I really do want to make it up to all you perverted fangirls. So I decided to lay in bed and give you girls a new chapter! Here you go! Also I have noticed that most of you shippers are for the US , am I right? Too bad I'm British , however I will make it as American as I can!

Wally's POV:

Dick stopped dead on his tracks. I could tell he was shaking and reminiscing about what happened last month. As for me I'm an idiot for saying what I just said to him and also a dumb butt hole for not even remembering half of what had happened. If Einstein was alive and built a time machine I would give my childish self a hard smack to the face.

Not a beep came from him which made me feel extremely guilty. I really shouldn't have gave him those traumatizing thoughts. I'm not a doctor but even I know that that can cause mental health problems. I should just tell him to forget.

"Well you should just forget. After all I'm not the same person I was last mo-"

"You can't just say that!" He responded. There was clearly anger in his voice. He didn't turn around... I guess my presence isn't such a positive thing.

I hated when people interrupt me. In this case I was expecting that to happen. I don't blame him for being angry. In fact I actually want to get a little lecture about life from him. I fucked up so much!

He had this menacing glare and he looked like he was about to cry in front of me. Reminds me of the girls that I rejected. I felt bad for all of them but if they knew I was out of their league they should have just stopped right there and walked away.

People say that I don't think before I speak , well look at me now. Apparently thinking isn't helping a great deal. I just want to build a nest and never go out of it. This is embarrassing!

"What I'm trying to say is , you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to. However If there is anything that I can do to make it up to you , I will do it." No , no ,no! That wasn't what I meant at all. I guess the past is the past.

Silence... No response. Is he that mad at me?

Yes , I bullied him. Yes , I was an idiot for doing a stupid dare. But I couldn't have hurt him this much. Just shut up , Wally! You don't know what this guy had been through! Nightmares he definitely would have had probably about me.

He always looked at me like those other girls did before hand though. Every time during class I always have caught him staring at me. Maybe he can't help it since most of the time I do sit in front of the guy. I'll admit it my head is a little bit big but that isn't a excuse for it! I wonder why...

"What was that?" I asked , leaning forward. I was sure I heard him say something...

"I'm sorry , I couldn't hear you."

Oh God. He looks like a tomato! He's so red! Is he that mad?!

I honestly tried my best not to laugh! He looks like an angry puppy ready to bite any second. In a way it was kinda cute... No homo.

"I said... don't do it again." He stated. That's it! Nice and clear!

Dick's POV:

He's smiling...

That smile... It's kinda cu- what am I thinking? That's crazy!

Come on Grayson get yourself together! Stop shaking you look weak!

Well to be honest... I guess I am quite weak. But then again , I endured those horrible times , I fought like a warrior! Most people would have broken into pieces. But I stood strong! But I wouldn't say I'm physically weak either. Bruce trains me self defense on the week ends.

Today , Today , Live like you wanna!

Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire! In a fire.

I absolutely love that song! It's kinda stuck into my head. Which is a good thing since the only thing that is stuck into my head is my learning and family. Bruce is kinda busy tonight and won't return until tomorrow afternoon. I guess I could have a friend over.

I suddenly feel two big hands onto my waist as it pushes me into a corner of a wall. It moves my arms above my head to keep me from getting free.

Ow! What is he doing?!

"What the hell are you doing?!" I exclaimed. I thought he was all cute and fluffy just a minute ago.

No answer...

Ouch! This strength! I can't move my hands! He is holding them above my head! What is he thinking?! I struggle and try my best to be free from him but this guy is the schools fastest runner and has pure lean muscle on him.

Not the type of muscles that is able to lift a car into the air , but still!

He's crazy! I can't help but just go along with the kiss which is about to happen. This is my first kiss , I don't know what to do. Tongue or just lips?! I've never had a kiss before! What do I do?

True I did like him a bit before but Wally calm down! But , I kinda like some body else now! I will start to fall for you again if you don't stop!

Is... that a blush? He's getting a blush! He's getting closer and closer every second! Ahhh! Blood is going into my face and into my brain! I can't think! I can't think!

His breath... I could feel it on my lips. It smells like pizza.

Wally's POV:

I remove one of my hands away from his arms but that still wasn't enough to set him free. Am I really going to do this? It doesn't matter right? It's just a test. It doesn't really make me gay.

I could feel him trembling in my presence , again. He's shaking like mad. I slowly move my hand into his heart... I could feel it pumping harder and faster every time I move an inch closer. Our faces are literally inches apart.

Ahhh , shit a boner! I should get myself together! Remember that this is just a test! It's just a test.

Which is what I hoped it was. Deep inside I always knew that this wasn't a test for him... It was a test for me.

I move another inch closer now I could feel his breath on me. Smells like... strawberry.

Those lips. I won't let anyone else touch these lips. These are mine. HE is mine.

He struggled but not strong enough to move my hand away from his own. I could almost feel his lips on mine... He is so cu-

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Came a voice from a woman. It sounded familiar.

I jumped a thousand feet felt like I was just shot during the process.

I quickly move my body away from his and turn around to see a blonde , petite girl. Shit! I have forgotten her name. Well done Wallman!

"I was just... Ugh.. Nothing , ummm... What was your na-"

"Artemis! Now I thought you would never lay another hand on him!" She said with a firm , strong voice.

This is embarrassing! Firstly she nearly saw me and Dick kiss next she had to tell me her name because a month holiday made me forget everything! I really should calm down with the video games!

"You better have a good explanation for making sit and wait in the library for 20 minutes!" She shouted , loudly but not loud enough to attract attention.

I remember her! She was the one that nearly beat the shit out of me.

Doesn't matter if she is a woman! This chick is scary , as fuck!

I really don't see how you can be friends with a monster. I guess monsters have feeling too , eh?

Dick quickly walked behind the blonde girl. The same way you would hide behind a wall from your attacker. I just ruined my chance to make friends.

He put his on her shoulder and covered his mouth and whispered some words. I could barely make out what he just said!

This woman acts like a jealous girlfriend! No more like a over protective sister! She is always next to him , always fights his fights and comforts him at any time! To be honest , I don't really like her. She may be hot and fit but don't be fooled , she is like a crouching tiger!

She nodded as Dick finished his words. Her facial expressions went from angry to extremely soft and caring. She looked amused.

I watched as a smile grew upon her face. I can almost see why Dick is her friend. She's scary and protective to him but has a bright , soft , caring and motherly feeling at times.

I wish I had a friend like that. Yes I'm a jock , popular with girls even some guys have little crushes on me! I am always loud and outgoing have lots of friends but to be completely honest with my self , none of these friendships last long same with my girlfriends. I need a real friend and not just a friend that leaves you to fight your own fights. I need a friend to help me fight my battles.

As for my facial expressions... well it's the one you make when you someone talks to you in a different language and you look as confused as your grandma when you show her how to turn on a tv. I don't really see my grandma too much though. It kinda goes for my aunt.

Dick had finally finished whispering to her as he removed his hand away from his mouth. A smile also grew upon his face.

I don't know if it's just me or are these guys always happy go lucky?

They also remind me of badgers. They are very peaceful most of the time but when some one attacks their own kind they are vicious , scary and never let it go.

They both eyed me up and down and judged me as I stood their nervously waiting for a punch in the face. I almost feel quite threatened. It is as if they are inspecting me to seeIf I'm a worthy to one of their badger kind.

"So thanks to my great friend here , I will not punch you in the face." She said with a smile.

Oh so many of my friends fell for that smile. It's cute on the outside but on the inside it mean 'I'ma go kill you so be fooled by my smile and then I will murder you inside and out' if that made sense.

It seems that the only people who don't get fooled are her friends.

Gosh I only hope that she doesn't drag me across the whole school.

"What she meant to say was that I am gonna give another second chance to fix what you had just done." He explained.

I swear this guy is way too forgiving. I hope he stays like that...

"What do you say?"

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