Kagome followed the worn-out track to the old well. She wasn't tired as the long travels in Feudal era trained and shaped her, ridding her of any baby fat she had. Now she stood at her full height of 5"4, her slender back straight, milky legs carrying her in the direction of the well. She still wore her school uniform, thou she was considering to change it for a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Her school uniform was too much revealing-often boys trailed after her thinking that she was some kind of whore.

But, this time, she mused, her clothing wasn't the reason she was being followed. And to put a cherry on top, her stalker definitely wasn't a human. The thick, red youki belonged to some powerful youkai for sure. Which was most probably after the jewel shards on her neck. What a joy.

'Where is Inuyasha when you need him?' she thought with a huff and started speeding up from a leisure walk to a slight jog. There was one problem however- the youkai was speeding up as well.

Well, isn't that lovely, a youkai wanting to catch her and possibly kill her. NOT.

The well entered Kagome's line of vision and like a ton of bricks a realization came to her-she was leading a powerful demon near the well, near her gate-away to future. Sure, nobody except her and Inuyasha was able to pass through, but she wasn't taking chances when it came to her family- the Noh mask was more than enough.

So, suddenly skidding to a halt and stumbling for a moment, she readied her bow and arrow, and, with a voice that sounded much more confident that she actually felt, shouted:

"Hey, you creep! I know you are there! Show yourself!"

From the shadows of the trees a huge red mass stepped out, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. It's muscular red body painted in green tribal markings, black horns and claws looking ready to shred her into little pieces.

Holy shi-

When it's yellow-green eyes connected with Kagome's own blue eyes-she ran like hell.

Forgetting her yellow backpack, she reached the well and, not stopping, dared a glance back- the youkai's red body bended and with sharp claws it carefully picked her backpack up.

Her hands groped the brim of the well and she flung herself into it- a blue light whisking her away to the future.

Feet landing on the bottom of the well, Kagome's knees gave away- adrenalin quickly wearing off. Panting, she looked up and saw the ceiling of the old shed, trying to calm herself with the fact that she was safe now. She was home. She should go, greet her family, then have a long, hot bath to ease her aching muscles.

'In fact, I would do so right now.' She decided and climbing the stairs, that was put there by her request, she safely exited the shed….

… only to freeze at the sight of her yellow backpack innocently laying on the ground. What amazed her more was the boy sitting on top of it, with his eyes closed.

"Yo. It's been 500 years since we last met."

A red aura slowly wrapped itself around the boy, in his place leaving the red being that she encountered minutes ago. It's eyes opened and once more she was starring into green depths.

Kagome's eyes closed and she promptly blacked out.

"Tch. And to think I bothered to look after her backpack for 500 years."

Echoed a more masculine version of the boy's voice. The youkai reverted back to his human form and picked up Kagome's limp body. Swinging her backpack over his shoulder, he disappeared taking Kagome with him.

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