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On a busy day in New York City, a Miniature Schnauzer was running through the name was Jack, he turned his head and barked at his owner.

His owner was all in a fluster, trying to catch up, "What? You have four legs, of course you run faster than I do!"
His owner was a brunette, with beautiful brown eyes, 25-year-old, the main character of this story. Rachel Berry.
Rachel was taking loads of pet stuff, rushing for the ferry.

When she arrived at the wharf, she went to a vending machine for a coke, gasping for air. However, no drinks came out.
"Damn it!" she swore. She turned around and walked away from the vending machine. A 'bang' sound came from behind. Rachel turned back and saw a pink-hair girl slamming on the machine. After a while, a drink came out.

The girl took out the drink and walked towards Rachel. Rachel was relieved, "my luck isn't too bad."
"Thank you." Rachel said to the girl, but the girl just walked past her like she wasn't even there, and started drinking the coke.

Rachel was pissed, "What a bitch! Stole my freakin' drink!" she murmured. She was just going to go after the girl when Jack barked. Jack was circling around a man with white suit, and refused to let go of the phone strap hanging out the man's pants.

"I'm sorry!" Rachel apoligized. "Jack! Let go of it!"
"He's cute, just pretend it's a gift for him."
"What? No, just-"
"He likes it. Oh, it's time to get on the ferry."

The man was very nice, he helped Rachel to take her things to the ferry. His white suit seemed to shine like a diamond, Rachel thought he resembled an angel.

When they got on the ferry, the man put the pet stuff in order and went to sit alone. Rachel was shocked, there were plenty of empty seats besides her. "What's wrong... Is he afraid of Jack? Or he just doesn't wanna bother me?" She wondered.

Actually, he was allowing a relationship to grow...

Rachel thanked the man and at the same time realized that the pink-hair girl was sitting right in front of her. She was STILL drinking that coke. Rachel was furious, intended to raise her voice"Wow, looks like someone is enjoing her FREE coke." She stressed the word free.

The pink-hair girl was called Quinn Fabray. She took a look at Rachel and turned back, then took a sip of the drink.

It was like Jack was grievance, he barked at Quinn. The phone strap fell down from his mouth, Rachel moved swiftly to catch it. "Oh Jack, don't get mad. Maybe the drink is poisoned. God wanna save me from getting sick. Please let the bad person suffer, Lord." Rachel prayed playfully. Quinn doubted if Rachel was talking about her, she took a glimpse at her.

"Jack, forget about the bad person, I'm gonna teach you some words, alright?" Rachel held the phone strap in front of Jack, "this is called phone strap. Phooonnneee Straaapp. Come on, say it." Jack barked melodiously, as if he was really learning to say. Quinn ridiculed, and turned back.

Rachel never stopped talking behind Quinn. She sometimes taught Jack to distinguish colors, sometimes taught Jack some new words. Quinn was annoyed, she crossed her arms and tried to fall asleep.

The white-suited man saw everything. Her then drew the picture in front of him out.

After a while, a young boy arrived at the wharf, he was going to put a dime in the vending machine, he saw a drink in the vent."Ha! How lucky am I!" He took his dime back and started drinking his FREE coke.

Rachel misunderstood Quinn...