My Inspiration


100 Theme Challenge: Theme Eleven: Inspiration


"Just hold still, little buddy!" Bulkhead chimed, giving his friend a determined look before turning back to his painting.

"I'm trying to, Bulky!" Bee replied, nearly losing his balance on the stool he stood on. He had both of his arms outstretched, and on his right servo, he had Sari perched on his open palm. The small girl was standing up also, both arms also extending.

"Bulkhead! My arms are getting really tired!" Sari whined loudly, wanting nothing more than to give her arms a much needed rest.

"I'm almost done!" Bulkhead replied, dipping the mop into the paint again. He quickly brought it back up to the overly large canvas, and was determined to bring life to Bumblebee's optics, in the painting, of course.

The little bots optics were always filled with some sort of emotion. Be it wonder, joy, annoyance, anger, sadness...

Bulkhead smiled, and he continued to add more blue into his friend's optics, before he switched to adding more red into Sari's mane.

"Bulkhead!" Both Sari and Bee groaned.

"Nearly done!" He repeated, sticking his glossa out of the corner of his mouth in deep concentration.

He gave the pair another calculating stare, before painting in more of the smaller details, eager to make this painting the best so far.

The large green mech added the finishing touches, and sighed in contentment once he deemed it complete. He took black paint, and signed his work casually.

"Okay, I'm done." He whispered, too focused on admiring his latest piece of work.

"Gah!" Sari's gasp pulled him from his musings, and noticed that the girl had collapsed in relief on Bumblebee's hand.

Bumblebee followed suit and lowered both his arms, as well as his leg, and let the girl jump onto the floor before he reached his arms up in a stretch. They both walked over, and Sari stared up in amazement and adoration.

"Bulkhead, this is really cool!" The girls compliment made his spark soar, and he turned to Bumblebee for his approval.

"Yeah, Bulky, it's really awesome - mostly cause it brings out my cute innocent optics!" Bee quickly added that last part, giving his green friend a grin

Bulkhead nodded, and smiled quite shyly, "Thanks, guys!" he pulled Bumblebee into a hug, and helped Sari up so it could be what the human's called a "group hug".

"Aww, you're welcome, Bulkhead!" Sari cooed, latching onto his large servo.

"Yeah, Bulky, it was worth it." Bumblebee laughed, admiring himself a little more.

Bulkhead let the two go, his smile never leaving his face plates as he began to clean up his little mess.

Prime walked in, and his optics were immediately drawn to Bulkhead's painting. "Bulkhead, did you just finish this?" Optimus asked, smiling at the painting of Bumblebee and Sari.

"Yeah, Boss-bot." Bulkhead answered, looking up from his washing of his used mops and mixing tins.

"It's amazing, Bulkhead." Optimus complimented the mech.

"Gee, thanks, Boss-bot!" Bulkhead was happy that even Optimus liked his work. "It means a lot to me." He said, staring at the painting.

"How can you focus entirely on the painting for so long, and still be able to complete it perfectly?" The Prime asked, optics scanning over the smallest details.

He that that he wouldn't be able to finish something like this, especially in such a short time, requiring so much focus and concentration.

"Oh, well, that's easy," Bulkhead started, facing Optimus. "My inspiration."

"And what's that?" Optimus blinked.

"Them," Bulkhead replied, nodding over to Sari and Bumblebee, who seemed to be entertained by some show on the television. "My friends, my team." He finished, a soft smile directed to Optimus.


Yey, more Bulkhead!

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