A/N: hi! Another update for.the drabble! This inspired from the episode Bounty. To understand whats going on watch that first Season 3.of. The a team.tv series. The ep title is bounty! Kelly was played by to he real life wife of dwight schultz the actor who.played murdock. They look soooo cute as they play .their role and knowing theyre married just gave me the feels!! Its soo cute! It probably closest to canon relationship as we can get from yhe show XD. So whats a fangirl do when she has an oc she ships with.murdock? Well im not.sure plent of.things actually.. Maybe move on.and not be hang up on it? \_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽/ but well.me? This happened i.dont know what.this.is.. But its here \_(ツ)/ so yeah.. up

Chapter 5: Kelly

" Hey Murdock its lunch break!" Alexandra adjust her big glasses so itll stay up her her eyes.. Not that she needs it, the thick glass has no magnification whats so ever but it helps her to be a bit unrecognizable outside. She opened Murdock's room putting the key back on the pocket of her uniform. The pilot was on his bed playing video games.

" Yeah? " The pilot answered pausing his game smiling at the sniper. " Its nice of you nurse Hale to check on me during your lunch break. " He said grinning up at her, alexandra chuckled at that she had been part timing at the VA psych ward as a nurse aid to help face scam murdock out and keep an eye on him. She donned a nurse uniform or a scrub with thick glasses and a messy bun she didnt stand out much especially with more cute nurses walking about.

" Well since im heading for the cafeteria i was thinking I'd grab you a bite. What do you want?" She asked the man before her, who scrunch up his nose.

" Hmm... Im grateful for the cafeteria making nice food and all but im craving for a nice big cheese burger! " Murdock said giving Alexandra his puppy dog eyes " please chiquita banana!"

" Ok ok.. " Alexandra gives in, she isnt immuned to that puppy dog face B.A always say it will get her and face in trouble one day. But she just laughed it off, she likes the adventures they get into. " Ill be back in... Say.. 30 minutes" she checked her watch..

" Okie dokie! Youre the best!" Murdock flashed her the boyish grin she adore and walked back out. The pilot unpaused his game and played while he wait for her.

" Hale going out for lunch?" An orderly asked the Alexandra as she put walked out the door. " By yourself? " He added worriedly

" Yeah Conner, im craving something thats not in the cafeteria " the sniper replied, to be honest it was sweet. Being a bit smaller than other nurse or well people.. Some of the orderlies like Conner gets a bit protective. She adjusted her glasses " ill be fine its lunch so theres plenty of people out there"

" Ok just dont go short cutting in alley ways thats where mugging happens" he reminded here. Alexandra waved at him smiling man if only her step brothers were half decent. She chuckled as she set out on her mission to get burgers. It was a nice quiet day the sniper thought it would be uneventful since theyre free for the week of missions. Well she never accounted for the gun shot she heard when she was a heading back in the V.A

" What?! Hannibal what happened?!" Face was confused at the situation their CO explained over the phone. He was running around his conned apartment to get ready to go to the VA.

" Well Alexandra called seems like someone broke in the VA and kidnapped murdock! Head there face.. So well know what happened and try to scam Lex out of work. " Hannibal said , face heard the call for hannibals shot ok the set before hangs up. The conman sped to the VA to see what happened .

" Oh it was awful! They said they were friends of mr Murdock and they Just started shooting the door and dragged him out!" The nurse sobbed on face chest" it was it so scarry!"

" There there its ok!" Face cooed at her.. And rubbed her back this is bad.. They need to find Murdock quick! " You did say theres a nurse aid here thats assigned to this hall? Where is she? Was she send home? " He asked the sniper probably excused herself to tail the kidnappers

" Nurse Hale? No shes somewhat detained at the break room. She got here jusy as the kidnappers took Mr. Murdock.. She didnt take it too well she tried to go after them. But the orderlies stopped her. Jim Conner and 3 others held her back! She was very upset but who knows what those thugs will do to her! " The nurse explained as she lead face to the break.room " she was.really upset.. She broke one of the orderlies nose with her struggling " the.nurse continued.. Face doubt it was cause she was struggling he knows first hand how hard she can punch.

Face saw Alexandra sitting on the break room she was holding her head and her legs bouncing anxiously.. She was also muttering under her breath. Face knew the sniper would be upset.. Though no one can get a straight answer from the two captains, there was something about the two.. Well at least they think.. The lingering touch, the look they give each other sometimes. B.A. Say he and hannibal are just seeing things but they cant really tell for sure.

" Alexandra.." face called her name softly, the sniper snapped her head up, her eyes look a little red.. Face suspected she shed a few tears, she looked distraught.

" They took him! I was there i was almost there! I failed... Im so sorry.. " Alexandra said as she sprung on her feet spewing the words rapidly.

" Hey hey.. Its ok well find him.." Tempelton said comforting Alexandra who seem to be a few steps away from.a break down.

" Dont worry nurse hale we informed the military.. im sure they'll save Mr. Murdock!" The nurse pipped in. Face and alexandra snap their head at.the nurse.

" You called the military? " Face asked hoping he heard wrong. But the nurse nodded" oh well look at.the.time i have another case i have to look at... You two.should go home a get some rest im sure this is very stressful for you.. ill go now" face.as he tried to go leave before the military arrives. Alexandra already disappeared at times like this she will either stall the military or will drive the his car for a quick escape. But seems like theyre on a tight spot when he saw alexandra open.the door out side and Deker was there!

" Ah miss- its Peck! After him! " Decker cried pushing Alexandra out of The way and chase him. Face beriefly saw the worried look on the snipers face as she disappeared in the crowd too. Face run down the corridor with the mps hot on his tail.

" Face quick!" Alexandra hissed urgently at him as she drag a laundry cart behind her. Face figured she went around to meet him on the other side of the hallway. Face quickly jumped in the cart and.he was buried in dirty laundry. He felt the cart move and heard hurried foot steps then the cart stopped.

" You there! Have you seen a man run by here? Hes wearing a doctors coat, tall blond?" Face heard Decker's lieutenant asked Alexandra.

" Y-yes.. i saw him run past t-the door nearly knocking me over i-i thought theres a-an emergency.." the conman heard the sniper answer he can imagine how she looks.. She can be so unassuming when she wants to be.. He thought alexandra a few tricks in scamming though she can handle her self in stuff like this, its was what she used to do in the army.

" Thank you! " Face heard them leave and the cart start moving again.. Slow at first then it picked up speed. Then they stopped and he popped out theyre at the parking lot. They both hopped on to his corvette and drive away they need to meet with the other and regroup.

"Hannibal im so sorry... I.should have been more careful... I shouldn't have left! " Alexandra blurted out once they reach Hannibal, B.A was already there when face and alex arrived.

" Lex what happened was out of your control.. And its good you informed us right away" Hannibal said as he peek out the wjndow.of his trailer.

" You shouldve seen it Hannibal they tore the floor apart got the whole staff scared!" Fave said.

" We bettter find him! If those guys have shot gun they.might kill him" B.A said crossing his arms.

" How do we know hes not already dead?" Face ask which he regretted asking as he saw Alexandra terrified and the guilt and worry was practically pouring out the sniper.

"They wouldnt, they want him alive other wise they wouldve killed him in the hospital. " Hannibal said " now they would contact us.. And the only number murdock know.. Is the van's phone.. Uh oh lets go!" He said as he duck out back in the trailer as the director of the film came to call hannibal for the next scene.

" I think this will fit peters" Hannibal.said to the director when he.exited his trailer. The director protest but face just stopped the guy and they all climbed in yhe van.

" Im sorry sir.. im really sorry.. I-i shouldve paid more attention... I shouldnt have left.. " Alexandra said apologizing to Hannibal for what seems like the 10th time. The colonel reach back to pat the girls shoulder.

" Its not your fault. Dont worry captain, well get Murdock back. " Their C.O said as he light his cigar.

" Yeah little sis.. we'll get that crazy fool back amd make those suckas pay!" B.A seconded Hannibal as they drive. Alexandra sat back on her chair.. She was wringing her hand and her leg was bouncing anxiously again. Face held her hand and squeeze it reassuringly, he Alexandra and Murdock were close, well they all were, but Murdock is his best friend he feels a certain closeness to Alexandra too.. Even though he and alexandra didnt hit off from the start as the sniper wasnt too keen on his flirty remarks.. Murdock had become their common ground, they both cared for the crazy pilot.

Face didnt see alexandra as one of the girls he should or would charm into his bed..( Frankly he believes it would result to a knife in the gut.. He didnt how Murdock survived to he first time he tried his impromptu sleep over.. ) He sees Alexandra in what he can explain as family.. He never had a family of his own, only the orphanage and the team.. And he get this little bouts of protectiveness when the sniper is involve.. This must be what a brother feels like towards a sister.

Alexandra looked at face.. He could see her onxy eyes still full of worry but he can also see them relax a bit. He felt her squeeze his hand back giving him a small smile. Then.the phone rang and hannibal quickly picked it up.

" Yeah?"

Face and Alexandra waited as Hannibal went to answer the call as he was instructed by the kidnappers... Then they sped off to.pick up B.A a few ways off the street, B. A was up the pole trying to listen in to the call.. They stopped by the pole and B.A climbed down.

" Well Hannibal some one used the phone and called the number who called you.. Here it is.. " he handed a piece of paper to hannibal.

" Well face.. Get this numbers address in five minutes.. " hannibal said.as he sat down the passenger seat in front.

"Five minutes?!"

" Face dont tell me old age will hold you back" Hannibal said in concerned tone that always meant hes teasing face. The conman snatched the paper from hannibal taking the bait.

" What ?! No! Five minutes huh? Sure but i have to borrow B.A's tools and Alexandra. " He said slipping the paper in his pocket.

Face and Alexandra donned some hard hat and some plaid shirt and jeans. For face an overall for Alexandra. She argued that he still looked too posh for someone into construction. Face countered he still need to look his best to con people and she just laughed it off.. Face was glad shes easing up a bit she felt so guilty about losing Murdock on her watch she looked like shed be having melt down.

They strode in the telephone's operator office confusing the girl in it. Alexandra started marking the walls and floors and face started to nail them.

" Whats going in here?!" She asked before she can asked more she had to pickup the ringing phone" ah yes please hold ill connect you.. " she said to the speaker the turned her attention.back to Face and Alexandra.

" Fox leap construction.. Wont more than 15 mins... " face said as the operator stood up

" What are you guys doing here?!" The opeator asked

"Well theres been a power outage and well have to hack into.the main cables.. Did you get the paperwork for this.. The memo? " Face said as he kept hammering the floor. " Tracy i told to send out the paper work. " He said to alexandra complaining.

" I did boss! I told the messenger to make sure the office got it!" She said pulling to he drill out of the tool box she hand it to Face.

" But i cant leave! I have to.connect the calls! " The operator said

" Well then youre in violation of the code" Alexandra said, crossing her arms.

" You see you cant have a hard hat in the work place.. Especiall when theres construction going.. " face explained" its a violation of the company safety law. Hmm tracy can find a hard had the fit you downstairs." Face nodded to alexandra who pead the lady away with a yes boss And thats how face hot the numbers address with in 4 minutes. When Alex and the operator came back with a hard hat they face made an excuse that they need to talk back in the van and they booked it.

" 125 south mason road.. Not bad huh? 4min and 27 sec.. Slowing down with old age..." Face said smugly as they got in the van.

"This is how we get behind the houses at mason road B.A" Hannibal said as showing him the map. " Lets hurry we only have 20 mins " he added urgently and B.A stepped on it.

The team got to my the house quickly and.they sneaked around it but they found it empty. Hannibal pick up the broken parts of a chair and examined it " Murdock must have escaped.."

They tried to look for clues to where Murdock escaped through but the sound of cars approaching alerted them.of.trouble. Alexandra looked out the window to see mps racing.to the house.

" Oh no... Col. Deckers here.. " she said moving away from the window to aboid being spotted.

" Lets go we still need to look for Murdock im sure those bounty hunters are still following him" Hannibal said leading his team to the van. They got in in time before the MP's started shooting.the vehicle.

"Poor Murdock hes out there with those bounty.hunters after him .. " B.a said with.concern..

" Im sure Murdock will give them a hell of a time... Right?" Alexandra said trying to.reassure B.A but it sounded like shes reassuring herself more than him. B.A patted her head, a gesture he pick up to tease the sniper cause of her small stature, but this time its not teasing at all.

"B.A i never seen you act like this youre really concerned about murdock" face teased to lightened the mood Hannibal smiled at his quip to B.A

" Shut up fool! Im only worried cause Murdock cant help himself out there!" He grumbled not taking his eyes off the road.

" Well I'm sure hell keep in contact.." Hannibal remarked picking up the mobile phone in B.A' s Van to check on it but he didnt get any dial tone just a bit static. " This is no good.. Seems like the MP's took out the aerial antenna... Face do you remember when we get separated in name with no communication..?" He asked the.conman

" Yeah.. Lets head on to the nearest radio station then B.A.." Face said smiling

" Decker will be making check points for sure" Alexandra said as she wring her fingers in worry. " Probably road blocks too..." she said absentmindedly, face looked at the sniper she seems to be still holding up ok.. Shes worried sick yes but shes not switching to any of her alters.. It rarely happens now.. But He didnt know whats gonna happen will she go on a rampage or break down crying.

" Well take care of the road block.. We first need to get a message out to Murdock " hannibal said lighting a cigar, B.A parked near the radio station and they marched in the.receptionist.and the guard was shocked to a big hulking guy.marched up them

" Were here to.see the Radio host" B.A said gruffly his tone made no.room for protest and the other went on ahead In the booth.

" Hey! Its cowboy billy! Were huge fans! " Face said to the DJ shaking his hand hannibal and alexandra followed the suit. Dj cowboy billy bob took a sip of his drink before speaking. " I can believe were.here meeting you in person!" Fave added sounding excited.

" Hey howdy.. Nice to meet yah! I like meet and greets but im in the.midle.of airing " he said as he pointed at the song hes playing on air. " Wheres.the people outside? They shouldve told you that you have to.wait. " he peak out the door.

" Oh our friend is talking to your associates" hannibal.said smiling

" You know im really a big fan would you mind signing my shirt? " Alexandra asked beaming at.the DJ she hold out the shirt shes wearing and the DJ smiled.

" Of course how can i say no to my fans" Billy bob said getting a marker to sighn on her shirt. He didnt see face put something in his drink, the conman winked at the sniper " Well there you go! " The dj said as he sip his drink again.

" 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... " Face counted and the dj fell asleep. He wheeled his chair out and he sat on the dJ booth. " Hello hello! Hello our dear listeners this is faceman the facial phantom subbing for our Dj cowboy! We interrupt our wonderful song for a bit to make a special announcement! Were calling for our little lost sheep Howlin' Mad! If youre out there give us a call the number is.." he rattled the number on he put on the ridiculous gravely voice and smiled at alexandra, he was hoping a laugh or something shes usually very giggly during their jobs but she just smiled at him, a tight smile that didnt reach her dark eyes.. He knew she was very worried about their lost pilot all of them were but the sniper seem to a little bit more bothered.

Face would say its because she had feelings for Murdock ( he cant prove that though) and its probably because it reminded her too much of how she lost her unit back in the army.. She blamed herself for their death and he suspected she had survivors guilt among other things.

" Captain Hale help B.A assemble some explosives we might need them in this circumstances." Hannibal.said to Alexandra.

" Yes sir. " The sniper said In a tone that Hannibal rarely hear; It was short, stiff, practiced. Hannibal and face exchange looks.. " kid are you ok?" The colonel asked he was concerned.

" I..." They watched Alexandra sighed and rubbed the back of her neck, she looked tense but tried to relax" i'll be fine bossman im keeping it together. " She said giving them a small tired smile. The sniper went to see B.A about the explosives leaving hannibal and face to the broadcast. After a few rounds of songs they finally got the call.

B.A was the one who picked up the phone " hello?" He answered the call curtly, he paused to listen before he answered" hey you crazy fool! You finally called!" He said.trying to sound annoyed but they all knew he was relived. B.A hand the phone to Hannibal and they talked.

" Is he ok bossman?" Alexandra asked the colonel can here the hesitance in her voive.. He wondered whats going on her head.

" Yeah. Were going to.meet up with him Lex dont worry. " He patted her shoulder as he chewed on his cigar. " Well we need to go through the road block then divert Decker so.he wont.follow us..." He muttered while he light his cigar. " We need a remot detonator for the explosives and we need a distraction so We.can plant it. " He added smiling at alexandra.

They all got.their.stuff ready face just put on his recorded voive to play with.the.broadcast. They figured Decker might also figure out they hijack the station it will be another good distraction if.they.think they went back here. " Ok hannibal the tape is set if he found out about the broadcast on the right timing itll give us more time to drive away. " He said

" Good! Ready captain? " Hannibal asked, they were surprised to see alexandra dress in a very short skirt and a top that showed way too much skin. She was even strapping on heels. She hates wearing this stuff she always complain on how it was impractical. Face would have to wrestle her into this outfits sometimes when the scam calls it. The lieutenant and colonel exchanged puzzled look, she would never put on such skimpy outfit with plain.

" uh.. Alexandra.. Why are you wearing that?" Face asked he never thought he would say that in that chastising tone.. This whole day is getting wonky.

" Yes.. i need to be distracting as possible "the sniper said applying some lipstick. " I cant carry any.but i think i can hide my knife somewhere " she added

" Alright"

The MP watch as this girl walk down the grumbling to herself as she limp slightly. She leaned on one of the cars as she flex her legs to shake of the fatigue consequently.showing her legs off.

" Uh excuse me mam... Are you alright? " One of soldiers asked Approaching her, B.A can see the mps look at her it was strange to see a girl in this road . The soldier was even more surprised when the girl burst out crying.

" N-no!" Alexandra sobbed she wipe the tears before it smudged the make up. Her sudden out burst caught.of the attention of a few handful of mps and even Decker. " I'm i have been walking for 3 hours my boyfriend and i were in a road trip and we fought. " She gave a pitiful sniffle. B.A plant the explosives on the cars the mp had.. it wont take all of the cars out but it will certainly buy time.

" Whats going on? " DEcker asked coming close to the soldiers and he saw this girl looking sad and distraught.

" Shes lost sir... " One of the soldiers said "she said her boyfriend dump her on the road"

" Been walking f- for hours... " She sobbed looking up the soldiers with her puppy dog eyes glistening with tears.

" Well some guys dont have manners.." said Captain crane. B. A planted all the explosives and climb back in the van.

" Ready sergeant?" Hannibal asked as he grinned with a cigar between his teeth.

" Ready! " B. A laughed as he pressed the button, and cars started to explode. Then he floored the van and it speed through the road block.

" Its them! " Decker cried but before he can get to what Intact car they have alexandra slump forward to them making a show of fainting " what the- get her off me.and take her.to.the hospital! " He shoved the girl off to a soldier. Now with two cars deck took one that leaves the soldiers had take the last one to bring Alexandra to the hospital, decker has no back up. The plan worked, the sniper thank the soldiers sweetly as she conveniently started to come too when they got to the hospital. She can change to her usual loose shirt and jeans and met the others to the rendezvous point.

The team saw a blue van pull up with a logo for a vet clinic and Murdock came out of the van smiling widely at hie friends " hey guys did you.miss me? " He asked as he chuckled, Murdock was greeted by a tackle hug by Alexandra.

" Oh stars! I'm m glad youre ok!" The sniper exclaimed breathing a relieved sigh.

" No! We enjoyed the quiet without your jibba jabba" he called out gruffly but he was glad he was back he just wont admit it to the crazy mans face.

" See told you theres something there" face said nudging B.A pointing out Alexandra and Murdock. Hugging the pilot pats the snipers back and she let him go.

" Face youre seeing things! They're always like that!" The mechanic growled as he climb into the van.

" True.. But you cant also say theres nothing there.. " Hannibal argued thinking then.he smiled." We cant prove or deny anything yet! We cant say definitely say theres nothing there... So there could be something yhere " he said face laughed B.A waved it off frowning. Murdock and alexandra finally climb in the van and B. A drived off.

" Hey bossman can we stop at the payphone real quick? I just need to make a call" Murdock said and B. A stopped by the road to a pay phone. Murdock got off with hannibal while face and alexandra peak out the van curious to who would the pilot call. " Hey! Kelly its me Murdock!" He said smiling.

Peck saw the way murdock smiled and the way his eyes twinkle, oh... There might be something there with kelly, he smirked.. Then he seem to realize alexandra was beside him. He looked at her, he cant seem to decipher what shes thinking., But one thinhs for sure, Alexandra also see how murdock reacted in hear the voice of kelly. He was waiting for her reaction.. A frown a scowl anything but no.. All he van see is that the gears in her head are spinning. What he caught him by surprise was murdock.. He rarely see his best friend livid.

" If you touch her i wont sleep i wont eat till i find you and I will feed your head to the flies!" Murdock threatened he hands the phone to Hannibal. Their leader talked to the man and then he hang up.

" Well have to go there.. " hannibal said lighting his cigar he climb in the car to drive there.

" We have to save her colonel..." Murdock mumbled his fidgeted in his seat. Face cant help but feel deja vu their other captain was sitting there this morning worried about this captain.

" We'll save her captain dont worry. " Hannibal pats the pilots shoulder. Alexandra reach forward from behind and squeezed his shoulders reassuringly but she didnt say anything.

" Hannibal those guys expects us to try something" B.A said as they drive.

" Then lets not.disappoint.them. " he.grinned and pointed at a used car lot. B.A laughed and made a turn to the lot. They got to work modifying the Van, who knew they can assemble a working portable turret with spare parts?

The Van pulled over the front of Dr. Kelly' s house, the bounty hunters went out.to.meet.them dragging the doctor out.The four of them climbed out of the Van

" Were here now let the lady go. " hannibal said, they came out unarmed as the bounty hunters demand. One of the boys let the doctor go and she ran yo Murdocks side. Face thought she was cute, she has this girl next door feel to her and it makes her adorable.

" I m sorry murdock i- " kelly started to say but murdock stopped her apologies.

" Shh. Its ok baby its not your fault." The pilot said keeping the vet close. Face smiled at the hunters cause he knows someones been itching to shoot them all day.

" Well gonna have so much fun with that bounty! Too bad we didnt have our own fun right sweetcheeks?" One of the bounty hunters son wink at kelly and boy was Murdock ready to throttle this guy.

" Well not quiet..." Hannibal said as they move out of the way of the van were alexandra popped up the sun roof yelling 'surprise' then pressing the remote and activating the hidden turrets in front of the van.making.them scatter. Thats when the mayhem started, the bounty.hunters still have their weapon but with a careful place shots of the sniper she shot.their weapons out of their hands.

Murdock came after the guy who had been catcalling Dr. Kelly. Alexandra pulled yhe vet in the van so she wont get caught in the fight. " Stay here for a bit!" She said as she kicked the guy that tried to go after them, he staggered back and she gave him a sucker punch that knocked him out. Soon the hunters were apprehended, theyre tied and ready for pick up by the authorities.

Murdock step out of the van to.talk to Kelly but the wail of sirens made him stop short. B.A started the van but didnt drive off yet, hes giving him time to say goodbye. " I.. I gotta go.." the pilot said.. But before he go he pulled kelly into a big kiss he held her close as he did. It was a touching moment, his team watch him from the van Hannibal is happy for the kid so is face, but they kept glancing at the sniper who watched the two. They cant get a read of her, she looked a little surprise.. But thats it.. Face and Hannibal is starting to think B.A was right maybe there wasnt there between the two.

Murdock finally jog to the van and got on, B.A floored it to make an escape from the MP's it was close but they made it out ok. Its been a few days, the mps had been posted in the V.A to make sure the kidnapping didnt happen again..

Alexandra looked at murdock as she help feed the other patients. Jim the orderly approached her " hey you looked concerned... Is it that murdock fellow? He seem listless this past few days.. " he commented seeing the patient play with his food.

" Yeah.." it was all alexandra said, jim patted her back.

" Hey its ok you do your best to help him" jim said again trying to cheer her up, she seemed down too... The girl seems to be thinking.. Weighing options.. It confused Jim for a bit.. But then alexandra smiled up at him.

" Yeah! You know what ? you're right ill do My best to help him" she said with a renewed sense of determination. " Can you wheel Lt. Reg out side hed like some fresh air. " She said the leuitenant.smiled at her and jim took him out side. Alexandra on the other hand went to use the phone at the nurse station. Her number is easy to find since she run a clinic.

" Hello? Dr. Kelly's clinic. How may i help you? " Alexandra heard the voice of dr. kelly, she sound a bit tired and equally as listless as murdock..

" This alexandra from the L.A VA hospital. Im calling about mr. Murdock?" Alexandra said the she hear a loud clutter like the phone fell from her hands.

" D-did yiu said murdock?! In the VA hospital where is he?! Is he alright?! What happened?! " Kelly ask worrried, it made alexandra smiled at bit.

" Hes ok, hes in the VA psyche ward-"

" Psyche ward?! Why hes-" kelly interrupted her but alexandra stopped her from telling she shouldnt.especially she wasnt sure how safe are the lines in the VA witj mps around.

" Hes fine if youre worried..if you want to visit him you can." She said carefully, alexandra handnt anticipated that Murdock didnt tell her that hes staying at a Mental health facility... She waited for Dr. Kelly's response.. She was afraid she blew it for him

" Ill be there in 2 hours.." and she hang up alexandra smiled and put the phone down.

Kelly arrived at the VA she drove out immediately after hanging up. She saw a nurse waiting out the door she was small with thick glasses and a messy bun. .she approached her " uhm excuse me..." She asked her. The nurse looked up and she can see that this nurse knows who she is.

" Ah dr. Kelly right on time! " the nurse said, kelly started for a moment the voice sounded familiar she looked familiar but cant place it. " Mr. Murdock is waiting. Aww you brought pizza! Hes gonna be esctatic!" She chirpped, kelly followed her she lead her to corridors then out in the garden.

" Hey alexandra whos this?" An orderly asked looking at Dr. Kelly.

" hey jim! A visitor of Mr. Murdock " alexandra said smiling " can you please tell him hes got a visitor? " Jim nodded and went out the door,Kelly and alexandra followed.

" Hey murdock you have a visitor" jim said to the.man who had been staring out the garden

" Oh if its the bills collector tell them i ran out of stamps ill pay.them.soon-"

" No its a girl" jim said pointing at two girls walking in the garden. The small nurse talking to vet animatedly and they both laughed. Murdock was surprised how can she know hes here. Then alexandra look at where hes standing their eyes met and she gave him a grin and a wink her onxy.eyes sparkling with mischief.

" Here you are mr. Murdock you have a visitor. " She smiled wide like a cat who got the canary. He was sure he was behind this, he can only was stare. Jim left them alone and alexandra stepped back too.. " well holler if you need anything" she smiled slyly and made some finger hands gesture. She sounded so chipper but non of them.realized not even the sniper herself that she couldnt met their eyes.

Face cant help but feel rather... Restless, its like a sixth sense that he gets when something isnt right.. So he opted to call the VA. Thats what his gut is telling him too "yes hello, this is Dr. Hemming can i speak with the nurse aid Hale please?" He asked

" Yes sir please hold.." the lady on the other line said he heard her yell for alexandra " Hale! You have a call! Dr Hemmings!" They said then face hear the phone being pick up

" Hello doc. Wassup?" The sniper greeted face cheerfully, face thought it was just him uneasy but alexandra sounded too cheerful almost like its an act but face dismissed it.

" Hey short stack just checking in how is everything there?" The conman asked he heard the girl made a sound of protest, he chuckle at that, that was a sure geniune reaction. Its a small.pet peeve of her when they point out her height.

" Everything is fine doc if you dont have anything else to say other than jab at my height ill.go back to my duties..i still have an hour to my shift. " Alexandra said indiginantly

Face laughed and leaned back on his chair lazily " aww come on i was just teasing. Tell me whats really going on up there? Mps giving you trouble?" He asked

" No not really the mainly just.patrol around... Im watching murdock so he stay out of trouble.." alexandra said but face can feel a certain hesitation.. He wondered what was it shes not telling.

" Alexandra... What else.." Face pried something tells him this is why he had an itching feeling to call.

" Dr. Kelly is visiting.. Dont worry i checked her! I used B.A s sweeper and everything so she isnt.bugged" the sniper said in a rush.

" How did she found out where he is?!" Face asked concerned, how did that kelly found out where murdock is? He was begining to.think scenarios in his head, non of them good then again murdock could have just told kelly...

" I... Called her..."

"You... Called her?" Face asked he didnt expect alexandra of all people to call her.. He sat up straight "why?"

"..." It took a while for the sniper to answer but face waited " Murdock's been... sad this past days after the incident... You should see him now face. Hes so happy to see her again!"

Face didnt know for sure what Alexandra is thinking... if the sniper has a jealous streak or not. She is civil and friendly to to the opposite gender but when they get too close to try to get closer she seem to nope out. Flirting would be a good way to make her back off, well depending on the type of flirting.. A more aggressive approach will make her throw punches. They attributed it to her experience with his step father and brother and theres another thing she wont tell.. She seemed to be a little recluse when they first met.. Working a job that lets her work from home most of the time. Murdock said she met her at the wee hours of night after going to gym. Who goes at the gym at 1 am?! The team is the few people she let be close to her.. Murdock had been almost the only one shes most comfortable with, comfortable enough that when Hannibal need Murdock to act unhinge in a bad way shes was almost always the victim to drive the point through..

This was actually what made him think there was something more between the two captain. Had some sort of thing.. Then again what does he knows about relationships? " Is that so?" I was all face can say.. What is there to say.. If murdock is happy so be it... He deserves it.. But what about alexandra he cant figure out whats going on her head.

" ...yeah.." she answered the she chuckled" can you believe it? Our Murdock is in n love.. Our boy is growing up!" Alexandra said teasingly.. Face wished she could see her face that.he can tell whats up.

" That he is... Hey do you have plans tomorrow?" The conman asked Alexandra, he was happy Murdock but an instinct tells him that alexandra needs a break from the pilot.

" Well im off tomorrow... But ill probably find someone can trade shifts with so.j can keep.posted.here " alexandra said thoughtfully as if recounting her schedule.

" Well how about we hang out? Watch a movie at a theater? Or maybe just stay at your place? Ill bring snacks and ice cream!" Face said to her leaning back again on.the chair.

" You.dont have a date? Besides who will keep an eye on Murdock?" Alexandra asked.

" Murdock is a big boy now he can handle himself besides yhe.mps are still there i.think hell be fine for a day." He said coaxing the sniper" come on itll be fun!"

" Sure! That sounds fun!" Face can hear the.genuine smile in her voice, hell try his.best to make Alexandra forget even just for the day.

A/n: welp its over! :-D I actually wantee to insert Alexandra singing heart and soul like this ( https/youtu.be/WkxqiYdeALw ) but with a guitar .. I imagined its sort of a music theraphy for the patients and she was rope into singing in.the garden as she waits for Face. I feel like it work both.ways for her and kelly and murdock. Clearly its almost like love at first sight for Murdock and kelly but at.the few parts like " Never before were mine so strangely willing" and " But now I see, what one embrace can do,Look at me, it's got me loving you madly" applies to alexandra.. She had never let anyone close since after she had been discharged in the army.. And well she never thought shed care for murdock as much as she did. Kinda pulls my heart as she sung in yhe garden maybe Murdock and kelly were sitting close by listening to her all in love and alexandras voice almost broke at end but she kept smiling!aahhhh!! Ok i.didnt include thats cause it.was getting long.. :-P and may be it didnt fit in. Well its been a long authors note! Let me.know.what.you.think? Is it ok? Or am i starting tk be a delusional fangirl for writing this (ʘᴗʘ)?