Hey guys! A birdflash fanfic here. Just a little character intro here just so you know their past and likes and dislikes.

Wally West was a 15 year old kid, with ginger hair and striking green eyes. He had a well built body and mostly wore orange or yellow clothes. Which the girls of the school considered it to be 'hot'. Wally lived with his uncle, Barry and auntie, Iris, since he didn't really have a good relationship with his dad. Even though, some new comers thought he was a bully, they were actually wrong. He hated bullying! Which makes sense, since he got bullied in elementary school. He was straight obviously I mean just because he liked boys asses doesn't mean he's gay or bi. He was also the most famous student in the school, which he loved by the way. Although, girls would be stalking or swooning at him in pure embarrassment and love, he couldn't even pick a single girl out of them. Maybe because he was mostly looking for nice personalities and big asses and boobs. He was also the best at running in his entire school. Wally once recieved a medal for winning the Gotham running compitetion, and won another one for being the fastest high school student in the city. How could his life get any better?

Dick or Richard Grayson was the complete opposite of Wally. He had black,raven hair and also a well built body and had a sexy 4 pack and was straight, which was the only thing he and Wally had in common. Dick wore sun glasses which he never took off even when it was sunny. Since people asked him a lot of why he wouldn't take them off, he came up with a excuse which was "I have sensitive eyes". That was true though. People thought he was lying since he always tried to avoid the subject. He was a nerd and a mathlete. Which of course the girls hated him for and which also why he got bullied. However, just because he was not very popular doesn't necisarily mean he wasn't rich. He was set for adoption after his parents died in a car accident. He was luckily adopted by a man called Bruce. Bruce was stinking rich and had a butler called Alfred and owned a GIANT mansion. But Dick was still hated after all this happened. How could his life get any worse?


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