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Epilogue: Living happily ever after in their own way

Thanks to the quick reaction time of the police force and the police commissioner the casualties from the zombie berserker assault among civilians was very low, or at least low in comparison to what it could've been. The berserk warriors had been focused on finding other fighters and the threat to the curse that controlled them and had not entered houses or other buildings to get to the civilians inside. As such there had only been sixteen civilian deaths, nine of which had been vagrants living near the warehouse Saji and Shumei had been using as their hideaway.

However among the fighters it was a different story. Of the non-dragon controlled fighters, those that had already turned in their magatama for destruction, thirty had died, and another fifteen had been crippled saved only by Ryomou and Ukitsu searching out other berserker fighters while Ranma and the other warriors fought the dragon controlled Saji. Of the berserker fighters, who numbered over a hundred and fifty at the finish, the original hundred having somehow infected most of the fighters from Gogun and Nanyo, only about fifteen were still alive. Six of them, including Shumei and Temi were brain-dead, and the government had almost instantly made the decision to finish the job on them.

The others were only still alive by chance or by Ranma purposely not killing them, as the majority of the berserk fighters had invaded the Seito controlled section of the city, and been met by Ren and Kan'u who hadn't made any attempt to knock them out or save them after seeing the first few in the area rip a family of seven apart like a pack of raptors. The bodies of the berserkers were spread out everywhere around Seito High.

Reports were still coming in from this section of the city, two days after the berserk assault, where police and surviving fighters from Seito were going through the dead bodies collecting the magatamas, as well as area around Gogun High School, where the majority of the other fights had been going on. Ryu and Ukitsu were helping in the search, but had already made plans to skedaddle, not wanting to remain in the area any longer and certainly not wanting to get involved with the government.

Ryuubi was in charge of the search working closely with the police commissioner. They worked together putting every police squad out in the district with at least four fighters from Seito. She, Koumei, Chou'un and Herb were all there, answering any questions that came up on the police side, and making certain that every magatama was accounted for. While they were almost positive that the soul of the dragon had finally died, being ripped in two after having been weakened severely, half of it dying with Saji's body and the other half being destroyed with the magic tag, almost wasn't close enough in something like this.

With every report that came in of magatamas found already in pieces every person there breath a small sigh of relief. Even the policemen who were most skeptical of the supernatural aspect of the curse had become believers by this point and were determined to find every magatama from every fighter involved in the 'destiny'. This was true for the fighters as well; none of the survivors had any wish for any of their descendents to have to go through something like this again.

Ryuubi looked up in surprise and pleasure as one of the Three Pillared God's, Bunken walked in. She stood up holding out a hand in welcome and escorting her to a seat after noticing that she was still limping and had a crutch. "We feared the worst, how did you all get along?" Myosai was one of the best fighters in the region and if she had succumbed to the curse and joined in at any point and retained her skill like the other lighter level fighters it could've gone badly in any battle she had joined.

"We got along alright although it almost went very bad, Bunken replied, smirking slightly. Myosai and Kyocho both began to fall under that madness, whatever the hell it was when a few of those zombie berserkers came near Kyocho's house. At that point we'd already sent you our magatamas however, so they were the only ones that had them and thankfully we were able to subdue them and knock them out before they succumbed." Her smirk widened slightly at the memory. Both girls had been nursing crushes on Sousou for a long time, and had realized what was happening and almost begged him to knock them out. The look on Myosai's face in particular when he finally agreed to do so seemed to indicate she might be a bit of a masochist. The other girl had simply smiled as she collapsed into blissful unconsciousness, happy she hadn't hurt any of her friends. Since they both had awoken neither had left Sousou's side and she was almost certain that her friends devil may care bachelor days were over, one way or the other.

"Good," Ryuubi breathed, "and their magatamas?"

"Already shattered!" Bunken replied happily "we kept the pieces though as proof. I brought a list of the fighters from our faction, and we can match them up with the bodies as you find them, make sure this shit is over with. I was also asked to inquire about what will happen to all of us after this is cleaned up? I don't think that many of us who were tricked by the curse into following this destiny crap have very clean hands at this point." She looked over at Koumei who had since the beginning of the conflict been very good at subtly steering other factions into attacking one another, but the younger girl refused to meet her eyes, looking away guiltily.

The police commissioner answered from where he was sitting correlating reports as they came in. "The government has decided to follow a live and let live policy for all of you, however, this is a 'one strike you're out' system. All of you will have to keep your noses clean from now on as the most minor infractions will see you in jail, and those of you who didn't work with us on this from the start will be fitted with tracking tags so we know where you are at all times, and will not be allowed to leave the country. I'm sorry, but some of you simply are too dangerous to let walk around free without any supervision." He honestly didn't think the below skill fighters that have already been incarcerated would be much of a problem, all of them had relatively clean records, well prior to becoming involved in the fighting caused by the destiny and curse anyway.

The higher-level fighters however were much more of a mixed bag, and some of them Ryofu and Sousou and Myosai in particular worried him far more. Sousou and Myosai he could live with letting free, pretty much beacue they couldn't pin anything major on either that did not involve the curse created destiny. He would just have to hope that the tags would let them keep tabs on both of them as they should.

Nor did he have a problem with Ryofu walking away free as long as she gave her word not to involve herself in any criminal activity, and it looked as if her friend Chinkyu was going to remain nearby and watch her closely. Her devotion to her friend was actually quite touching. But if Shumei or her pet assassin had survived neither of them would be walking free under the sun ever again. The same went for the fighters that Ranma had already weakened when they tried to kill him, such as Ganryo and Kannei.

There were some in the government who wanted to throw all of the strongest fighters into jail, but honestly the police commissioner just did not see that happening anytime soon. Ranma, Kan'u and Ren in particular, were simply on a whole different level of dangerous, so antagonizing them unnecessarily would be disastrous. Speaking of which, he turned to Ryuubi and asked, "Where are Ranma and the others? I expected them to be here to help with this."

Chou'un giggled a little as she replied for her friend. "They're actually in Tokyo on a group date. Something about wanting to follow up with a plan Ranma came up with a few weeks ago?" The police commissioner and Bunken both looked at her heads cocked in enquiry but she kept on giggling with Ryuubi and even Koumei joining in. Despite her dislike of Ranma the Sasami look-alike had to admit that the date he had come up with certainly sounded amusing.

The leader of the street gang grinned, staring at the blue haired girl's ass as she was dragged deeper into the shadows of the alleyway by two of his fellows. What a lucky find he thought to himself a girl like that walking around all alone in this neck of the city. She must've had a lobotomy when she was younger, or she doesn't know where the hell she is.

The girl tried to get away, weekly pulling her arms to free herself from the two thugs that were gripping her tightly around each bicep and pulling her deeper into the alley. "Please no" she whimpered, "Let me go! I won't tell anyone you attacked me or anything, just let me go!"

One of the street thugs chortled darkly, "Oh don't worry darling we'll take good care of you, who knows you might enjoy it eventually!"

"Once we drug her up, she certainly will!" The other tough laughed, "damn look at her body! We're going to get a shit load of money for her when we sell her."

The other seven members of the gang entered the alleyway, a few of them already unzipping their pants. The two thugs holding the girl threw her down against the far wall of the alleyway, grinning at her as she began to whimper and try to crawl away, but there were too many of them blocking her way out of the alleyway. "Who wants to go first?" One of them asked.

The girl looked up at them seemingly to count them all for a moment and then her face firmed and she stood up swiftly "that's about enough of that, she said out loud. For a moment all the thugs looked at her, wondering what the hell she was talking about. The gang leader suddenly felt a sinking sensation in his gut but before he could do anything he was knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of his head.

Before the gang could even realize she was there Kan'u was in and among them knocking them aside and out with swift, hard punches. The previously demure girl joined the fun swiftly running forward and grabbing the two thugs that had been holding her and slamming their heads together before bringing her feet up and out in a mule kick to a third thug's privates. A few seconds later the fight was over.

Ryomou, for it was indeed she, started to rifle through the thug's pockets whistling appreciatively at the amount of yen they had carried. "This is a great haul," she said. When Ranma had first thought of this idea, he had imagined that he would be the bait in his female form, but Ryomou convinced him to let her do it. Once he saw her acting skills he and the others all agreed to let her be the bait when they went trolling for thugs to hustle.

Kan'u flicked her hair to one side, "So do we have enough for a trip to the amusement park?" Not stopping she moved around them hitting a specific pressure point that Ranma had showed her. the same pressure point he had put on the girl with glasses a few weeks ago. Then she took permanent marker and wrote the word rapist on each of their foreheads and then tied their arms behind them with duck tape.

"We have enough for an amusement park trip movies food and souvenirs!" Ryomou said jubilantly coming over and grabbing one of her hands, snuggling against her mistress contentedly. "But where are Ranma and Ren?"

Kan'u looked down at her smacking her ass which caused Ryoumou to actually moaned a little. "Oh, Ranma and Ren," she laughed a little, "they ran into a little problem." Ryomou looked at her quizzically but Kan'u simply kept on laughing and pulled her along out of the alley and away from the run down street.

Pets were wildly escaping a small pet store four blocks away from where Ryomou and Kan'u had found their third group of thugs to roll for the day. Birds were flying away into the air despite two workers best efforts to catch them with nets, cats were walking down the street pausing only when passerby leaned down to pet them or pick them up, and rabbits and hamsters had all escaped long ago but the dogs had gathered around the one who had freed them all where she stood near the door of the shop.

Ranma sighed, "no Ren-chan," he said calmly. "You can't take all the dogs home. And you can't actually go into pet stores and free all the animals all like that. The pet store owns them until they're bought by their new families."

Ren looked at him stubbornly, though her eyes remained shiny as her face was locked in the puppy dog eyes attack. "Not property," she said stubbornly "friends."

Ranma grinned rubbing her head and she rubbed against his hand momentarily though her eyes remained on his face. "I see yer point" he said, "but you have to understand until they're sold they remain in the store, where they are cared for. Their new families will treat them like family members, but until then they stay here. Do you honestly think that all of these dogs and cats could make their way on the street?" Ren looked down, not wanting to answer. "And we can't take them with us, we don't have room in my apartment for them all and pets aren't allowed in the complex anyway."

Ren pouted and redoubled the power of her puppy dog eyes attack. "Please?"

Ranma forced himself to look away, knowing that if he stared into those eyes any longer Ren would have anything she wanted out of him. "I promise Ren-chan, as soon as we have a place of our own, a house with a huge garden and backyard and everything, we will bring in as many dogs as you want, but until then no I'm sorry." Ren whimpered a little, but it subsided as Ranma and drew her into a hug kissing her forehead. "It won't be that long." Ren whimpered as he pulled away, leading the dogs one by one in back into their cages.

When the manager of the store came back in carrying two cats and saw this he glared at Ren and Ranma, but Ranma glared right back and he subsided quickly moving away to put the cats into their cages. Once he was done with the dogs he walked over to the still sadly staring Ren and took her arm, leading her out of the building. Come on Ren-chan let's go meet the others okay?" Ren nodded, but still looked a little sad. He smiled at her knowing what would cheer her up. "I'll even get you some cotton candy, it's a type of sweet candy that I don't think you've tried yet."

She perked up at the idea of a new sweet and followed along much happier than she had been a moment before.

Kan'u and Ryomou screamed aloud, their hands high up into the air as the roller coaster banked and turned and zoomed down the tracks. Ranma grinned and whooped, while Ren simply raised her hands up and let them flop around in the air like the others, but her face was broken into a huge smile. She had never experienced something like this, never even thought of something like this.

All the new things she was learning and seeing in this new age was fantastic to her, and Ranma looked over at her, pulling her into a hug as the roller coaster went up a steep incline. "Having fun?" he asked, looking over at the others. All three girls nodded, grinning at him and he smiled back. "Cool, me to." A moment later, they were got off the roller coaster and he asked, "Now, what do you gals want to do next?"

Ren pointed behind him and he turned, seeing a stall selling various confections. "Oh yeah, I did promise to get you some cotton candy huh? Well, come on, I think you'll like it." He was perfectly correct on this point, Ren had one taste and beamed happily at him. It was always fun to be around Ren when she was eating, she seems to radiate happiness all around her, and she ate the cotton candy with one hand while Kan'u led her around by the other. Strangely enough the small family wasn't the only ones who thought Ren was too cute for words. Several passerby, mostly women and younger boys and girls came over to hand her food as if she was some kind of cute animal. She accepted it all and kept eating, showing no sign of stopping or no longer being hungry.

Kan'u and Ranma said down on the bench while Ryomou and Ren were shopping in a souvenir shop. Ranma had already purchased a T-shirt for himself, extra-extra large to sleep in, which had promptly been stolen by Kan'u. The fact that she whispered into his ear that she would wear it for him Later that night went far along the way to make him forget the fact that she had taken it in the first place. Kan'u smiled at him smirking a little at the blush still on his face. "This is been an excellent idea Ranma. I've never been to one of these places before, and all the rides are fantastic. But what movie did you get for later tonight?"

"Oh, I got that American movie Rush Hour, Jackie Chan is supposed to be really funny, and we can all laugh that the martial arts."

Kan'u smiled happily at the idea and then frowned as his expression turned serious and his eyes stared off into the distance. "What are you thinking of? She asked softly.

Ranma tugged at his pigtail smiling slightly. "I should know that you can see right through me by this point, it's just memories y'know. This stuff, all of it went so bad so quick at the end there, and all those dead combined with what I had to do weeks ago... I'm not used to leaving that many bodies behind me. Knocked unconscious sure, crippled sometimes, but all those dead…

Kan'u nodded, leaning into shoulder, answering softly. "I know how you feel. It wasn't the killing that bothered me so much, I'm a warrior and was trained that way, but watching those, those things, they weren't human any more, tear into that family…

Ranma drew her onto his lap hugging her tightly. "I know, you and Ren-chan woke me up the past two nights with your nightmares about it." He had comforted them both those nights, holding them as they broke down crying at what they had seen. "And I understand. I suppose were both going to be messed up for bit huh?"

Kan'u raised her hands to cup his face. "As long as we're together love, I think we can get through anything even nightmares." She leaned in kissing him passionately, and he returned the gesture. Soon they were making out ferociously, causing mutters of disapproval and gasps from passerby, but they ignored them until Ren and Ryomou returned from their shopping trip and Ryomou smacked Kan'u on the shoulder. "Save it for later you two," she said, "we still got a few more rise to try. I hear they've got a section made out to look like a ninja village and that sounds really fun."

Kan'u stood up then without warning dragged Ryomou into a kiss of her own. Ranma did the same to Ren, who smiled happily at not being left out. This drew even more gasps from people walking around, and they soon drew a crowd. Ranma ignored it though as he pulled away hugging Ren to her him. "Okay we can go now." Ryomou who Kan'u had just let go blushed bright red at all the attention but nodded and followed the others.

The ninja section of the park had only a few rides, but they were all good, and two of them were water rides which Ren and Kan'u in particular loved. Thankfully for Ranma's blood pressure none of the girls had worn white today, and the two of them kept on going back for more of the water rides.

Ryomou and Ranma on the other hand had decided to look at the ninja souvenir shop. They sneered at the fake throwing stars and other toys, but Ryomou paused, looking at a shirt with a ninja on it, who was wielding a kusarigama. Ranma walked up to her looking at her quizzically then back to the picture she was looking at. "The weapon?" he asked, and she nodded.

"I've been thinking of getting some kind of weapon and adding it to my repertoire." She said thoughtfully, "but I'm not a sword or spear sort of person. That weapon though Looks like something I could use, and it's a very versatile weapon isn't it?"

Ranma cocked his head thoughtfully as he stared at the picture and then nodded. "I could probably teach you how to use it, though you'd have to figure out your own special attacks, and we'd need to find a smith to make one to your specifications, you don't want some kind of store bought weapon. I've fought a few ninjas that used it, and it is a tough weapon to fight against has so many pieces to it. But if you start buying Naruto mangas, we will have to break up." He said jokingly.

Ryomou shook her head laughing. "I've read those before, and all the characters irritate the hell out of me. 'Oh woe is me my teammates died and I can't go on without thinking about them for fourteen hours out of every day' thereby not training my genin my favorite of whom runs off to join a traitor? And the main character going after that one girl who keeps on hitting him? Yuck.

She smirked at Ranma who almost glared at her then very adroitly put his hand behind her where no one else could see it and gripped her ass hard. "You're going to pay for that one." he muttered. Ryomou shuddered, thankful beyond words that Ranma was slowly coming into his own as her master. Inwardly he shook his head. Some parts of having Ryomou as a girlfriend were going to take quite a lot of getting used to but it sure as hell was going to be fun trying.

Outside Ren had got away from Kan'u and was staring at a young girl with a big dog and her family. The dog was staring back at her and Ranma once more wondered again why Ren seemed to have such a connection to two dogs. Of course he thought wryly, it could be worse, it could be cats. Despite no longer being desperately afraid of them, he didn't like them at all. He came up, putting his arm around her and steering her back to the water ride, and the four of them spent the rest of the day going around and redoing all the rides.

They were only interrupted once as Ryuubi called to tell them that they had finally found all of the beads and that the government had officially declared the emergency over. Not a single bead had escaped them, nor had a single fighter. The curse was fully and completely over, and Ryuubi had formally released Kan'u and all of the others from her service, smiling a little where she was sitting at her desk as she thought about the future which was now wide open to her.

Kan'u had laughed a little, cried a little and then went back to having fun with the others darting from ride to ride reliving her childhood dream of going to an amusement park. The only left when the park was closing around 10 pm, and it was a day that all of them had enjoyed immensely.

Warning lemon part

Kan'u moaned as Ranma sucked at her neck lovingly, leaving a hickey there as he trailed his way down to her nipples while next to her Ryomou did the same to her other breast. Ranma left off for a moment reaching over and pulling Ren, who had just come in kissing her on the lips and helping her remove her shirt. Ren did not believe in bras, and her very perky B cup breasts bounced as they pulled off her shirt. She moaned, her face contorted in pleasure as Ranma cupped them gently playing with her nipples.

This had been the natural end result of the day. After a magnificent day and finally freed from her destiny and the curse that made it Kan'u had determined that she and Ranma would be losing their virginity tonight. When Ryomou had realized this she had asked to be included and Ren had simply followed them into the bedroom after the movie. Her eager face, however, had betrayed her desire to join the fun. All of them spent half an hour or so kissing hugging fondling and nibbling at one another, before they got serious.

Ranma moved away from Ren slighlty licking at her nipples a little before moving his way down her tanned body to her core where he stuck his tongue out, licking at her small clit causing her to shriek aloud at the sensation.

Behind him Kan'u had crawled around him and kissed Ren on the lips while Ryomou pressed herself against Ranma's back. Ranma took one of his hands and put it behind him cupping her pussy gently and she moved around to where he could see her and his fingers began to play with her.

The play continued getting more serious and suddenly Ren screamed bucking off the bed as she had her first ever orgasm. Ryomou and Kan'u turned from their own fun to hold her gently as she came down from her peak, and then Ranma turned to Kan'u.

Ryomou crawled up the bed situating her pussy over Kan'u's mouth lowering herself just as Ranma began to nibble at Kan'u thighs. About 10 minutes later Ryomou came in turn, falling to the side and Kan'u licked her lips from Ryomou's girl juice and stared at Ranma where he was kneeling between her legs playing with her gently. "Now, she said huskily "I want you in me now Ranma!"

Ranma looked at her and seeing her expression, a mix of seriousness and sexual ecstasy, he nodded and pushed down his underwear. Kan'u gulped expectantly as she stared at his hard cock, and he positioned himself at her entrance while Ren and Ryomou had recovered enough to watch the action. Ryomou licked her lips and almost made to reach forward to take hold of Ranma's cock, but she knew that Kan'u needed to be first. She was however looking forward to her own time, while Ren looked a little worried but very, very game.

Ranma fit a condom over his dick and was just about to start entering Kan'u when the doorbell to the apartment rang.

End lemon

At first none of them could believe it had and igrnored it, but quickly rang again, and kept on ringing, as if someone was keeping their finger on the button.

Ranma reared back in surprise, looking over his shoulder towards the entrance to the apartment and Kan'u scowled angrily her fist coming down thumping the bed. "Seriously!" she exclaimed "we're going to get interrupted now!?"

Ranma quickly put on his clothing and then very carefully closed the door to the bedroom. He stalked forward, hands clenched in rage at the interruption. Everything had been perfect, the day had been perfect, the dates had been perfect, the rides had been perfect, even hearing from Ryuubi about the end of the curse had been fantastic. I should've expected that something was going to come along and ruin my day.

Behind him Kan'u came out of the bedroom as well, though she didn't bother dressing simply throwing on a bathrobe. She reached down to pick up Seryuutou from where she had leaned it against the wall, muttering darkly "whoever is interrupting us had better have a damn good reason."

Ranma didn't bother answering verbally simply nodding his head as he walked to the doorway. He ripped the door open nearly ripping it off its hinges and stared angrily out. Outside the door stood two men in black suits with black ties.

The younger of the two looked startled at the speed with which the door opened and the violence of it, but the older man didn't even blink. "Ranma Saotome" he said formally, "the government has a proposal for you..."

End chapter.

And there we have it ladies and gentlemen, the end of Destiny vs. Chaos. No full lemon, no penetration as it were, since the offer from the government, which will lead into the next book of this series, was pure Ranma in its timing. How do you tell the government to not cock-block you?

It's been a fun ride, and I thank you all for reading my first completed work. I will not be coming back to these characters and moving on with the next book, which will be its own story separate from this one, until at a minimum Warriors Way and Chaotic Space are done. However, I will be opening up a poll after Warriors Way is finished on which anime to go into next. The choices will be Rosario Vampire, Omamori Himari, High school DxD, or Sekirei. I will be again voting for the one I want, so you will have to convince me via lots of votes and sound arguments to go for anything other than Rosario Vampire. I really want to write Kan'u meeting Ura Moka and Ren trying to make a pet out of Gin, but I am willing to be persuaded to go with one of the others. Hail and farewell friends.