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Three hours after the others had gone to bed, Gingka, Arashi, and Anashi were still awake talking. Kyoya and Takeshi had gone to sleep on the couch opposite, Kyoya seated, and Takeshi's head resting on his father's lap. Eiichi had taken up a recliner in the corner, leaving two more recliners and the large couch.

"So, how is Madoka doing?" Gingka asked suddenly in the middle of a conversation about beys.

"Mom's fine. She really misses you though." Anashi replied.

"The village!" Arashi exclaimed suddenly, jumping off the couch.

Gingka put his finger to his lips and pointed at Kyoya and Takeshi. "What about the village?" He asked.

"We were out in the forest with Grandpa Ryo, and this morning he left us this and was gone." Arashi pulled Ryo's note out of his pocket and handed it to Gingka, who quickly read it.

"This is serious." He said.

"Yeah, it's actually why we came here in the first place." Anashi said.

"Then we take immediate action, since we don't know whether he warned them in time or not." Gingka stood.

"Can we help?" Arashi asked, jumping up as well.

Gingka smiled. "Yeah, I've got an idea. Kyoya! Wake up!" The redhead stepped over and tapped his rival on the shoulder.

"Hmm?" Kyoya's turquoise eyes opened almost immediately.

"We need to move out, apparently the village came under DNA attack and that's why the kids were here in the first place."

Kyoya nodded and shook Takeshi awake.

"Tamashii, connect Stormflight system to headquarters intercom." Gingka said as Anashi and Arashi woke up Eiichi.

"Connected." The computer confirmed.

"All Warriors up to launch pad, we have an emergency." Gingka said quickly, then turned and strode to the elevator.

"Is that really going to wale them all up? Eiichi could probably sleep through an earthquake!" Arashi grunted, trying to lift the younger blader out of the chair.

"Here, let me do it." Kyoya muttered, lifting Eiichi up. Te Leone wielder looked at the sleeping boy's face for a few moments, then dropped him.

"Ahh!" Eiichi instantly woke up as Kyoya grabbed his arm in time to keep him from hitting the floor.

"Now, let's go." Kyoya set Eiichi down and stepped over into the elevator, where Gingka was waiting. Takeshi, yawning and still half-asleep, soon followed, along with Arashi and the others.

By the time the group got up, the rest of the Warriors were already there, waiting on the landing pad and ready to go.

"What's up?" Kenta asked.

"Apparently the village was attacked by the DNA, we are going to go make sure they are okay at the very least." Gingka replied.

"So, what's the plan then?" Ryuga asked.

Gingka grinned. "Sneak these guys in," he pointed at Arashi and the others, "have them act like they are trying to rescue everyone, then, just when the DNA thinks they have them, we jump in!"

"Umm, are you sure dad? Because I'm not really..." Anashi spoke up.

Gingka turned to her with a smile. "Anashi, all you really have to do is launch and follow Arashi's lead, if you want to. Just give them a good fight, okay?" The redhead wrapped his arms around his daughter and hugged her.

"But I'm scared!" Anashi whispered, hugging back.

Gingka released her and got down on one knee with his hand on her shoulder. "Anashi, I won't let them do anything to you, I promise."

Anashi threw her arms around his shoulders, crying. The stress of worrying about her mother, plus having to deal with the DNA, had become too much for the redhaired girl.

Gingka hugged his daughter again, stroking her hair gently. "Shh, it's okay Anashi, it's okay." He repeated the words over and over as his daughter sobbed. "Come on, let's go rescue your mother."

Anashi nodded as Gingka stood.

"Okay guys, load into the helicopters!" Gingka called. "We approach quietly, the highest priority is to not get noticed. The closer we can get, the better. Now, let's go!"

Most of the Warriors quickly climbed into one helicopter, and Gingka reached out a hand to help Anashi and the others get in.

"Are you going to be okay Anashi?" Arashi asked.

"Yeah, dad will keep us safe." Anashi said, looking up at the front of the helicopter, where Gingka was standing, gripping a handle above his head on the roof as the helicopter took off.

"Activate Stormflight system." Gingka said. His helmet soon slammed shut over his face, the usual glowing blue eyes lighting up part of the helicopter's interior. The setting sun glinted off of the metal face, giving it a rather imposing look.

"You guys know what to do?" A metallic voice said as Arashi and the others stepped out of the helicopter.

Arashi paused and looked back at his father. "Yeah, I haven't failed any missions I have been given yet, and I don't intend to fail now."

Gingka smiled under his mask. "Then you wont. The determination to win, no matter what, should be enough. When you are battling an opponent who has the same amount of strength as you, it all comes down to who wants it more. Good luck." He saluted the group as they plunged into the forest, headed towards the explosion sounds indicating where a battle was going on.

When the group arrived, they were shocked by what they saw. There were strange bladers all over the place, as well as Zero, Shinobu, Ren, and Ryo. Maru was hiding behind a tall man with blue hair, holding tightly onto her child, who was crying. Zero and Ren were tag teaming against several DNA bladers, and Madoka was hiding behind Ryo and another blader who none of them recognized.

"Go, Levizer!"


Kaito and Eito, who had returned with help only to find the area in chaos, were tag teaming together.

"Fireblaze, Burning Fire Strike!"

"Go, Striker!" Masamune and Ryo were knocking out bladers, trying to protect Madoka.

The defending bladers were doing well, until Ian sent in his robotic army. After that, things went downhill. The defending group was soon split up completely, and even Hikaru launched in Aquario in an attempt to defend herself.

"Lightning!" Arashi chose that moment to jump into the battle.

"Go, Flame Pegasus!" Anashi yelled

"Guardian Ifraid!"

"Storm Leone!"

"Guys! I told you to stay away!" Ryo yelled as the four began attacking DNA bladers, with little results.

"Well, it's not like we had a choice!" Anashi replied.

"I am assuming those are your kids Madoka?" Masamune yelled over the sound of clashing metal.

"Yeah, but they really shouldn't be here!" Madoka replied.

"Go Zuraffa!" Da Xiang was nearly panicking as he was surrounded by robots.

"Ahh! Ryo, Masamune, help!" Madoka yelled as she was surrounded.

"Where are the Warriors when you need them?" Zero shouted.

"Probably mourning their fallen comrade still!" Ian laughed evilly.

"Madoka, jump!"

Ryo, Zero, and all of those who knew the Warriors froze at the words. Madoka quickly obeyed and was gone as a blazing streak of flame swooped down, taking her with it and flinging the robots back.

"Counterattack! Do not let him escape!" Ian ordered.

"Yahoo! Let's do this guys!" Arashi laughed, diving for the ground with his sister and friends as two more flaming streaks shot out of the bushes behind them and soared high into the sky.

"Arashi! You knew?" Ryo was surprised.

Arashi stood up and grinned. "Whose orders do you think we were following coming here?"

Madoka suddenly landed next to her twins. "I don't know how you two did it, but good job." She hugged the two tightly.

"Ian! I told you we would return! This ends now!"

Da Xiang, Masamune, and all of the other bladers from around the world that had been gathered by the efforts of the Unbara brothers looked up in surprise. Evenly spaced around the clearing, hovering above their heads, were ten figures, each wearing brightly-colored clothes and metallic masks.

"Ten of you? But that young man over there killed one of you on our orders! One of you is fake!" Ian yelled, pointing at Arashi.

Stormflight pointed to a small tear in his coat. "This is where his bullet went in. I have been recovering at our headquarters up until this morning. You failed again."

Madoka and the others gasped.

"I didn't know mom, I didn't know it was him." Arashi muttered as his mother looked at him in surprise.

"How did he get here? We banished him to the depths of a forest!" Ian exclaimed.

"We brought him here." Dragonfang snarled. "Because we knew that Stormflight would never forgive us if we left his son behind."

Ian's eyes widened as Ryuga's words sank in. The Garcia turned to look at Arashi, with fear in his eyes.

"You... A Hagane?" He snarled.

Arashi gulped and nodded.

"Yes, Ian. You should have learned not to mess with my family in the first place." Stormflight's voice fairly throbbed with his power as he spoke, driving every word home.

"Which one is Gingka?" Masamune whispered.

Ryo pointed proudly at the blue-clad figure hovering over the heads of Madoka, Arashi, and Anashi.

"Stormflight." He said simply.

"Enough talk! You will all be defeated here and now!" Ian yelled, sending half of the robots into the air and the other half after the group in the ground.

"Beys on the ground, techniques in the air! Warriors, go!" Gingka yelled, firing his cable at Ryuga, who was hovering to his right. "W.E.D.F technique, delta formation, go!"

"Whoa!" Teams Excalibur, Wang Hu Zhong, and Dungeon were all surprised as the Warriors paired up, crossed cables, and began their rapid-spinning technique, mowing down robots in seconds.

"They perfected it!" Ryo and Madoka exclaimed as they watched the group, flying in a perfect triangle formation. On the ground, it was a completely different story, as ten streaks of flame smashed their way through robots left and right.

"How do they fly and control their beys at the same time?" Zero asked.

"Practice! Lots and lots of practice Zero! You should have seen how many times me and Ryuga mowed down the rotors of our helicopters trying to perfect this!" Stormflight's voice came from the whirling disc leading the formation.

"Robots, retreat!" Ian called at last.

"Disengage!" The order came as each disk split in two, the Warriors separating into two near-perfect triangle formations, displaying the perfect control they now had in the air.

"King! I don't know which one is you, but you sure do have a lot of explaining to do!" Masamune yelled as the DNA forces retreated.

Warlord turned from his position behind Stormflight and waved at Team Dungeon.

"Go ahead, Warlord." Stormflight said. "Break formation!"

Instantly, Warlord flew over and joined Team Dungeon.

"Group hug!" King yelled once his helmet was down, tackling Masamune. Zeo and Toby laughed and jumped in.

Aguma walked over to Wang Hu Zhong once he had landed, his helmet retracting as he got there.

All around the clearing, everyone was laughing, commenting on how much each other had grown, and, in the case of Team Wild Fang, teasing each other about relationships.

Kyoya just rolled his eyes at Nile and Demure and leaned in to kiss Hikaru, who was already in his arms.

"Yuck!" Takeshi exclaimed, causing Nile to laugh.

"You said it kid, you said it." Benkei chuckled.

"Well, I did say I would be back."

Madoka turned her head to look behind her as a familiar pair of arms wrapped around her waist. The brunette turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Gingka! Put me down!" Ryo looked over as Madoka started yelling.

Gingka laughed, hovering in midair with Madoka in his arms.

"No, you're staying right here."

"Eww alert!" Anashi and Arashi laughed as their parents began kissing in midair.

Gingka slowly lowered their altitude, landing so lightly that Madoka never noticed her feet touch the ground.

"Group hug!" Anashi and Arashi ran over and wrapped their arms around both parents.

"Wait, how did you two get up here?" Madoka asked, surprised.

Gingka laughed. "Madoka, we're on the ground."

Madoka looked down. "What happened to hard landings?"

"More technology development on Yuki's part." Gingka chuckled.

"You do know how much trouble you are in, right?" Ryo's voice came from behind them.

Gingka chuckled. "No, but I'm guessing its about the same amount that I was in when I first showed up as Stormflight without telling you." The redhead turned to face his own father. Ryo quickly enveloped his son in a tight hug.

"Mmph! Dad, too tight, still a bit sore!" Gingka muttered.

Ryo relaxed his grip, a few tears falling from his eyes as he hugged his son.

"I guess the father never really stops being a father, even after the child has kids of his own." Kenta commented to Da Xiang.

"Yeah, apparently not." Da Xiang replied.

"Hey guys!" Gingka called, breaking away from Ryo. "Let's show Argo that we are back and ready to fight!"

"No Gingka, you just got back after twelve years, you are not leaving so soon!" Madoka exclaimed.

"I didn't say anything about leaving." Gingka grinned, his Legend Aura appearing around him. "I was thinking about a demonstration using our beys in the air, our teamwork in bey battles has even improved."

"What is that fire around dad?" Anashi whispered.

"That is a sign of a strong blader, quite literally, a cloak of his own power." Ryo replied as the other nine Legendary Bladers began glowing as well.

"Ryuga, how big of an explosion do you think we can create in midair?" Gingka called, raising his launcher.

Ryuga smirked. "Big enough to be seen from Tokyo, since that's obviously what you are thinking!" He replied, raising his own launcher.

"Ready then, three!" Gingka called.

"Two!" The rest of the Legendary Bladers raised their launchers.


"You are about to see the true power of the strongest bladers in the world." Ryo whispered to Arashi, Anashi, Takeshi, and Eiichi.

"Let it Rip!"

All ten beys instantly bounced off trees and each other, quickly getting into the air.

"Helmets up and take off! Hover in circle formation, Warriors go!" Gingka gave the order.

Pegasus spread its wings and let out a piercing whinny as L-Drago and Leone roared. Spirals of flaming color whirled, perfectly in sync with each other. Blue and red lightning flashed as a tornado whirled in midair above the forest, the Steel Warriors flying in a perfectly synchronized pattern around the show of power they had created. Each Warrior was fully engulfed in the flames of his Legend Aura as he let out his full power. Cables crossed, hooked, intertwined, and released; maintaining the formation.

Argo was pacing in his office, looking out at the night sky every once in a while. Ian had reported a few hours ago to say that he had found the village where the friends of the Warriors were and was attacking it.

"Sir, Master Ian is calling." Merci suddenly reported.

"Yes Ian?"

"Argo, we have a huge problem." Ian sounded frightened.

"No, they cant be!" Argo exclaimed.

"I'm afraid so brother, the Warriors are-" Ian was cut off by a huge explosion.

Argo whirled and ripped the curtains open, then froze. In the distance, from the direction of Koma Village, was a huge pillar of light, in multiple colors. "They're back." He whispered, terrified.

"Argo, you- breaki-p-nt-hea-" Ian's voice faded into static.

"Well Argo? I told you, we would return. Your reign of terror is over."

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