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Now on with the curtain call.

Epilogue: Towards the Future

Minato let himself have 15 minutes to himself, before getting on with his work, after all just because Minaka was dead didn't mean everything was solved, there was a lot of things he needed to do. First, he sent Benitsubasa and Haihane through the tower to clear off any more resistance, something the bloodthirsty duo was looking forward to. They were also to gather any of the scientists, who would be held and tried for crimes against humanity, and hopefully executed over the next few days if Minato had any say about it, though Miya had already proven she would overrule his desire to make one permanent size (specifically a 9 mm bullet) fit all. He would've liked to send Yukari with them, just in case the scientists had something that could disable or kill a Sekirei, but she was still distraught over their mother's death. Minato himself was a little disturbed by her death, but given their estrangement that was about all.

After that he immediately got into telepathic contact with his wives and was astonished and incredibly proud of how well they had all done. Not only had Miya forced her way onto the ship and taken control of it with very little in the way of problems, but Tsukiumi had led a magnificent defense of the north, winning the battle moments before Miya showed up with the spaceship, resulting in over forty enemy Sekirei deaths. All of his Sekirei were injured, and Tsukiumi in particular was exhausted, but no one had died. Homura and almost all of Nishi's Sekirei were battered and wouldn't be in fighting form for a few days despite their healing abilities, but they were all still alive and without them Minato's Sekirei would have been overwhelmed, maybe even if they had all used their noritos. According to Akitzu, who had taken charge of getting their wounded onto the spaceship, Musubi was easily the most badly hurt. She had lost one of her arms and had been fading in and out of a coma before Kaho could get her to the ship's medical wing. She was stable now however, as the fully automated medical wing was simply incredible. It makes sense in a way, Minato thought as he sent a wordless wave of affection love and pride to all of his wives as well as saying the words out loud to Miya on the phone, after all, it was their pharmaceutical business and their medical devices that put MBI on the map worldwide.

Next he went over and found the phone number for Hayato's cell phone and called him up. A rather perky yet strangely mature sounding female answered. "Mikogami Tokyo residence may I help you?"

"Get Hayato on the phone right now." Minato replied coldly. "This is Minato, Minaka is dead, the nuke is taken care of and it's time for him to get off the fence."Such was the commanding presence in Minato's voice said his Sekirei on the other and didn't even argue, merely handing the phone over to her Ashikabi.

The young boy was rather chirpy as he answered, having enjoyed immensely watching the battle in the North, as well as seeing the spaceship soaring over the cityscape. That was just too cool. Mutsu however, didn't think it was so cool, and had taken to staring at it from the rooftop above the mansion, in some kind of odd mix between fear and longing. "Hey Minato, man that was fantastic! You say the nuke is taken out, that's great too! And that ship, it's just so big and shiny!"

"Hayato" Minato said calmly "shut up. The fighting is over, Minaka's dead, and it's time for you to join up and do your part. I want at least three groups of five Sekirei to start patrolling the city. Find and turn away or kill any spy or any of MBI's troops that are still trying to make trouble. If they surrender let them, we'll figure out a place to herd them to later. I'm going to call on the troops surrounding the city to surrender, and if they don't I'm going to send the ship after them. The term for them and for anyone watching will be shock and awe I think." Then too, my own ladies are too exhausted to do the job. Well except for Miya, but she's the only one who can command the ship at present. "After that I'm going to get in contact with the UN. I'm going to have to make a point to the rest of the world governments they really don't want to pistol soft. Not only do we have the spaceship, but I still have three wives that haven't used their norito just yet today and you've got twenty-five Sekirei all of whom are ready and willing to fight. But that discussion, well argument probably is going to take a while so you and your Sekirei will have to handle internal security."

And that promptly puts me in my place, if I thought of betraying him. Hayato thought sardonically. He had seen a video of the final moments of the battle in the northern section of the city that showed Tsukiumi's use of her norito, and the sheer destructive power of the single digits special attack had shocked him. He thought that Mutsu's might be close to that in power, but wasn't certain as their bond was more accidental and brotherly based rather than based on mutual attraction and love. Maybe eventually his other Sekirei could have something of the sort, but even that was doubtful. (Hayato's hormones hadn't kicked in just yet, although he had found himself staring a little at his Sekirei from time to time and feeling… something in the past few days) Still he hadn't really had any intention of trying to double cross the demons of the North, so he simply replied. "You got it."

"Also, send another group of five around to collect Sekirei bodies. I know it's really uncomfortable to think about, but we can't let even a single Sekirei body fall into anyone else's hands and you have to know that the vultures are already circling." Minato grimaced distastefully at this necessity, but he really didn't trust his fellow man at all, and knew exactly what most government agencies would do with a Sekirei, dead or alive.

Hayato actually knew this better than Minato did. His section of the city was the only section that still had all of its utilities intact as well as home to five bridges leading out of the city. This made it the entrance of choice for spies that were able to get through the cordon around the city, which after all was meant to keep the Sekirei in rather than keep other people out. Hs Sekirei had been intercepting spies since the game began from quite a few countries and even one Special Forces team from Russia. The Spetsnaz team had actually put up a bit of a fight, but against Sekirei who could dodge bullets or even take them and keep on coming and with no time to prepare traps they had lost easily. And the idea of what any kind of government would do with a body of an extraterrestrial like the Sekirei was something that sent a shiver up Hayato's spine. "I'll get to it. Minato," he said calmly "I'll put Mutsu in charge of that aspect, as he's the most mature of my Sekirei, he'll be able to handle it the best I think. Are you going to lift the communication blackout? The sooner you do the sooner I can get in touch with my parents and they can put their money and influence behind us. I know they own a few senators in America outright, and they have connections in a lot of the news agencies as well as in the shipping business."

"I'll lift it as soon as I send out my initial message to the world governments. Talk to you soon."

With that he had hung up the phone. Next he called the troops around the city but they weren't answering. Shaking his head he got in touch with Kazehana to tell Miya to take the ship out to disperse them. with that done he turned his attention to what he had to say to the UN. Have to get just the right mix of belligerent anger at their allowing all this to occur, and show a willingness to compromise without actually surrendering anything and making certain they know I have the moral high ground, hmm….

The next two weeks were incredibly hectic as Minato took control of MBI's resources in the city and unilaterally turned over all their other resources around the world to the governments of the countries where they were situated, though only after letting Mutsu loose in their system to delete anything about the Sekirei or anything that could hurt them. This kept the governments a little happier with things than they had been, but his demand that they back off, keep their distance and stop trying to send spies after the Sekirei had not been taken well.

Even after the spaceship had used a few of its tertiary weapons to utterly demoralize the MBI troops around the city Russia had tried to send two of their submarines in to spy out what was going on. But a few shots from the spaceship across their bows that nearly sunk both of them turned them back. Well, that and the name and pictures of two assassins MBI had sent into Russia, though they had yet to take any aggressive action. With the information Minato supplied the two spies had been quickly captured, and sang like canaries. China however had tried to send three nuclear weapons against them, figuring, if Minato supposed, that if they couldn't control the power of the Sekirei no one would. The ship intercepted all three and detonated them harmlessly in midair.

This unilateral reaction from China had massive repercussions for their internal and external popularity. Nuclear weapons had been for years one of the bogeymen of the world, the other ones of course being chemical and biological weapons. China's willingness to use nuclear weapons on a foreign target had created panic worldwide, and even internal unrest, sparking riots and demonstrations in cities throughout China that the ruling committee had been forced to use the army to suppress. The UN Security Council had almost voted China off it, and sanctions against their import/export businesses had hammered China's economy. They had not been completely cut off, as that would damage the world economies far more than anything they could've gained, but the riots in China itself had caused a lot of issues.

It went without saying that Miya and Minato had told them that whatever else happened, China would not be getting any technology taken from the ship unless a change of government occured. Miya has really been a godsend throughout these two weeks Minato thought as he leaned back in his captain's chair. Not only can she speak as the elder statesman of her people, but she is also the captain of the ship and the most single most powerful being on the planet. That probably took lot of getting used to for various presidents he thought sardonically, but it was true. Miya alone had been the cause of more than two thirds of the losses sustained by the invasion force back when they tried to take over Kamikura Island. More, that whole operation had come out recently, and a lot of questions were being asked in various governments across the world. Unfortunately it had happened so many years ago that the government parties that had actually been involved were out of power, but still the repercussions were continuing in America and Britain in particular. No one liked to know they had been lied to when told how their loved ones had died, and there was a vast difference between dying in a clear act of aggression and dying defending innocents against pirates.

While Miya was dealing with these issues and being the public spokeswoman of the Sekirei, Hayato and Sarge was handling internal city security.

Sarge had also proven to be very helpful, knowing how regular troops thought and weeding MBI's mercenaries, who had mostly turned bandit out with ruthless efficiency. And all it took was marking a few of their known locations blue on the city map. Minato had found out why Sarge and a few of the other troopers among MBI's men were so bizarre. Nice, very effective, but bizarre and slightly manic. It turned out they were all Americans who had taken part in some kind of VR experiment to train better soldiers through connecting their brains directly to a VR system and training them in live action scenarios that way. Unfortunately, it had been too real, and they were just driven a little around the bend, with very odd reactions to certain stimuli, which in Sarge's case was the color blue. This didn't matter to Minato, they were loyal and extremely effective troops and decent guys to have a beer with if you knew what to not say. More Sarge seemed to have struck up a friendship with Benitsubasa somehow. Haihane continued to hang around with Kusano and the other youngsters, though she also hung out with the known perverts Matsu and Yahan, an odd dichotomy.

Outside of meeting with the UN Minato spent his time with Musubi down in the medical wing, and with Matsu preparing a video to show the world as well as getting to know his new allies better. Musubi was weak even now two weeks later, and it remained to be seen whether or not she would ever regain her former fighting strength. Yet the loss of her arm didn't seem to bother her overall mood. The knowledge that she had won her battle against Karasuba, proving once and for all that love was stronger than hate (if only to herself and her dead opponent) seemed to raise her spirit despite her enforced bed rest. On the other hand Chiho had been completely cured, and she spent much of her time with Musubi as both of them went through rehab along with Uzume.

The video he and Matsu created to broadcast worldwide was made up first of the video the AI of the ship had shared with Minato and his wives, showing what the Sekirei had been fleeing from. Then it segued into video taken from the security cameras showing the 'adjustment' process of the Sekirei as they were growing up. It also showed several of the other experiments that had been done on Sekirei bodies recovered during and before the plan, as well as the dissection of the two Sekirei whose cores had been sacrificed to create the original Meta. The video then compared this to what had happened to the Jews during the Holocaust and the experiments that had been run on them in the concentration camps, as well as, unit 731, the Japanese equivalent. At the end it simply ran two questions: 'they came in peace, and we did this to them. What does that say about us as a race? And what will we do now?'

That had been sent out a few days ago, and initial reactions had been contemplative silence and then a lot of humanities groups had gotten behind and pushed. There were still a few hate groups devoted to the Sekirei, but the idea that they were simply refugees and that they had been treated so badly by MBI and Minaka in particular seemed to have struck a chord with people across the globe. Now he was sitting here waiting for any kind of official response from the UN, and hoped he wouldn't have to wait long.

He had enjoyed getting to know Hayato though. The boy was bright despite his childishness, and had latched onto Minato as another big brother figure. More, his parents and their connections worldwide had proved incredibly useful, and would be even more so in the future. Kohta and he had gotten along famously, which told Minato that despite his privelaged upbringing the boy hadn't really made any close friends growing up. He, Kohta, Kusano and Shijime, Nishi's Sekirei daughter were now inseparable. Yukari had built a huge play area for them, and the three of them and Haihane and a few others could always be found there playing video games or other things.

Yukari was still sad about how her mom had died, yet proud at the same time. They had found a security camera recording that showed the confrontation between Takami and Minaka so she knew her mom had died trying to do the right thing. She was sad though that Minato had already killed her murderer. Deuce was one of the giants he had run into in their assault on the tower. She had busied herself with renovating and redesigning areas of the ship for a hydroponics garden and maybe an area where they could eventually transplant Izumo house and a few of the surrounding houses. They held such fantastic memories it didn't feel right to just leave them behind.

The other Ashikabi were a mixed bag, and Minato hadn't spent much time with them other than his original discussion with them all. After holding a massive funeral at sea (or space in this case) for the Sekirei whose bodies they had recovered, he had talked with all of the Sekirei and Ashikabi in a large group about what needed to happen from now on. For one thing he had basically ordered all the Sekirei and Ashikabi to not have any contact with any other government, and to assume that they themselves were part of a new sovereign nation. This hadn't gone over too well with the independents led by Seo who simply wanted to be left alone to live their lives as normal people (well most of them, Seo would never be normal). Yet when they had seen the video of what had been done to the Sekirei before and after the plan went into motion that idea went out the window. It was one thing trying to have a safe and happy life as normal people, it was entirely another to know that certain agencies would willingly kidnap and torture your significant other to gain the secrets of her body.

Now every Sekirei and Ashikabi was aboard the ship, including all of the un-winged. Miya had talked about them with the AI, and had learned that her people had a special ceremony to either pass on or to help create a new bond, however, it would take over a year for almost all of their tama to heal enough to allow a second bond to occur naturally. How Minaka had been able to force a new bond so quickly on the 'Golems' no one knew and no one wanted to know. Minato had the AI go through MBI's systems and delete everything about Project Golem, everything about the bond and everything than any other nation could use against them a bare hour after Minka's body hit the concrete below his window.

He looked over as the door to the bridge opened admitting Miya, who glided in with her usual grace, still wearing her normal hakama. He smiled in welcome and Miya smiled back, practically glowing. It turned out that that first night they shared had a long term impact. She had found out three days ago that she was pregnant, and her incredibly happy smile had not gone away since. More, the knowledge that she was carrying their child had broken the final barrier and allowed Miya to join his other wives in being able to communicate telepathically with him. Of course his other wives had turned around and demanded that he get them pregnant as well, which Minato of course didn't have a problem with, even if keeping up with all four tended to make him unable to move anything from the waist down the next day.

Unfortunately it would be another few weeks before the contraceptive medicine that MBI had given all the Sekirei wore out, and the AI thought that getting rid of it more quickly would cause more trouble than it was worth. Well that and the medical wings was already working full tilt at undoing the damage the 'adjustments' had done to all the Sekirei, as well as somehow (Minato didn't understand the explanation) reinforcing Minato and the other Ashikabi. Instead Takano, Ashikabi/boyfriend to #73 Namiji, had looked at the injections composition and had been utterly appalled. The strange chemical soup that went into the anti-pregnancy medicine was beyond bizarre. He estimated that on a normal human woman, it would have made her barren permanently. Strangely enough, this was one of the things that had already escaped onto the market, and it was already being used elsewhere in the world as anti-pregnancy pills. Minato really didn't understand that at all, though the areas where it had been found gave him a bit of an idea that it wasn't actually any of the locals who introduced it... And in the end he just didn't care enough to comment. It could not be linked back to him or the Sekirei but MBI, so he didn't care.

Miya glided across to him and sat down in the chair next to him, one of four they had placed there. She slid her hand under his, squeezing gently as her eyes glanced at the main communication screen. "Still waiting on a response?"

"Yes" Minato sighed. "It's been a few days, but I hope to get a response soon." Miya nodded bringing his hand up to her mouth and gently kissing his knuckles.

So now he was merely waiting for a response from the UN and specific countries around the world to a little proposal he had sent them a few hours after Matsu's video went out. Hopefully, they would be able to get on board to the idea of building up a space navy to defend against the Gbaba. The AI estimated that it was only about fifteen years before the Gbaba arrived in the solar system. By that time they would have to have a fleet of at least, they estimated 15 to 20 ships of the same capability as the ship the Sekirei had come in at the very least. After all, the aliens didn't come to invade, they came to annihilate and that neatly took away all the abilities of the Sekirei and negated all of the militaries of the world. They had fifteen years to get ready to fight a battle in space, one whose severity they could guess at but not really anticipate. Therefore Minato had agreed to give out pieces of the technology of the Sekirei in return for agreements to build a united navy in space to defend against this threat. He hoped thus to appeal to their greed and self-interest as well as survival instincts and humanity and hopefully, just hopefully his daughter or son would be able to live his or her life without the threat of genocide hanging overhead.

The door swished open again, and Tsukiumi and the others came through joining Miya and Minato. Tsukiumi disdained the remaining seat next to him climbing into his lap and kissing him tenderly. The bond wings appeared yet again spreading from the bridge to nearly encompass the entire spaceship and beyond out into space. Akitsu and Kazehana both took their turns and Miya did as well, all four of their wings joining and singing with symmetry out into space. Minato smiled happily at them all, looking from their faces down to the rings on each of their hands. Eventually, with businesses returning to Tokyo the three rings he had ordered for his original trio of wives had arrived, and he had been able to order another one for Miya. Where the others were represented by the kanji for the element she controlled, Miya was represented by the kanji for 'shield' instead, as that was what she had been for her race, and it had the kanji for 'soul' opposite just like the others, with the same inscription inside it and her jewel was a green emerald. All their rings glittered in their lights set into the ceiling of the bridge.

The quartet leaned back talking quietly among themselves waiting, just waiting and hoping that the rest of humanity would agree to work with them and move into the future together. Regardless, Minato mused as more and more of his Sekirei and friends came onto the bridge. He shared his smirk with Nishi and a high five with the young Hayato, this group will face it together. And, come what may we will be ready. I swear it.

End chapter and story

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