Undying Emotions:

- Ichigo was mad, no furious. Why the hell did his parents feel the need to throw a ball to marry his sisters off?! It wasn't right, too many men and three beautiful women, not right at all. And that blue-haired arrogant guy was definitely eyeing them up. Yes, Ichigo was definitely mad, and that man was going to have to deal with it if he wanted to marry one of his sisters!

Disclaimer: I do not own any right to Bleach or any any of the characters in the story.

Warnings: Yaoi (boyxboy), swearing, OOCness, M-preg

Chapter 1: Introduction

Ichigo Kurosaki sighed as he looked over the kingdom he would one day inherit, the kingdom of Zangetsu. A frown marred his face as he chewed his lip in thought and the wind ruffled his bright orange hair. Running his hand through the unruly locks he turned his head to the door where a soft knock had sounded, narrowing his chocolate brown eyes at the thought of being interrupted.


The door opened and a guard walked in, hastily bowing. "Sorry for the intrusion my lord. The king has requested your presence."

Ichigo sighed at the formality. "You don't need to bow, I really don't care."

The guard ignored the remark. "Follow me, please."

Ichigo rolled his eyes, but followed the guard nonetheless to the great hall. "Thank you." He murmured softly.

"It was my pleasure my lord."

Ichigo huffed at being addressed as such before opening the doors and walking in. "Hello father."

Isshin Kurosaki smiled warmly at his son. "Ichigo! You're the first to arrive, take a seat."

Ichigo sat on his fathers left side and leant back, folding his arms. "Why'd you summon me and who else is coming?"

Isshin grinned. "Your mother and sisters should arrive soon. Then I will make an announcement."


The king studied his sons quiet profile. "How are you Ichigo?"

"Fine father."

Isshin's sighed. "You've been distant lately."

Ichigo shrugged. "I've been thinking."


Ichigo chewed his lip again for a moment before bowing his head and speaking so softly that Isshin had to lean forward to hear him. "How can I be king?"

"What do you mean?"

Shifting in his seat uncomfortably, Ichigo scratched his head, thinking of the best way to put his problem into words. "You know I... like men over women."


"How can I be king? I won't be able to provide the kingdom with an heir. The people won't want me as their king, they won't follow someone like me."

Isshin frowned at his sons slumped shoulders before shaking one gently. "You will make a great king, the people won't care if you prefer men to women, or that you can't provide an heir. As long as you can lead them fairly, they will follow you."

Ichigo looked up and offered a small smile. "Really?"


"Thank you."

"Never think you aren't good enough for this kingdom Ichigo. As long as your heart is fair, your head clear and your sword strong, you will be a king these people are proud of."

Ichigo straightened his back and his smile grew. "I promise to rule as a king worthy of our people."

"Good man." Isshin grinned and ruffled his sons hair before settling back. Ichigo's trademark scowl returned as he grumbled and attempted to flatten his hair as the door opened and six women walked in. "Masaki." Isshin said warmly as the queen walked up to him smiling.

"Hello dear." She kissed his cheek before sitting on his right side and smiled at their son. "Hello Ichigo."

Ichigo smiled. "Mother. Where have you been?"

"Out in the gardens with your sisters."

She indicated at the other five women settling at the table, Nelliel, Orihime, Rukia, Karin and Yuzu. "Was everything ok?"

"Of course, stop worrying so much. You're still young, you have plenty of time before you have to deal with the safety of your mother and sisters."

Isshin chuckled. "You know Ichigo, always the protective one."

"I have a lot to protect." Ichigo grumbled, settling back.

Nelliel rolled her eyes. "Oh Ichigo thank god we've got you to protect us. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if you weren't around!"

"Shut up Nel."

"Is little brother upset?"

"Watch it. I'm gunna be king one day."

Nel grinned. "Yes and by that time I'll be happily married to my king and be queen of another kingdom."

"Good luck with that. I'm still waiting for this 'handsome prince' of yours to make an appearance."

Isshin chuckled at his childrens banter. "Quiet down so I can make an announcement you two."

Ichigo's scowl deepened as Nel stuck her tongue out at him.

"As Ichigo quite rightly said, we haven't heard of any princes around recently. So me and your mother have decided to throw a ball in honour of you." He indicated at Nel, Orihime and Rukia, as Yuzu and Karin were too young, being only sixteen.

Orihime squealed and bounced in her seat. "Are you serious father, a ball?!"

Rukia sighed. "I suppose, I doubt I'll see anyone I'll like though."

Nel grinned at Ichigo. "See, that's when you'll meet him."

Ichigo snorted. "Him who?"

Nel's eyes took on a glassy look as she smiled fondly. "My prince..." She sighed dreamily as the others sniggered. "A tall, dark and handsome man who will whisk me off my feet the moment we meet..."

Ichigo growled at the thought of a stranger taking his sister away. "When is it?" He asked, looking at his father.

"In a week."

Nel snapped out of her daze and glared at their father. "A week?! How am I supposed to find a dress that will make him fall madly in love with me in a week?!"

Masaki chuckled. "We've hired tailors for each of you."

Orihime looked like she was about to burst. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Even Rukia cracked a smile at the thought of dressing up. Ichigo scoffed and slid down his seat. "Stupid balls... stupid princes..."

Rukia sighed and rolled her eyes at him. "Gives you a chance to win your own prince."

Ichigo sat up and glared. "They're coming for you three, not me. Besides I doubt any of them will even glance at me next to three beautiful princesses."

"You're soo sweet. But you never know..."

Ichigo snorted. "Nope. I've already accepted my fate."

The sisters sighed at his hopelessness. "You're always going to be alone if you don't put yourself out there idiot." Karin muttered.

"Shut up! I'm not flirting with all those guys when they're there for our sisters not me!" Ichigo hissed, his face heating up.

Masaki chuckled at her sons reaction. "I'm sure your prince will come in time son. Now c'mon girls, let's go meet your tailors."

The three girls stood up and followed their mother from the room giggling. Isshin shook his head. "Let's go."

"What? Where?" He ducked as Isshin's foot came flying at him. "What the hell's wrong with you?!"

"Just making sure you've still got sharp instincts my son!"


Ichigo huffed and followed his dad to god knows where. Karin sighed. "Morons."

Yuzu stood up and giggled. "Let's go see what kind of dresses they're going to get!"

"You know I'm not into dresses."


Karin rolled her eyes at Yuzu's puppy dog eyes. "Fine."

Yuzu clapped her hands together. "Yay!" Grabbing Karin's hand, she dragged her sister from the room after their older sisters.




Ichigo collapsed on his bed and frowned. "Stupid parents, showcasing their daughters like that..." He muttered, shaking his head, causing a strand of orange hair to fall on his face. Growling he blew it away and stood up with a sigh. "Stupid princes... Like any of them would take an interest in me."

"Careful my lord. Talking to yourself will scare the staff and it'll be across the kingdom that their prince has gone mad."

Ichigo jumped and sat up frowning. "What do you want Yoruichi?"

The woman scoffed and placed her hands on her hips. "I'm your maid remember?"


She tapped him on the head lightly. "I need your measurements."

"Why?" Ichigo asked suspiciously.

"Just following orders my young lord."

"Stop calling me that, I have a name."

"Sorry Ichigo."

He sighed and stood upright as she measured him. "Why does everyone insist on calling me 'lord'?"

"Because you will one day be our king."

"I don't like it."

"You don't have to, it's a sign of respect. Get used to it."

"You speak rudely to me."

She chuckled and stepped back. "Because I can get away with it. We're done."

"Ok." He sighed and frowned as she opened the door.

"What did you need them for?"

"Your suit."

"What suit?"

Yoruichi rolled her golden eyes. "For the ball. You need to look your best if you want to get your prince."

Ichigo blushed. "Shut up! I can't believe you heard that!" He groaned and sat down. "I'm stupid."

"And loosing it. You're talking to yourself again, maybe a prince will help stop that."

"Get out!" Ichigo yelled at the smirking woman, throwing a pillow at the closing door, which it bounced off onto the floor. "Stupid women..." He mumbled, covering his head with a pillow. "I hate balls."




At a nearby castle in the Pantera kingdom, their prince, Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques was rudely awakened from his dreams.

"Grimmjow! You in there?"

"No!" The blue haired man yelled at the door before closing his equally blue eyes again.

Said door opened and a man walked in, sighing at the lump in the bed.

"Are you getting up today?"

"No. Get out." Rolling his eyes, the man swiftly pushed the prince from his bed. "Starrk!"

"You up now?"

Grimmjow huffed and stood up. "What?"

"You've been invited to a ball."


Starrk sighed again. "You have been invited to a ball."

"Huh." Grimmjow stretched before scratching his chin. "Where?"

"The Zangetsu kingdom."


"Next week."

"Am I going?"

Starrk folded his arms and eyed the younger man sceptically. "Are you?"

Grimmjow thought for a moment before shrugging. "Sure why not."

Nodding at the response, Starrk turned to leave. "The ball's about three of the king's daughters."

"Why? Does he want them married off?"

"Something like that."

Grimmjow sighed. "Do I have to go?"

"Your parents would appreciate it. We have to keep good relations with our neighbouring kingdoms. You will have to one day too."

"Yeah, yeah. Fine I'll go, but I say it's a waste of time. They're probably a bunch of ugly, middle-aged women."

Starrk chuckled. "You'd be surprised."

Grimmjow lifted his head to answer but the man had already gone. Shaking his head he got changed and walking to the main dining room for food. Entering the room he nodded in his mothers direction before sitting down.

Rangiku Jaeggerjaques sighed at her sons behaviour. "So are you going?" She asked.


"To the ball at King Isshin's."

Grimmjow glanced up with a frown. "Who's?"

"The Zangetsu kingdom..."

"Oh that! Yeah I guess..."

"Good. It's about time you found yourself a princess."

Grimmjow frowned and looked down. "And if I don't?"

"I don't see why not. You're a handsome man, it's just you're attitude doesn't do you any favours. Maybe a nice woman in your life will change that."

Grimmjow snorted. "I doubt it."

"Even so, you are the sole heir of our kingdom. You owe it to our people to continue the Jaeggerjaques bloodline. And Isshin's daughters are quite beautiful, a union of our kingdoms would be beneficial to us both."

"So no pressure?"

Rangiku looked up at her son. "If you don't like them, then ok. But please try Grimmjow."

He looked up and smiled. "Sure."

"Thank you."

Finishing his food, he stood up and kissed his mothers cheek in goodbye, before heading outside for some training.




Ichigo's scowl deepened further upon seeing the castle's inhabitants excitement and bustle to prepare for the upcoming ball. Was it really that important that one of his sisters got married?! Flattening himself against the wall as two maids ran past he sighed and headed outside.

Sitting down on a bench, he tilted his head back and breathed deeply, relaxing his shoulders. Smiling at the warmth of the sun, he stretched and started humming. The two maids who ran past before spotted the prince and giggled.

One sighed wistfully. "What I wouldn't give to be a princess..."

The other rolled her eyes. "I heard he's interested in men."



She looked outside at the prince again, his silhouette and hair highlighted by the sun, giving his face a golden glow. "I don't care, he's gorgeous."

"Yeah." Her friend replied dreamily. "Whoever he chooses to marry will be very lucky."

They watched the unaware man for a few more moments before hurrying back to their jobs, leaving Ichigo to relax in the sun.