Ok i know ... what am i doing?! Why am i satring a new story when i'm not finish with my first one? Well this story will be a collection of one shots that will feature Murdock and my OC and also the team. Its actually plot bunnies that keeps popping in my head and they kept on bugging me! If i wont let them out they will start to gnaw their way out my head. So im giving them the liberation they want if i could justify it...

As for my Normal is Overrated i will continue it, but im lazy and my new job is really taking all my time. I will it as soon as i can so please bear with me.

By the way i would like to thank lovezjacobblack and SerenitySparrow for following my story. And Mrs. Marie Woods-Winchester, -irish8642, lovezjacobblack for adding my story (Normal is Overrated ) to their favorite. Thank you lovezjacobblack for adding me to your favorite.

And to everyone who reads Normal is overrated thank you so much! I hope you also enjoy Normal is overrated drabbles.