No matter how far you are...

Chapter 16

Dawn's p.o.v

I flew against the wall smacking my head as I landed. Slowly I sat up rubbing the back of my head groaning in pain "what did I do wrong that time?"

"You're too noisy I could hear you coming towards me D. Get up we will try some face to face combat." She said settling into her fight stance and I got in to mine looking faith in the eyes.

"Don't go too easy on me" I said smiling

"I wasn't planning on it" She said charging forward throwing two punches towards my face. I stumbled backwards raising my hand to catch the third punch grabbing her hand and quickly twisting her body and slamming her to the ground. As soon as Faith hit the ground she stood swinging me over her body and on to my back knocking the wind out of me.

As soon as I hit the ground she pick me up locking he arm round my throat. "Told you wasn't gonna go easy on you" I tried to shake her off but couldn't. The more I shaked the more she laughed until I slowly felt her lips press against my neck. As her lips pressed on my neck her arm dropped releasing me. Grabbing her arm I flipped her onto her back climbing on top of her.

"Nice on D now come here." Slowly I moved my face towards her kissing her hard thrusting my tongue in to her mouth and moaning softly as I felt her suck the tip. I could feel Faith smile in to the kiss as she slowly lifted my top.

"Hey Dawn… Oh god" Tara said as she walked into the training room. I sprung apart from Faith lifting down my top. I was sure I was blushing heavily by now.

"Um…was gonna ask if I could use the training room. But I can see you two are busy" Tara said laughing to herself

"It's ok Tara were just leaving. Gonna go back home now" with that I grabbed Faith's arm and ran out the training room.

Faith p.o.v

We kicked off our shoes and sat on the edge of the bed sharing slow, soft kisses. I was not groping and pawing like before, that had really only been to hear the adorable little squeaks Dawn would make. Here and now was something different. So I was gentle; a light touch on her hip, a soft stroke up her side, one hand cupping her cheek. And Dawn responded, melting closer in our embrace, caressing me in return, tangling her fingers in my long brown locks.

I began making her way down Dawn's neck, kissing and nibbling lightly at the sensitive skin of her throat. Dawn suddenly pushed me away with a gentle pressure. "Um, I-I just need to..." she gestured toward the door leading to the attached bathroom.

"Oh! Right, right." I moved my hands to let her get up and watched her until she closed the door. I looked around the room while she waited. Dawn's room was decorated with posters of animals, a litter of puppies, an orangutan mother holding her baby, and a herd of horses running across a grassy meadow among others. Under the horse poster, there was a shelf full of colorful pony toys, which I was pretty sure Dawn still played with sometimes. A flowering vine climbed up a trellis outside the window, and its flowers filled the air with a sweet fragrance. I idly wondered how difficult it could be to climb the trellis and slip in to surprise Dawn as she slept.

A small "Um..." drew my attention back to the bathroom door and my jaw dropped. Dawn stood in the doorway, hands held a towel tight to her body. After a few minutes of me staring she slowly moved her hands. Her cheeks reddened as the towel slipped leaving her completely naked.

I stared in stunned silence, taking in every detail. Slender legs led up to round hips and a small patch of sparse, wispy golden hairs surrounding her womanhood. Pert breasts as big as softballs with small, pale pink nipples hung above a flat stomach. Light brown hair spilled down over one shoulder and her chest. Her face, along with the rest of her, was turning rosy as she blushed. Her big brown eyes kept nervously flicking to mine, away, and back again.

"Um...s-see anything you like?"

I came back to myself and closed my gaping mouth. "Oh yes. Yes I do." I stood and wrapped my arms around Dawn and her newly exposed flesh, savoring the feel of it under my finger. "So, does this mean...?"

Dawn nodded. "I'm ready. I want to make love with you."

"And you're really sure?"

"Yes." A hint of worry crept into Dawn's voice as she asked "Do you want to?"

"Oh, I do, I do. I reeeally do," I said hurriedly, planting several small kisses in the general vicinity of Dawn's mouth. "But I mean, like...well, it's my first time with a girl, and it's your first time ever, and, you know, I just want to make sure everything's perfect for us. For you."

Dawn smiled that sweet, kindhearted smile that always made my heart melt. "Faith, I'm with you. It is perfect."

"Aw, jeez," I suddenly felt very awkward.

"I'm sorry," Dawn said, looking away. "I know you don't like mushy stuff."

"Hey," I caught Dawn's chin between my thumb and forefinger, and turned her back to look me in the eye. "I like it when you say It." then I kissed Dawn deeply and held her close in my arms.

The kiss went on and on and quickly became more passionate, more eager. Our hands explored each other's bodies, my hands running over Dawn's silky smooth skin; Dawn's starting to reach under my clothes. Working together, we got my t-shirt off, our lips parting for barely a second, revealing my trim, athletic body with skin tanned bronze by the sun.

We started moving toward the bed, I was walking backward, as we both reached for the clasp of my bra. My legs hit the edge of the bed and I lost my balance, dragging us down together. We tumbled onto the bed, Dawn landing heavily on top of me, nearly knocking the wind out of me. We looked at each other, laughed, and continued as before, giggling between the kisses.

My bra quickly joined the t-shirt on the floor. Dawn pressed close, her breasts pressing in to my bigger ones. She started moving downward, kissing all over my neck and chest, getting an appreciative moan in response. "Aaah, Dawn, I've never seen you this, mmm, aggressive before."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Dawn sat back, pulling her hands away. "I can slow down if you want."

"Nonono! Please," I put a hand behind her head like a model and said "ravish me, Dawn."

Dawn smiled playfully. "Well, if you insist." She leaned down again and began massaging my breasts and I let her. I stroked Dawn's arms and up her shoulders, brushing golden hair out of her face as she took my nipple into her mouth. I groaned and arched my back, holding the back of Dawn's head to encourage her to continue the pleasant suckling sensation. Dawn pinched the other nipple, delicately at first, and when this received a whispered 'yes,' a little harder.

Moving further down, Dawn left a few kisses across my toned abs as her hands went for the waist of my leather pants. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, she slipped off the pants and the underwear beneath, spreading my legs wide...and froze. Her face turned crimson as she stared at the first vagina she had ever faced other than her own.

I propped herself up on my elbows and looked down at her. "Dawn," I said gently, "you don't have to—"

Screwing her eyes shut tight, Dawn leaned forward and gave my pussy lips a big lick.

"Or you could, I guess." Dawn lapped at my pussy vigorously, and I sighed as waves of pleasure began radiating through me. I let out a long, low moan and grabbed fistfuls of bed sheet when Dawn started licking around and sucking on my clit. She was panting hard as felt her orgasm building. Those pleasure waves carried her closer and closer to the edge and she rocked her hips in a steady rhythm while Dawn kept going. Finally I climaxed and spasmed in toe-curling ecstasy. Dawn didn't seem to notice the orgasm, her eyes still closed, focusing intently on her task. My brain felt fuzzy and though I tried to tell Dawn to stop, the only sounds coming out of me were pants, gasps, and moans.

Another orgasm came close on the heels of the first, and I held my hands over my face to muffle my scream. A third welled up and crashed through me before I could regain control of myself. Eventually, I was able to reach down and push Dawn away, moaning "Stop stop stop, please! Oh my god..."

Dawn looked up at her with a worried expression. "I-I didn't do anything wrong did I?"

"No! No, no. That was amazing," I said, taking Dawn's face in my hands and kissing her. Leaning back, I pulled Dawn up with me until she was lying next to me. "Where did you learn how to eat pussy like that?"

Dawn looked away and mumbled, barely audibly ""

I laughed. "You watch porn? You nearly failed sex Ed because you were too embarrassed to look at the textbook."

"Well, it was just kind of...research," Dawn said, fiddling timidly with a lock of hair that had fallen across her face.

"Research? You mean research for...for tonight?"

Dawn nodded. "I-I wanted to make sure I didn't mess up or anything. I mean, I found some tips and instructions, but I wanted to see a...practical demonstration, and well..."

I smiled and again guided dawn's chin so I could kiss her once more. "So, did you play with yourself while you watched?" I asked.

Dawn let out a little embarrassed whimper.

"I'll take that as a yes," I said. "Did you grab your tits like this?" I rubbed one of Dawn's breasts, squeezing lightly. Dawn closed her eyes and moaned quietly.

"And did you pinch your nipples like this?" Dawn bit her lip and squealed as I tweaked and rolled the nipple between my fingers. Worrying that I may have squeezed a little too tight, I took the nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the hard little nub. Dawn's hand snaked up across the back of my neck and wound itself into my hair, pressing my head to dawn's ample bosom.

I pushed a thigh between Dawn's and hooked my leg with her own. I slid my hand across Dawn's belly and down to her inner thigh, where I stroked the sensitive flesh until opened wider, allowing me access to Dawn's pussy. "Did you touch yourself down here, too?" I asked, rubbing Dawn's mound with the heel of my hand.

Running my fingers through the slit below, I parted the lips and felt the wetness inside. Dawn's breathed a shaky sigh and buried her face into my shoulder. I worked my finger around Dawn's hole, and then slowly pushed it in. Dawn moaned as my finger slid all the way up inside her. I started rubbing Dawn's clit with my thumb while I picked up the pace of my finger plunging in and out of Dawn's wet pussy. Dawn started thrusting her hips in time with my fingering, and I heard her mumbling into my shoulder "Oh, Faith...Faith...Faith..."

I started licking at the hollow of Dawn's throat before dragging the tip of my tongue up along her neck and up to her ear. Dawn's earlobes were one of her most sensitive spots, and as I started sucking and nibbling at them, she started thrashing wildly, trying to hump my hand.

Suddenly, Dawn stiffened, squeaking breathlessly. I held her close until the orgasm finished, leaving her trembling in my arms. Noticing a small sound, she looked at Dawn. "Are you crying?" I asked with concern.

Dawn looked up at her with tears in her eyes. "I love you so much, Faith. I love you."

I stiffened slightly thinking over what she had just said then I smiled back at her. "And I love you, Dawn." With that, I kissed the tears out of my lover's eyes, and once more on the lips before we simply held each other in a quiet embrace until we fell asleep.