Chapter 27: Epilogue

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*One Year Later*

Ichigo looked up at the blue sky with a smile as he walked outside into the garden of Pantera Castle. He had officially moved back with Hyou and Mia after being reunited with Grimmjow and they had lived there ever since. Spotting Grimmjow sat down he grinned and walked over, sitting down next to him.


Grimmjow turned to look at him and smiled, draping an arm across his shoulders and pulling his body closer. "Hey Ichi."

Ichigo sighed happily and curled up next to him, looking up when he heard a shriek. "Mama!" He grinned when Hyou ran over and launched himself into his arms. He pulled the small child to his chest and kissed his head.

"Hello Hyou, were you playing with Mia?" He looked up when Mia walked over and scooped her into his arms as well. "Hello Mia."

She giggled and looked up at him dotingly through blue eyes. "Mama!"

Hyou squirmed free and grabbed Mia's hand, pulling her away from Ichigo. "Come play Mia!" he pulled her away and Ichigo shouted after them.

"Be careful with her Hyou, don't go out of sight!"

Grimmjow chuckled and kissed his head. "You worry too much, they'll be fine."

Ichigo frowned and watched as the two sat down and started playing. "I know, but I can't help but worry." He sighed and once satisfied that they were safe, he looked back at Grimmjow with a smile. "I need to tell you something my mother told me a few days ago before she left."


Ichigo sighed and entwined their hands. "She told me that because of my powers, I was able to conceive because I wanted children and I guess you did too, even if you didn't know it. It's also the reason you came back, because I wanted you too so I brought you back with me when seeing you in that field."

Grimmjow frowned in confusion. "I didn't know you had magic?"

Ichigo nodded and gripped his hands tighter. "I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to see me differently, I only found out that night Aizen attacked Zangetsu because he told me. Mother told me that she had magic, but lost her powers defeating Aizen the first time around and they didn't think I inherited it because I didn't show any signs of it."

Grimmjow lifted his head to kiss him, resting their foreheads together. "I would never see you differently, I just know now not to piss you off. I don't want to be on the receiving end of your powers, especially since you defeated Aizen."

Ichigo smiled gratefully. "Don't worry, I don't fully know how to use my powers and I don't intend to use them unless necessary."

"That's good to know." Grimmjow kissed his head and smiled. "You know, when I first met you I never believed you would ever agree to be with me, let alone marry me and end up having two kids as well."

Ichigo snorted. "I didn't even think you had an interest in me. I was all set for you to marry one of my sisters and when you said you wanted me, it was definitely a shock."

In the end, Rukia ended up marrying Renji Abarai, Nel married Nnoitra Gilga and Orihime married Ulquiorra Cifer. Karin on the other hand was currently being courted by her childhood friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya, things going relatively smooth between them and their parents were expecting a proposal any day now.

"I remember. You called me a bastard and got mad."

Ichigo chuckled, thinking back to that moment when Grimmjow told him who he wanted to be with and sighed softly. "I'm glad we got to this point."

"After everything we've been through, don't you think we deserve a happy ending?"

"Yeah, we do." He looked back at Hyou and Mia and smiled softly before glancing down at his stomach and hesitating. "Grimmjow?"

He looked down when Ichigo asked his name, frowning when he saw Ichigo looking down as well. "Yeah?"

He looked up and smiled softly, catching Grimmjow's hands to press them to his stomach. "I think I'm pregnant again." He looked down worriedly when Grimmjow didn't respond. "I don't know if I am… But I've been having morning sickness again, and we have been trying for the past few weeks."

Grimmjow caught his face and pulled him upwards into a kiss, breaking away to grin at him afterwards. "Really?" He nodded and Grimmjow laughed joyfully, pulling him into a hug. "That's great Ichigo!" Ichigo smiled into his chest and nuzzled his head with a sigh as Grimmjow kissed his head. "This time I promise to be here throughout to whole thing. I won't leave you to care for this baby alone."

Ichigo tightened his grip and grinned happily. "You better not, two was a nightmare let alone three kids. I won't be able to do it on my own."

"You won't have to."

Ichigo smiled gratefully and turned so he could rest against him whilst watching their children. "Do you think we can have our happy ending now?"

Grimmjow nuzzled his head and nodded. "Definitely."