Yoh Asakura- an average young man wearing sandals, an orange headphone to tame his dark brown spiky hair, Funbari high school uniform with his shirt buttons open,- lazily walked making his way to home. You could see big shopping bags on both of his hands. Pretty ordinary sight, right?

Well, for normal humans that is. Among him was floating his spirit partner- Amidamaru, who himself didn't say anything. As they both reached their destination they could hear noises coming from the Funbari Onsen.

Opening the door they registered the image of Ren Tao- his ol' good pal, as he liked to describe him. He wondered why did Tao come over, but quickly shrugged it off- He is here already anyways- nothing new and terrible. Everything is fine he concluded. Slowly raising his head he felt his eeyes bulge out of their sockets. The bags landed on the floor with a 'thump'. Automatically pointing an accusing finger in the direction of the kitchen, he opened his mouth to speak but couldn't master a word. He could see from the corner of his eyes that his spirit was surprised (nuff said) too.

There, in front of the stove, stood Anna, and she was cooking! Anna! COOKING! Yoh's mind stalled for a moment. 'Anna is Cooking! Is this the end of the world!? No, Anna won't cook. Never, ever, EVER. She won't bother to ask if I'm okay, even if I look like I will die any minute now! It can't be Anna! It,s probably an enema guised like her to fool everybody.'

This thoughts were circulating in his head like a mantra and before he knew it he was dashing to Harusame (Amidamaru's sword), doing an Over Soul (I'm lazy so I will type O.S from now) and pointing the tip of the sword towards the girl.

Eerie wind blew outside, giving all a pregnant pause. The girl sighted and , putting down the spatula, slowly walked towards Yoh, coming to halt only when she was directly in front of him, the pointy tip of his sword on the tender skin of her neck. Then, in one jerky movement she twisted Yohs hand, so he couldn't stab her with the sword, and delivered a mighty punch on his jaw.

Yohs mind registered that only Anna can deliver punches this strong as he crash-landed on the floor and promptly blacked out.

-Is he dead?- Asked a very bored Tao from the end of the room. Not that he was worried about the young Asakura- he just felt that everybody forgot about him and had to reannounce his presence.

After who knows how many minutes of darkness Yoh felt someone lightly slap his cheeks, to wake him up- he guessed. Half-opening one eye he saw Manta, whom he today envited for dinner. Yoh felt his eyes yet once get heavy and closed his eye. A moment later Manta started slapping him again.

Manta's hand were little and his slaps didn't hurt at all, so Yoh chose to ignore it. A few moments later slapping stopped. Yoh heard Manta's muffled voice which sounded like 'he doesn't want to wake up', footsteps getting closer. He felt something nudging his shoulder.

"Wake up, Yoh" He heard Anna's commanding tone. "If you don't wake up right now I am going to kick you between the legs" She anounced ater a minute

Knowing that Anna would indeed so such thing, Yoh forced his both eyes open and felt dizzy almost immediately. The first thing he saw was Amidamaru flying in circles in the air shouting something like "Yoh-dono are you Okay? Speak to me, please!" The next thing he saw was Anna's cold glare and silently wondered if it was wise to wake up.

He pulled himself from the ground, noting that every bones in his body hurt. He sat himself in front of the table eyeing up his bowl of rice, which was also made by Anna. Yoh wondered why did Anna cook. Remembering the incident of the morning and realizing, that Anna didn't punish him yet, he assumed that Anna was openly trying to poison him. But, then again, if he didn't eat it, Anna will most probably kill him.

The outcome was the same anyways, so what did he have to lose? Taking his chopsticks, he took some rice, bought the chopsticks to his mouth, gulped, opened his mouth… and thanked God he didn't have the chance to put the rice in his mouth, because just in that minute Destiny's Star shone bright in the sky, which could mean that the shamans took their weapons and got ready for a great battle.

That moment Yoh was delighted that he didn't have the chance to eat the poisoned meal, but little did he know, that his hard days of training are, once more, beginning.

NekoZukin: Hi! I'm back and I bought a new story for a present! Hope you like it. The idea was old, really old. I thought of this story before 'Puzzled' and I wondered why am I posting this now. Well I only decided the main plot, and I wondered how could I start this story. I figured that I should start from the end scene of Shaman King. I feel sorry for Yoh, but I guess I got Anna right (poor Yoh).

The next chapter won't take too long and it will have the characters of InuYasha in it. If you're wondering, Kagome has spiritual powers, but originally couldn't see spirits. And well I have already decided how can I make her a shaman. It took a lot out of me, because I wasn't planning for this to be a xover. I wanted this to be a Shaman king story, O.C (original character) instead of Kagome.