somethings. I... Didn't meet, but knew about her in the past".

"Oh, so that's why" she mumble.

"Was there any other reason?"

"Well..." Caster gets red and averts her gaze "i mean, do you know who she is?"

"Nero Claudius bunch of names. An emperor of Rome, related to several clashes against cristianity. While i do believe she can possibly be summoned as Rider, she undoubtedly is a Saber in this war".

"Why is that?"

"She will only be in something if she is the best, or can reach the best with beauty. Since she can't change classes, her personality will restrict her to Saber from the start, which is considered the best class overall, even tough it's not as strong as Berserker".

"You... Knew her very well..."

"As a friend? No. Most probably, she may have been an enemy".

"But, master. She is from ancient Rome..."

"Yes, and i am here now. I don't know why and on top of that my head hurts even more when i try to think about it. I have been to ancient Rome. I lived in the past, but am right now in the present".

"I see... Maybe it has something to do with being chosen as a warrior from the angels".

"No, it is impossible. A warrior surely will have higher longevility, but won't live that long. If i am imortal, it would have to do with somethig else".

Caster stops.

"We are here".

"Caster" i call her "Ruler will only do an enigma, after solving it we go back to the room. Right now, fight the best way you think".

"You will not guide me?"

"I... I can't" i answer without wanting "i am barely awake. I can't guide you in this next battle. I am sorry, this time i will be as useless as a corpse".

"Don't say that, master! You are not-"

"Right now, i am!"

The room doors open.

"Let's go".

That was simpler than i imagined.

Caster summoned the torches and released a continuous stream of flame to block the spider mech's advance and slowly destroy it.

However, should we use any more prana, the barrier of fire won't be able to be erected, and if we encounter Adam, we are done for.

In this case...

"No more use of prana, Caster. We can't afford the risks".


Yes. Aparently, that barrier is the only thing that can block Archer's arrows. After all, Caster said they never miss nor can be blocked, but the barrier is contradiction to existence, and beyond the reality imposed on the arrow.

As we get in...


A strange egyptian woman run in our direction.

She takes me away from Caster and we fall to the ground together.

And then...

She hugs me and kisses me in the cheek.


"Kyaaah!" Caster shouts, surprised

"WHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTT?!" I shout surprised.

I try to get away from her, but i don't have enough strengh. I don't think i can even stay standing anymore.

"Why did you shout?" She asks me.

"Why would i not?! More importantly, who..." I look at her in the eyes, and realise "i know you!"


"Wh-what?" Caster is still surprised.

"But i can't remember where from".

"Gabriel, you meanie!" She hugs my left arm "well no problem, we are reunited.

Then i feel my right arm being pulled.

It's Caster who is hugging it and trying to pull me from the egyptian girl.

"Give back master".

"Give back Gabriel".


I may like the sensation of both of your breasts, but...

"Stop, both of you!" i get away from then, but since i can barely walk, i fall to the ground "argh".

"Let me help ya, Gabriel". The girl pulls me from my right arm this time.

"No" and Caster pulls me from the other "i will help him".

"He is my friend".

"He is my master".

"Ah... Ah..."

That is too much. It feels as if i am about to be teared apart.

"I said enough!"


I free myself and fall sitting.


The other two also fall.

"Ouch. Look, i may have known you, but i lost my memories, ok?"

"You don't remember me?" she asks, but i see a small smile.

"Yes, i lost most of my memories".

"You meanie, Gabriel. To think you would forget your fiancé..." She seems about to cry.

Good at lying like ever. I can sense your mischief.

"Wh-what?" Caster seems like about to cry. With eyes with tears forming, she directs herself at me "is... Is that true?"

The egyptian girl crawls closer.

"Now come, Gabriel. Let us make the night into day trough our sinful pleasures!"

I fall to my back and try to crawl away. C'mon, body, work just now!

"Alright, stop lying! I can sense the emotions, by no means what you said was the truth. Who are you?"

The girl stops.

"You are a buzzkill. It was much more fun to toy with that blue haired boy and that pirate".

What did she do to Shinji?!

"Well, i am sorry" she continues "i can't tell participants of the war my name. You see, i have, like, a very important role in the war, kind of a big deal. So, i guess i will give you my servant name. I am Ruler!"

"I see" i sit "do you know anything about my past?"

"Well... You see, my memories are a bit foggy and..."

"WHY?! Why does every participant and servant has almost no memory of their lives in the real world?! Is it asking too much?!"

I'm breathing heavily. Ruler asks:

"Feelin' better now?"

"Ah... Ah... Yes..."

"Good, so when is our marriage?"

"I am not your fiancé! I don't even know if you were my friend or enemy!"

"Enemies, allies, it means nothing in our forbidden love".

"It means a lot, and i am not in love with you!"

"You sure? You are red, breathing heavily, your body doesn't respond... That's your love to me!"

And she jumps and hugs me.

I look at Caster for help, but she seems just like a statue about to break.

"N-no" i try to push her away "i am just sick".

"Liar!" She points at me smiling "it's impossible for you to get a disease".

I look at her serious. She lets me go surprised.

"Oh my... You really got sick... What did you take? I don't think anything less than a deadly poison could affect you..."

"Did you poison me?!"


"Erm, master..." Caster crawls at our direction "we have... Business to solve".

"Yeah, she is right..." I answer.

Ruler looks at me and do one more of her fake acts.

"Oh, my heart is breaking... To think you would trade me for a witch..."

"Alright, Ruler stop the..."

"What does she have that i don't? Is it her breasts?" Rules jumps at Caster.


And begins to fondle her breasts.

"Master... Ah... Ah... Please help".

"You sure are enjoying yourself" Ruler cotinues to tease her "that's what ya wanted, isn't it? You nasty witch".

"Ah... Ah..." And Caster leaks more erotic voices.

"Ruler, stop" i intervene.

But she ignores me.

"I don't think that's it... We are about the same size... And i think the softness is also similar... Is it the kiss then?"

"Ruler, we are in a war!" I shout.

She stops centimeters away from Caster's lips.

Good... Should i have been any slower it would be over.

"Ah... Ah..." Caster is still leaking that voice.

"Ruler" i call her.

"Oh, sorry" she lets go of Caster's breasts and gets off of her "look, as you must already know, there's an enigma ahead, and i am the one who will ask it".

Caster is still laying on the ground. I ask Ruler:

"What happens if i lose?"

"Both of you will get eaten, by me".

"In what sense?"

"Literal, but i may want to toy with you two, all. Night. Long... Just kidding, since i know you, i may make you two my slaves instead".

"And if i win?"

"You ignored me just like that?!"


"Okay, okay" she answers me "you will get access to the second floor of the arena, where resides a boss or something. But once you answer, the day ends. Understood?"

"Yes. Before that, just a simple question".

"Bring it on!"

"We may have been enemies. Even aware of that possibility, why did you..."

"I am lonely" she answers "a servant different from all else. Nothing to do besides the times where masters aplear before me. Seeing a familiar face was enough to cheer me up. Altough... Your eyes and hair changed".

"Yeah, i know".

"No, no, they really changed. Not just the color... It is not something i can easily tell... Anyway, enigma?"

"Caster?" I call her.

She tries to come but doesnt.

... Well...

I get near her instead.

"Master? Uuh... Wahh".

And forcefully make her sit beside me.

"There" i turn my attention to Ruler "what's the enigma?"

"It's a bit long, so wait a bit, okay? Here goes: on a kingdom, there existed a king, his best friend, the queen and the best friend's sister. They all loved food more than anything else, their lives included.

In a day, they made a huge banquet for themselves alone while the people starved. By the end of the day, only three pies where left, but no knife. They were still hungry, however. The question is: how did they solve it, dividing for themselves equally, without fighting?"


Now that is a good enigma...

Let me see...

No knife. Fingers? No, it wouldn't be equal, there's no way they would have the precision.

"Master, maybe through talking?" Caster asks me.

"They loved food more thant their lives and all the inhabitants of the kingdom" i answer "considering they were still hungry, a talk would lead to a fight".

Three pies, four people... 3/4=0,75.

"But master" Caster mumbles "even if they had a knife, to have a precision enough to divide equally and not cause a fight was nearly impossible".

"Yes, there would be a need for someone to intervene, but they were alone".

A king, his best friend, the queen and the best friend's sister.

"They managed to divide it for themselves, but even if they did have a knife to do so, a fight would happen. Even if someone intervened, the risk was still high. Besides, at least one of them would eat parts from different pies, enough to make distrust and envy. How did they do it? The conditions seem impossible for the personalities of such tyrants. The king could order the other two, but if he did so, he would surely eat all..."

I look at Ruler. She is smiling at my resolve.

"You do know, after all, how injustice works. You realised, right? I do believe this test will help you remember some memories".

An enigma specifically chosen for me, who knows how low humanity can sink.

Caster pulls me by my arm.

"Considering all the information, it's impossible, master. Only if the pies were directly handed to them, one for each, that the fight wouldn't happen. But there's no way they can divide it if it's in such situation".


What she said is true. There must have been a way where everything was divided equally from the start. The answer would be 'impossible', but Ruler said it happened.


Three pies were already set for those four people in a way they would enjoy it.

But again...

Only if it was one pie for each that it would be possible.

A king, his best friend, the queen and the best friend's sister.

One pie for each...

Wait, that's it!

"That's it, Caster!" I hug her.


I shake her, she is red and still surprised.

"The only way to divide is if they had one pie for each with the same size" i turn my attention to Ruler "and that is what happened".

"Ho-how?" Caster asks.

I let go of her and answer:

"A king, his best friend, the queen and the best friend's sister... It's not four people. The queen IS the best friend's sister. Three pies for three people!


"Impressive" Ruler says "good to see you remembered somethings".

"Yes... Thanks, Ruler".

I hear a beep from my terminal.

"Bye bye, Gabriel, good luck in the Holy Grail War".

And everything disappears as i am teleported away.

Aftewards, Caster helped me to get back to the room.

"Finally!" I throw myself at the bed "oh yes... So good... I can't believe i managed to stay awake for so much..."

I feel like making a snow, no, a couch angel.

Caster is still standing away.

"You not gonna sleep?" I ask her.

"I-i tought, that you would prefer to sleep alone... So i would rather let you..."

"Caster, if you don't want to sleep with me, just say it. Here, i'll let you have the..." i try to get up, but again, i am miserably weak.

"Master, no!" Caster pushes me.


And she trips and falls on me.

Argh... There goes my liver... And stomach...

"Sorry sorry sorry" she says.

"Don't be" i answer "if you want to sleep alone, you will do so in the bed, i have no problem sleeping on the ground. I am a warrior, remember?"

"You could at least hold back your warrior's pride sometimes master!" She shouts, but then averts her gaze. How cute "you know... That's really unfair! You leave me with no options then!"


"I will sleep with you".

I get red.

Her face shows something like 'how cute' while she is averting her gaze.

Curse you, karma!

"Fine, be it..."


After she gets it all done, she mumbles:

"Oh, almost forgot..." And snaps her fingers.

After an strange brightness, i realise i am again wearing the strange pajamas with black cats pattern.

"What the..."

"You... Don't like it?"

Caster, you have no right saying i am the one unfair after you say things like that.

"I have nothing against... It's confortable..."

"I see".

I look to the left and see her.

I notice she is wearing pajamas too.

Her pajamas is a pink one, and again with the black cats.

Strangely enough, she is hot and cute with that.

Trying to control myself i ask:

"Black cats mean luck for wiccas or something?"

"What? Altough they can be powerful familiars, i think they are really cute... And fluffy... And..."

Sorry Caster. I can no longer remain awake.

My conciousness is already fading.

"Good night, master".

Did she say something? I couldn't hear.

But you know, this is very confortable... Her warm somehow brings peace to my mind...

Maybe this time i will naturally have good dreams...

But i know it isn't true.

Because when i close my eyes...

My past comes back to haunt me.


After a whole day of researching, tomorrow we will fight the boss.

Saber surely scares me. Her violet eyes seems like they can pierce the very soul.

And while she doesn't demonstrate many emotions, i do believe she was angry when we fought that Hakuno boy today.

His red Saber servant being identical, i mean, almost identical to her, must have been what made her that angry.


Even if he didn't want to fight, either he is a really weak master, or my Saber is a really strong servant.

That fight was nothing. Saber's power is incomparable.

Altough she may seem evil, i can't describe the sense of security i have with her and the inhumane charisma she posesses.


Tomorrow i am coming for you, Adam. I may no longer remember who you were, but you are surely our enemy.

Gabriel, Sasha, please rest your minds.

I will search for you two later, my friends.

But for now i will eliminate our biggest threat.

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