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Scenes of rape & torture. Read at your own risk.

Clara Oswald crawled into a corner of her room, isolated. She collapsed into herself as if she was only safe inside her thoughts. Slowly, she began to sob. That was until she heard the sound of a car door slam. Her husband was home from work.

Now, Clara's husband was a remotely handsome man. He stood six foot three inches, had jet black hair and blue eyes, and although he was not remarkably muscular, he had a certain strength that was hidden under his suit and tie. When they first started dating four years ago, he was marvelous. He took Clara out to dinner, impressed her with his knowledge of Chaucer and showered her with compliments. Her father loved him almost as much as she did, which made the pair almost inseparable. Two years after their first date, they became engaged to be married, and Clara could not have been happier.

However, in the past year things began to change. Her husband became more judgmental of her whimsical nature, oftentimes bringing her into a depression. Several times, he would come home, ignore her, and read his copy of the daily newspaper before he fell asleep in his rocking chair. Yet, this was better than the alternative. When he came home from work at the law firm angry, and she always could tell when he was, that was when married life became the most intolerable.

As her husband twisted the door handle to the front door, a shiver went down Clara's spine. As she sat in confinement in her room, she was forced to ponder whether this would be a day of recluse or a day of punishment. The door slammed shut. A man's deep voice shouted, "Clara Oswald! I need my coffee"! It was a day of punishment.

"Coming" she mustered as she scrambled to her feet. Hustling down the large stairwell, she turned to greet him. As he threw his coat in her direction, she desperately wished she had stayed in her bedroom, away from him, for just a little bit longer. However, she knew this would have meant more punishment, which is never a good thing.

"Rough day at work, darling?" she stammered as her husband looked onward, pretending not to notice her.

"Slow business, as usual. I don't know how we are going to pay rent. Sometimes I wish you could get a job" her husband stated before he quickly cut himself off. He looked up to see her gazing at him, hopefully.

"You know I could get a job! It's awful boring here. I could become a waitress, or teach!" Clara seemed hopeful. She was never able to get out of the house, unless she was going grocery shopping or visiting her neighbors.

"Clara, you know what a woman's job is. Her job is to stay at home and make her husband happy. Speaking of which, any news of pregnancy, yet?"

"No, but…" Clara stammered.

"Clara, this is ridiculous. We've been at it for weeks..." her husband said miserably.

"Well maybe if you didn't force yourself on me…" Clara refuted quickly, but quickly shut her mouth when she found that her husband was just glaring at her.

"I guess we're going to have to try harder, then!" her husband said flinging her to the wall uncaringly. He barely noticed when she gasped for breath.

"This isn't the way we should go about this, you know" she sobbed realizing it was no use. Her husband was simply unstoppable. He began to force himself inside of her as she desperately tried to squirm away from his grasp.

"Shut up, girl" he moaned before pinning her by her arms closer to the wall than ever before. "Your main job" he grunted "is to please your husband!" and just as he said that, he began to thrust harder, making it impossible for her to move.

Clara began to scream, but it was no use. Her husband began thrusting himself deeper and faster inside of her, and she knew no one could help her. "Get off of me!" she pleaded, but her husband responded by throwing her on the couch and slapping her. However, with this slap it was finally over. Her husband quickly finished and sat beside of her. Before he could even say anything, she ran up to the bathroom and began to bathe in the bath tub. A bruise formed on her face and blood was coming from various wounds on her body.

"Honey, you can make me dinner anytime you'd like" her husband shouted from the living room. She was disgusted. How could a man who once loved her force himself on her like that? How could he betray her trust that simply? How could she possibly have a child with him if she could not trust him?

Instead of running to the kitchen to please him, she ran down the hallway to her bedroom. She ran as fast as she could and only stopped once she reached the bedroom door. She opened her door, but instead of finding her bed, she found a blue box that seemed to magically appear out of nowhere. Taken aback, she backed out of the bedroom, shut the door and closed her eyes. Two seconds later, she reopened the door to find a man standing next to the same blue box.

"Who are you?" Clara questioned, raising her eyebrow slightly.

"I am the Doctor"

"…Doctor Who?"