"Kick it over to me."



As he kept his hands to his sides he looked from the gun to the weeping Randy. His hand shook as he gripped it tighter.


"I said now! Don't force me to shoot you!" She put her finger on the trigger as a warning.

"Just hear me out, Autumn. Can I call you Autumn?"

She paused for a moment and nodded, keeping her eyes on him and her gun.

"This man murdered a lot of people-"

"He's lying! Shoot the fucker!" He shouted aggressively.

"Not just murder, tortured, mutilated them. He took people from their families! He's the one they're after! The Collector! He had a freaky museum designed like insects!"

"Autumn shoot him! Look what he's done to me!"

Autumn's hand shook as she was losing concentration.

"What? No! My Randall wouldn't do that!" she said finally.

"It's true! I seen what this sick bastard could do! You have to arrest him!"

Randy stood to his feet holding himself.

"Honey, It hurts. He's lying, shoot him or he's going to hurt you too.. I don't want you hurt." He said with glassy eyes.

Autumn's heart throbbed painfully as she stared at her lover, the frightening adrenalin ran through her.

"Empty the chambers and toss it to me." She said in a whisper.

"What!" Arkin said panicked.

"Empty the chambers and give me the gun!" She shouted.

Arkin sighed and did what he was told, but before he opened the chamber he left a single bullet with his thumb. The bullets fell and bounced on the floor.

"Where are the keys for the cuff on his ankle?"

"In my pocket."

"I want you to release him."

"You're fucking insane if you think I'm going near that psycho."

"Fucking do it!"

"Please Autumn, you can do it." Randall said, panting.

Arkin willing tossed the keys and she grabbed it with her free hand. She kept her gun pointed to him and slowly approached Randall. Already Randall fell to the floor with an exhausted expression. He was breathing almost painfully as he held his broken arm.

"You stay where you are while I free him." She said as she knelt next to Randall.

Arkin licked his lips as he rocked in his shoes. He guarded himself as he watched her with anticipation. He didn't feel right while she had the gun pointed at him and not at the serial killer next to her.

In a short second Randall locked eyes with Arkin and a faint smile appeared.

In that moment Arkin dove for the pistol while Randall elbowed his woman in the face, sending her flying backward, but before she fell he reached for armed hand and ripped the gun from her grip and aimed for Arkin.

They were caught in a Mexican stand off.

"I should have finished you off myself ages ago."

"Another mistake to add to the list."

"My one and only mistake."

"No. Your mistake was not pulling the trigger."

The moment the words escaped his mouth his finger tightened around the trigger sending the loaded gun into ignition and the bullet fired, entering the spot between his brows.

Randall's head flung backward dragging his body with it.

His lifeless body hit the ground in a thud.

Autumn hazily sat up.

The blow to the face caused her nose to blood heavily.

Tears built up in her eyes as she crawled to her lover, she sobbed as she wiped the blood that poured down his cheek. She cried hard as she struggled to pull him into her arms, putting their heads together she cried.

Lexi: I know what you mean. I have no idea why I love this masked villain.

Though, I really enjoyed the performance of the first actor, but the other actor (Randall Archer) was more of a muscular build than the slimmer one. (Juan Fernandez) His performance was more creepier than the steady and quick movement of Randall.

Randal Archer is the actor for The Collector.. It's not original to name a character after the actor, but I liked it so it stayed. I made this alternate ending just for you so I hope you enjoyed it. I do plan on writing a prequel of how he became the Collector so look forward to that. Thanks for the review.